Access to care in Great Britain and the US

Access to care in Great Britain and the US
Access to care in the US and Great Britain
The Great Britain healthcare system has universal coverage. Therefore, even ordinary
people in Great Britain are automatically entitled to health care, which is largely free.
However, Treatment occurs in an emergency for specific infectious diseases, which is open to
everyone. Unemployed Americans can access health care insurance plan through the
marketplace. There are different plans based on an individual’s income level and savings.
There are Medicaid programs available at low costs that may suit the unemployed. Besides,
the children’s health insurance program is available ti those whose parents are unemployed
(, 2018). Similarly, most of the Great Britain private hospitals care is always
financed through private health insurance, which is voluntary.
Comparison between Great Britain and US healthcare system
Access to care in the US and Great Britain
The retired population in the US have eligibility towards health insurance coverage
known as Medicare. The plan helps cover medical expenses. However, it requires them to
pay some amount to have access to Medicare coverage. The affordable care act (ACA) has
transformed the pre-existing conditions retirees face in the US. They can now access a
reasonable rate of health insurance due to affordable care provided by ACA. However, for
those who receive a higher income, risk losing subsidy support, and for those who earn little
income are forced to acquire Medicaid or lose insurance coverage (Morgan & Kennedy,
Access to care for children differs in the US. For instance, under the new regulations
for Medicaid children have chances for extended health insurance for uninsured parents.
Therefore, children with no family insurance coverage have more access barriers than
children who receive insurance. Extending insurance coverage for children provides them
with the opportunity of accessing and receiving care while Great Britain Children have free
access to care because their rights and privileges are highly respected. They continue to enjoy
health opportunities. The country’s retirement program constitutes of statutory pension
insurance and social security system. Therefore, elderly Great Britain minorities are
underrepresented regarding residential care and home-based services. The problem occurs
due to the increased number of people preferring informal family care (Senior, 2013).
Children and retired adults have various options for healthcare coverage in the US if
not covered by Medicare and Medicaid. However, retirees do not qualify for Medicaid unless
they are over 65 while in Great Britain all citizens are insured no matter their employment
status, age, and class. Similarly, in the case of unemployment for Great Britain citizens, their
health insurance remains the same while in the US, the insurance coverage is eliminated from
their benefits (Lieberman, 2012). Both countries offer health insurance coverage to its
citizens and provide healthy options for children, adults, and the retired population.
Coverage of medications
All Great Britain citizens and legal residents have access to health insurance through
the National Health Service (NHS). Everyone who has statutory health has the same
entitlement to health care regardless of the amount paid for insurance coverage. Therefore,
regulatory health insurance depends on the principle of solidarity, and it is explained as high-
income earners pay more than those who have minimal income (Senior, 2013).
The US healthcare system has been in constant revolution. Therefore, the US citizens
have the opportunity to choose their health providers by relying on specific health insurance
coverage. Besides, the law requires all employed US citizens to enroll for health insurance
coverage except for low-income earners. Similarly, for those who cannot afford insurance
coverage are given the option of buying taxpayer-subsidized coverage (Morgan & Kennedy,
Referral to a specialist
The requirements to see a specialist in the US include a referral letter from the
primary care physician for the insurance to cover the cost associated with seeing a specialist.
For primary doctors or physicians offering primary care when they authorize referrals they
ask or recommendations and make appointments. However, doctors need to communicate
with one’s health plan because some plans require referrals while others need prior
authorization before receiving specific services regarding acquiring medication (Morgan &
Kennedy, 2010).
The requirements to see a specialist in Great Britain includes a referral by a specialist
who makes an appointment directly to a specialist without consulting a doctor. The specialists
operate both in private and public healthcare hospitals, and a patient is required to provide a
health insurance coverage to cover the treatment. However, specialist treatment requirements
depend on the period of appointment in the public health care system.
Coverage for pre-existing conditions
The US Health insurers have the responsibility of providing coverage to people
having pre-existing health conditions, which include cancer, asthma, or diabetes. Benefits
cannot be limited for the conditions. Therefore, the availability of insurance provides the
opportunity to receive treatment. The affordable care act allows patients with pre-existing
conditions to receive care at lower cost (Morgan & Kennedy, 2010).
In Great Britain, a citizen may write a coverage plan on a moratorium basis. It implies
any pre-existing condition will not be paid out until a specified time as stated in the coverage.
It is a way to ensure lower premiums (, 2018). Alternatively, an
individual may apply for a plan from a provider that offers coverage for pre-existing
Finance Implications for Healthcare Delivery
The rising health care costs and the household costs for the US and Great Britain
citizen’s present health and financial consequences. These finance implications leave many
families with the burden of insurance or medical expenses that consume the more significant
share of the household budget. Americans spend two times of their monthly income to pay
for medical insurance. British health insurance system has become expensive due to the ever-
rising healthcare costs that constitute of the country’s GDP (Senior, 2013).
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