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A Visit to the Beach Observation Essay

Running Head: A VISIT TO THE BEACH 1
A Visit to the Beach
Summer is already here; my friends and I decide to take a vacation to Miami Beach in
Florida. It is a perfect gateway for all the learning throughout the year. After lots of packing, all
five of us hop into my car, and off we go. Being on Saturday traffic is quite heavy, and the
journey seems to take forever. At around ten thirty in the morning, we make our way to the
beach; the weather is a mix of excitement and relaxation. Having made hotel reservations, my
friends and I get a room with an excellent view of the oceanfront of South Beach. The look is
eye-catching and quite exquisite. From the balcony, the ocean view gives a perfect picture of the
clear waters. I decide to explore my surrounding by taking a stroll around the beach to please my
There are people from different ages having fun as families take the time to bond with
each other. College students are having fun at a pool party with the DJ playing loud music in the
background. From the way they are dancing I can tell that the music makes them feel alive and
happy. A pool party isn’t a place for me, and I decide to bask in the sun while enjoying cold
lemonade. From where I am, I can see kids running around in the sand with others trying to build
castles and find out who’s are the biggest and the best. In some other corner, some kids are
burying each other in the sand. The waves are quite high, an opportune time to go surfing that
most surfers are taking advantage of, surfing to their limits.
I am so lost in what I am doing that I forget it is time for lunch only to be tapped by one
of my friends to go and grab some food. The restaurant is well furnished, full of expensive
furniture with vivid colors and the atmosphere is very inviting. Different music plays every time,
but the music in the background is mostly salsa. The seafood offered has a different taste of its
own, and it is reason enough to explain why the restaurant is so packed. My experience in the
afternoon is different, and after a long time, I find myself joining a group of dancers who dance
to every music being played. Something even better, is that at some point members of the public
are chosen to participate in the dance, and those who dance better are awarded. Some of the
people even impersonate movie characters and artists just to enliven their performances.
Some of my friends and I decide to go to the beach in the Miami scene. I ran my hand
over the grainy yellow sand leaving a trail from my fingertips. I choose to go swimming in the
ocean, to test the temperature of the water, I dip my feet into the water which is shockingly cold
and in I go into the water. The sea is filled with people swimming while others play handball in
the water. It is after I swim for some time that I realize how beautiful the hotels look from where
I am. The buildings here have a fantastic design and are artistically unique. They all seem to
have been built in such a way that they provide clear scenery of the beach and the surrounding
landscape. Miami Beach is no resemblance to any place I have been. It is more than perfection,
beyond description.
After spending the whole afternoon at the beach, a bonfire is a perfect thing to start an
evening with some storytelling. The evening is getting better as we are joined by other people
who apparently show their friendly nature by playing us a guitar. If this is not good enough, a
fashion show is arranged to showcase the art and culture of different countries. The attires of
different nations and even their dance moves look spectacular. All this culture makes me realize I
am not as exposed as I imagine myself to be. I love every second of the performance; they are so
entertaining and funny at the same time. I even learn that my country is more prosperous in
culture than I know. After all this showcasing and appreciation of art and culture, the DJ plays
classical music and when I look around, I can see people dancing and laughing. Everyone is so
happy; there is so much love, so much hospitality and so much fun as compared to other places I
visit. It is quite an epic display of humanity.
I wander along the beach with my bare feet sinking into the grainy sand leaving imprint
marks. The beach is clear with blue waters. I am perplexed with the breeze from the sea which
creates a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. I wish to stay here forever where there are peace and
calm. I, however, have a whole summer to enjoy all this and this, I vow to do.

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