Abortion Reflective Essay 2

Abortion Reflective Essay
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From the research conducted on the issue of abortion, I was able to learn a lot of
things surrounding abortion that I initially did not know. To begin with, there is the argument
that freedom is one of the fundamental elements that the constitution upholds. From the way I
handled the paper, I believe that I exhibited a high level of expertise in the topic which is
evident from the extensive research that entailed the use of different material and
perspectives given by people who have a proper understanding of the problem (Sharma et al.,
2017). This study gave me a good understanding of the controversies surrounding the issue of
abortion and its legalization in the United States.
The information gained through the analysis of different material gave me an
understanding of all the arguments and perspectives that the society has about the issue of
abortion. There are those people in the community who think that abortion is right as it would
help in the reduction of cases of unwanted children in the society (Yarber et al., 2014). The
argument of these people is that unwanted children may end up suffering when the situation
could have been changed through an abortion. The other side argues that abortion is both
unethical and a crime as it entails the termination of life. Both of the arguments have attracted
a considerable following in the society (Lee, 2017). I initially knew about the issue of
legalization of abortion but did not understand the arguments behind each or the sides.
I would like to further my research on the post-abortion effects on the individuals.
Abortion is associated with many factors that may have an impact on the psychology, social
life and even general health of an individual. Besides that, there is the issue of stigma which
occurs to people who carry out abortion, and that too has to be addressed in the further
research. Research on the post-abortion effects will capture more information which can be
quite helpful to people in making decisions on whether to carry out an abortion or not. This
information will also be quite useful in the current abortion legalization debate (Dreweke,
2016). I would not consider altering the topic if I was to continue with research. This is
mainly because abortion is an issue that has a significant effect on the current society as well
as the future generations. It is therefore essential that I understand all arguments there is the
issue so that I can be of help in the future.
My experience in the research carried out is highly related to the framework that
perceives research as Strategic exploration searching for information which is in many cases
nonlinear and iterative, requiring the evaluation of a range of information sources and the
mental flexibility to pursue alternate avenues as new understanding develops Siegel, 2014).
This is because in the research I had to combine information from different perspectives and
combine it to come with a uniform understanding of the issue of abortion. My mental
flexibility is evident from the fact that I had to consider both sides of the argument and
analyze the facts presented carefully. For instance, the discussions on the effects of abortion
are quite conflicting whereby some see the negative impacts while others focus on the
positive effects. A proper evaluation was conducted in the research to establish the accuracy
of the facts in these arguments.
Dreweke, J. (2016). New clarity for the US Abortion debate: a steep drop in unintended
pregnancy is driving recent abortion declines. Guttmacher Policy Review, 19(1).
Lee, E. (2017). Constructing abortion as a social problem:“Sex selection” and the British
abortion debate. Feminism & Psychology, 27(1), 15-33.
Sharma, E., Saha, K., Ernala, S. K., Ghoshal, S., & De Choudhury, M. (2017). Analyzing
Ideological Discourse on Social Media: A Case Study of the Abortion Debate.
Siegel, R. B. (2014). Abortion and the Woman Question: Forty Years of Debate. Ind. LJ, 89,
Yarber, W. L., Sayad, B. W., & Strong, B. (2013). Human sexuality: Diversity in
contemporary America. McGraw-Hill.

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