Applications of Scientific Method final

Applications of Scientific Method
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The main aim of the study is to use the scientific method in identifying the problem established
in our business. The fact that scientific method is usually the backbone of the many scientific
experienced obtained in our daily life. However, according to the scientific method used by
research, it indicates that it is usually a tool which assists in the handling of the problem and
establishes the better solution for the problem. The scientific method assists the individual in the
proper functioning and establishment of the goal as required in the life. It acts as the guidelines
to the business during the development of the new product to the business.
Problem identification
The problem identification is concerned with the business issues in identifying the best way to
sell cars in our business. The main issue is the decision in purchasing the new car because the
customer has the different option concerning the price and the type of the vehicle. However,
there are ways in which the organization can use in order to obtain the customer attitude towards
the product. Most of the customers buy the product according to the unique utilization and
disposal of goods. Moreover, the business needs to be in a unique position in order to obtain the
customer need by delivering the new famous car brand so as to capture the social and image of
the customers.
In addition, the company is actually faced with the issue of customer perceptions and it needs to
be handled in order to aim for the customer satisfaction. However, the issue of employee
motivation was very low and contributed to low output in the organization.
Formulate Hypothesis
H1.customers need to be influenced by the decisions to buy a product.
H2. Brand influences purchasing decisions and need to enhance self or social image.
H3. Assessment of issues
Problem solving
This actually involves the process of gathering different alternatives in the line with the main
issues affecting the organization. For instance, the company is actually faced with different
issues with the need to be handled in time so as to retain the normal rate in the business sector.
The following are ways in which the organization can use in order to solve the main problem
they include: Consumer behavior- This is the situation where the customer take a lot of time
when it comes to buying the product. Most of the business faces this problem because the
customer is in dilemma on the risk he/she is taking to buy the new car. Therefore the company
needs to emphases on the brand which will initially lead to more attention to them in the buying
business effectively.
On another hand, the organization should venture on the Brand and self/social image, this will
encourage the organization to attract more customers. Branding contributes a lot to the product
and differentiates from other competitors product. In addition, the use of unique names, logos,
and design actually result in the product advertisement and easy identification of the product for
the costumes. In today‘s business, most of the customers go through the variety of selection of a
product with the aim of searching for the best brand and they buy it. Branding of product initially
offers the customer the choices and also leads to the purchasing decision.
Conduct an experiment.
The experiment involves the organization implementing the actual solution into the ground. The
experiment seems to be hand during the introduction of the new strategy for effective
productivity. The organization opts to first teach the staff on the important of the changes been
implemented within the organization. The management initially faced a lot of confusion during
the period of implementation like the handling of customers with the new ideas. The
organization needs to implement the strategies step by step to avoid mismanagement within the
organization agenda. The issue of reward to the employees actually was positive to the
employees because it is linked to performance will force staff out of their comfort zones and
enhance innovativeness and realize employee’s full potential.
The organization needs to utilize the strategy very well so as to have more attraction of the
customers and make more profit. In addition, the implementation of the strategy needs a lot of
support from the management for better success of them. However, the organization needs to
utilize the strategies like; Branding of product- This includes the saying that a good brand is
considered as the main factor when choosing a new car more than price, safety, design, service
among other factors. In addition, customer need uniqueness and brand loyalty are the main
contributes of the customers in buying decision.
The other strategy is the organization need to develop the issues of assessment because the job
which is actually challenging and meaningful, prefer professional growth, do not accept or
accommodate authoritarian and traditional structures, need the life and work balance. Therefore,
the organization needs to establish the rewarding strategy in order to motivate the employees in
their work. Most of the organization uses the Maslow’s hierarchy when handling the issue of the
employee’s performance because they have different levels from the physiological needs and
highest self-actualization hence the management must be aware of this fact to develop a good
reward system.
Graeff T.R. (2010). Consumption Situations and the Effects of Brand Image on Consumers'
Brand Evaluations. Journal of Psychology & Marketing
Sung-Joon Y. and Ji E.P. (2012). Do sensory ad appeals influence brand attitude? Journal of
Business Research. (65), 11,

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