A letter from fridge analyzer

A letter from “fridge analyzer”
Garbage in, garbage out; the food stock in your refrigerator tells a lot about your feeding
habits. It also informs about the owner's personality and lifestyle. Do you still doubt my theory?
Let us visit the Mark Menjivar project and explore a picture displaying the fridge supplies of a
New York resident. The image shows a vast collection of bowls (covered with plastic wraps),
eggs, butter, some seasoning bottles, green leaf vegetable, lemons, apples, and mangoes. I can
tell that her favorite dishes consist of vegetables since there is no meat. In addition, she is a very
busy person and frequently goes to the grocery store to buy most of her vegetables and fruits
because the supplies are still in plastic bags. She, probably, is an active cook like me due to her
assorted supply of seasoning containers. Guess who my mystery person is? She is a food artist
from New York and owns a vegan bakery from her apartment. Do you believe in my ability
now? Let us analyze my fridge.
Dear me! I see a big fridge with a range of jars containing seasoning spices on the left
side door. On the opposite side, the shelves are full of soft drinks - two big bottles of naked juice,
one orange beverage, and one homemade cocktail. In the second last compartment from the
bottom, there are several containers of pasteurized milk while the base drawer holds numerous
take-out cups of yogurt and a tin of canned biscuits. On the left-side drawer, there is a pack of
sausages and two canned tuna, as well as several jars of homemade coconut oil. The first level
of the fridge is occupied by bunches of water spinach, bean sprouts, cabbages, bell peppers,
mushrooms, and carrots. At the second shelf, adjacent to the jars of homemade preservatives and
at the left corner, there is a big container of green leaf soup, a to-go bowl of salad with grapes,
and a half-apple. Lastly, the top level has some leftover food, a sliced cheese container, and a
carton of eggs.
Given the broad range of seasoning spices in the fridge, you can easily tell that I am a
cooking enthusiast and highly interested in developing new recipes. My section of drinks is
packed with big bottles of juices and milk but no fizzy beverages such as soda. By now I
presume you know I am an aficionado of healthy cuisines. I am also a “morning person”; hence,
the reason I have plenty of milk and juice for taking during breakfast. The small sources of
protein available in my fridge include sausages, canned tuna, and eggs. It seems like I am not
interested in meat that much or maybe I am trying to become a vegetarian; because the primary
diets available are vegetables. Furthermore, I have several cups of yogurt with take-out size in
my drawer because I am working on healthy eating by consuming one cup of yogurt a day. The
two drawers are also packed with homemade coconut oil, pickled spices, and juice that indicate I
am trying-to-avoid a chemical lifestyle.
Good job! I have a healthy way of life. I like the way I am balancing the diets with juices,
yogurt, vegetables, and fruit. However, if I am trying to become a vegetarian, I propose that I
design a meat-free diet with some other sources of protein like tofu, beans, green peas,
mushrooms, and nuts. If I am just trying to limit red meat consumption; fish, chicken, and turkey
may be a better choice than either canned tuna or sausages. Juices are good for my health;
however, I need to reevaluate the nutrition constituents on each juice that I purchase. Naked
juices, such as “the blue machine” I have in the fridge, come with 29 grams of sugar in each
serving of around 240 ml. The quantity is quite high and unhealthy. One more thing I want to
talk about is the yogurt. It contains healthy bacteria that can boost the immune system and the
digestion; thus, I should include it in every diet. However, the take-out cups of yogurt in my
cooler are the flavored ones with artificial sweeteners. I plan to be carefully reading the
ingredient labels so that I can choose healthier brands of the drink.

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