Animal Cruelty

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Animal Cruelty
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Animal Cruelty
In the contemporary world, several social injustices are evident. Some of them are
committed against fellow humans while others are directed towards animals. They range from
the most consequential acts of murder to the infliction of pain against animals. In essence, music
artists have attempted to focus and address some of these issues in their production. Although its
contribution is considered insignificant, music has raised awareness among individuals regarding
particular social problems. For instance, some artists have advanced their approaches to
expanding their political ambitions. Others have dedicated much of their works in sensitizing the
society against issues concerning racism and political inequality. One of the songs that have
exerted a significant impact on individuals is “Spawn Again” by Silverchair. Released in 1997,
the song explores the increasing cruelty against animals and advocates for the immediate
intervention to improve the welfare of these helpless creatures.
In fact, animal cruelty refers to the intentional affliction of pain or suffering upon an
animal by humans. It can be the killing of animals for food or torturing for pleasure or sports.
Additionally, there are various policies regarding the issue based on the area of jurisdiction.
While some countries have tolerant regulations, others, such as the United States and Canada,
have stringent measures to minimize the occurrence of the problem (Arthur, 2016). Although
there are divergent views from various political and social factions regarding the issue, it is
evident that harming animals is inhumane and can have a correlation with domestic violence.
One of the critical behaviors that Silverchair opposes in their song is the rearing of
animals for food. They vehemently condemn the large-scale farming of livestock that ends up in
cages and slaughterhouses to provide food for man. Moreover, the group criticizes the act of
limiting the freedom of animals, a practice that is common in commercial farming. They pose a
question as to why the livestock cannot be left free. The sentiments of Silverware are similar to
those of the famous philosopher Leonardo da Vinci. In reality, da Vinci was disturbed by the
caging of birds and opposed the inhumane slaughter of animals. It is alleged that he used to
purchase some of the birds to free them (Tanner, 2013). Similarly, Silverchair is disturbed by the
pain and suffering endured by animals. The band proposes that individuals need to learn to
evolve and stop acting upon a hypocritical vision.
Another issue that the song highlights is the killing of animals for pleasure. Silverchair
argues that “eight billion killed for human pleasure (Johns & Gillies, 1997). This proposition
corresponds with the statistics provided by the Animal Welfare Authority. There are several
cases where animals are being killed as a form of fun or leisure. For instance, animals that are
wounded during game hunting suffer considerable pain. Notably, more animals are undergoing
torture and neglect in the modern world than previously thought. Due to the laxity of the law, not
all cases are reported. As a consequence, it is possible that more non-human creatures are
involved in this system. Although the group uses monkey and apes in the song, data shows that
more than 70% of animals enduring cruelty are dogs. Even though they may not be killed for
consumption, dogs and cats are the immediate victims due to their close association with
humans. As Silverchair argues, the time has come for individuals to make crucial decisions and
save animals from cruelty.
Evidently, animal cruelty has a linkage with violence directed towards humans. In most
cases, individuals who tend torturing animals are also inclined to be aggressive to humans. Other
scholars argue that animal cruelty is related to various psychological disorders (Beirne, 2015).
Typically, the highest number of offenders is men. Additionally, those who are below thirty
years are likely to abuse animals intentionally. This status could have led to Silverchair using
socially biased words, such as “men” and “old age.” The band advises individuals to discard the
old ideology and embrace the new fashion of liberating animals.
Various musical techniques are used to deliver the message. Being a rock band, they use
heavy metals and amplified distortion in the song. Additionally, Silverchair employs energized
voice to articulate verses, especially when emphasizing the phrase “learn to evolve” (Johns &
Gillies, 1997). Throughout the song, the choice of words corresponds with the intended purpose
of eliciting emotions among the audience. Although somewhat bitter, the band successfully
affirms their position against any form of animal cruelty in the society.
Although this problem is vast in perspective, individuals can play a significant role in
reducing cruelty to animals. As a dean, it is critical to embark on raising awareness regarding this
social issue among students and the community at large. This approach can be implemented
through education programs and participation in community projects that are aimed at improving
animal welfare. Much of this education can focus on motivating people to be on the lookout and
report any case of animal cruelty to relevant authorities. In some cases, it is important to
encourage others to volunteer and get involved in local organizations devoted to rescuing
animals. Many organizations lack the required human resources to execute their duties
efficiently. Therefore, encouraging students and other individuals in the community to volunteer
and join these groups is essential.
Another critical approach to protect animals is to support anticruelty policies and
advocate for legislation that portrays kindness to animals. Since different countries have varying
laws governing the use of animals in various circumstances, there is a need set general guidelines
to protect them (White, 2013). Some of these policies need to accentuate stringent punishment to
offenders and lay a foundation for rescuing animal victims. Since there is a link between animal
cruelty and human violence, it is essential to collaborate with other organizations that aim to
reduce the vice in the society. Moreover, it is vital to act as a role model in animal protection.
Leading by example is useful in initiating a positive behavioral change among the followers.
Consequently, these practices may contribute to diminishing animal cruelty.
Apparently, animal cruelty is a problem on the rise in the modern society. Although some
individuals have devoted much of their efforts and resources to promote animal welfare, others
have directed their anger towards non-human creatures. As Silverchair contends, animal farming
for slaughtering or killing them for fun needs to be stopped. The intentional and unnecessary
pain afflicted is unacceptable. Moreover, people need to liberate animals and grant them their
freedom rather than constraining or neglecting them. Although studies have shown that
improving animal welfare is a collective effort, individuals can play a central role in changing
this perception. Such practices may include reporting cases and advocating for stringent laws
against offenders.
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Policy, 4(4), 391-398.

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