Almonds and Public Health

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Almonds and Public Health
Public health is a major concern throughout the world. It is therefore a noble idea to
consider the impact of health sustainability in regard to almond produced by Colusa Almond
Farm. The nutrition value of the nuts is the basis upon which they are considered to be of great
value as far as public health is concerned. In this regard, the nutrient concentration, weight
management and diabetes are the fundamental areas of the public health in which the company
can have through the production of the nuts.
About 26 million persons in the United States are living with diabetes (Almond Board of
California, Diabetes). The number is significant high hence a public health concern.
Interestingly, there is a direct connection between the consumption of almond and the
effectiveness control of diabetes. The nutrition value of the food item including the hunger
fighting protein, dietary fiber, good fat component, as well as vitamins and minerals are critically
applicable in this regard. Research showed that a daily consumption of 1.5 ounces of the nuts
help in reducing C-reactive protein by about 30% among the adults suffering from poorly
controlled diabetes (Almond Board of California, Diabetes). Furthermore, it is proved that
consumption of diet in which 20% of the calorie come from almonds enhanced insulin sensitivity
among individual at pre-diabetes status. Interestingly, consuming breakfast containing almonds
help in stabilizing blood glucose levels throughout the day. In other words, the consumption of
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the nuts would assist in improving the health situation of the millions of American living with
Heart Diseases
Heart illnesses are one of the primary roots of death amongst Americans over the years. The nuts
are cholesterol free, with only 1 gram saturated and 13 grams unsaturated fat per ounce. It is
therefore a heart-smart option since it can easily reduce the threat of high blood pressure and
clotting due to accumulation of cholesterol. Consumption of almonds on daily basis is therefore
highly recommended due to its low saturated fats and cholesterol.
Body Weight Management
According to the research conducted by US department of Agriculture researchers, unroasted and
roasted almonds contain less calories depending with the form of almond. Consequently in
unroasted almonds less than 25% of calories are absorbed, and less than 19% for roasted
almonds as compared from the numbers indicated on the nutrition labels. From the research
findings it is evident that they provide fewer calories than previously thought (Chen et al. 2245).
The difference in calories was as a result of mechanical processes involved in almonds
preparation and packaging, for example chopping, roasting and grinding. The study shows that
almonds can be used in weight management, thus keeping the consumers in good health habits.
The study further pointed out that with six grams of an energizing protein package, and four
grams of the hunger-fighting fiber package, if consumed as recommended can increase nutrients
like magnesium and tocopheral. The nutrients found in almond therefore assist in managing
weight and support good health (Chen et al. 2245).
Almonds when consumed dairy in recommended quantities helps persons trying to lose
weight. They provide the essential filling fiber, proteins and unsaturated fats that provide energy
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necessary for lasting satisfaction. Consequently they come in handy during weight loss programs
due to their provision of stellar satiety and lesser calories.
Powerful nutrition
Almonds are one of the best examples of nutritious tree nuts on earth (Spiller et al. 286).
Almonds provide healthy unsaturated fats, which is cholesterol free. One ounce of almonds
contains six gram of protein, six grams of fiber, one gram of niacin, 75 grams of calcium, 0.3
grams of riboflavin, and 7.4 grams of vitamin E. They are naturally low in sugar concentration
and are salt free (Almond Board of California, Powerful Nutrition).
Almonds maintenances gut health, through supporting the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to
retain overall health and immunity of the body (supports prebiotic) as well as backing in
intestinal tract health. Due to presence of significant levels of vitamin E, almonds are termed as
antioxidants as they assist the body to fight against any free radicals which can damage the body
(Almond Board of California, Powerful Nutrition). If free radicals formed after the body burning
oxygen are not removed, they can cause heart diseases and cancer. The fiber found in almond
helps the body to maintain natural digestive health. Calcium found in almonds works together
with Vitamin D, to create healthy teeth and bones, normal functioning of muscles and nerves
among other (Chen et al. 2248).
Evidently, almond is a powerful food component in the modern American public health and
beyond. The product is a source of nutrients with valuable impact on the health of the people
particularly on weight, heart and weight related issues. The continuous consumption of the
products can help in reduce the public health concern in regard to the conditions. Eventually, the
public health sustainability will be enhanced with the improved control of the diseases. Firms
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such as Colusa Almond Farm should therefore be encouraged to produce in large quantities to
increase the supply as the relevant market players enhance the awareness of the role of the nuts
on public health.
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