Annotated bibliography on federal deficit

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Annotated Bibliography on Federal Deficit
Barro, R. J. (1989). The Ricardian approach to budget deficits. Journal of Economic
perspectives, 3(2), 37-54.
The journal provides a critical analysis of the impact of budget deficits in the US
economy. The author also discusses some of these effects that affect the US because of its
budget deficit: This includes; low economic growth rate, interest rates that are high, low
savings, and large deficits in current-account. The journal main focus is on an alternative
theory associated with David Ricardo (The Ricardian approach) as an approach used to
solve the issue of the budget deficit in the US. The article will be important in my study
as it will give me one approach on how to address the issue of budget deficits.
Hubbard, G. (2012). Consequences of government deficits and debt. International Journal of
Central Banking, 8(S1), 203-235.
The author’s main concern in this journal is addressing the consequences that arise due to
large budget deficits. His main focus is the economic analysis of budget deficits in
governments. The economic analysis reviewed in the article includes, consequences such
as, the increase in the real interest rates, higher tax burden, and imbalances that occurs
due to relying on foreign saving. Knowing the consequences of federal deficits is critical
as it give me the knowledge on how federal deficit has affected the economy, which is
important in my study
Carroll, D., & Lindner, J. (2011). Reducing the federal deficit: approaches in some other
countries. Economic Commentary, (Oct).
The article provides a perspective that is focused on how to reduce federal deficits in
governments. The article also explains how the problem of federal deficit has become a
serious challenge and how it has affected the modern economy. It explores the
approaches used by United Kingdom and Canada in an effort to address the issue of
federal deficits. Reducing federal deficit is the key theme in my study; hence the article
will help me to achieve this.
Anderson, J. E. (2013). Government Debt and Deficits.
From the article, government deficits and debts are reviewed from both the economic and
biblical perspective. Biblical teachings in regards to debts a, and its implications on
public policy are discussed. A recent history of debt and deficit in both the United States
and globally is discussed. A review of economic effects both external and internal that
arises from government debts and deficit is also analyzed. A review of biblical teaching
in my study is important in my study as it will check the religion perspective on the issue
of debt.
Dewald, W. G. (1985). CBO and OMB projections, adjusted for inflation, show federal budget
deficit under control.
The article provides information on why federal budget deficits have continued to be a
big challenge in many countries. The author applies the OMB and CBO projections based
on Congressional Budget Resolution of 1986 to address the challenge of the federal
budget deficit. The article also addresses the effects of federal budget deficits like low
real interest rates and the reduction of the real value of government debt held publicly.
Many countries have failed in an attempt to get solutions on the challenges of federal
deficit, this article is critical in my study as it gives an overview of why this countries
have failed, which may help in coming up with solutions.
Yochum, G. (2009). The Current Federal Debt and Deficit Debate in the US. Journal of Finance
and Management in Public Services, 10(2), 1-13.
In this article, Yochum addresses the magnitude and the severe effects of federal debt and
deficit that has crippled the United States economy. The article also talks about the
challenges that are encountered in an attempt to address this situation of federal debt and
deficit. A review of long-term effects on federal deficit is also reviewed, and finally, the
article gives suggestions on how to address this challenge of federal deficit. In addressing
the severe effects of federal deficits, the article will help me know how economies have
suffered from this issue; hence the need to come up with proper solutions to address this

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