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Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay
Birth control by use of contraceptives has increased in the recent years. Governments
have set aside large sums of money to help the teenagers in the specific countries like the United
States of America access such contraceptives. The latter consists of various methods which have
been improved to attain effectiveness in birth control. As a result, teenage pregnancies and
contraction of Sexually Transmitted Infections have been reduced to a large extent. Some people
have been in support of this practice while others have been opposing the same on the basis of
religious conservativeness on abstinence and ethical issues. In this essay, I will support the
argument that putting teenagers under the methods of birth control promotes sex.
First and foremost, the use of contraceptives like the birth control pill is a sure way of
preventing pregnancy. As such, the teenagers are put to a lesser risk of pregnancy and notably,
teenage pregnancies have reduced over the recent past as a result of the improved use of
contraceptives. With this in mind, the teenagers take advantage and engage more in sexual
promiscuity knowing that they would not get pregnant. This, at the same time, posts more risks
to promoting moral decay in the society and by the end of the day, the society will end up eroded
of ethics and morality. Therefore, the teenagers must be taught the importance of developing a
positive behavior in terms of sexual matters, rather than using contraceptives as a modality of
assurance of low risk to pregnancy.
Secondly, the practice of birth control among then teenagers is a preventive measure of
the Sexually Transmitted Infections. When the teens are sexually active, birth control can be an
advantageous way of putting a teen who has more than one sexual partner, or with a partner who
is not a virgin, into behavioral control. In reference to the WebMD, a onetime act of sexual
intercourse can cause to transmission of Sexual Transmitted Infection. Notably, the effective use
of condoms is a sure way of preventing these kinds of infections. With this information availed
to the teens, coupled with the effective use of the condoms, then they become insensitive to the
risk of the infections as they are assured that they are safe with condoms. As such, they engage
more in sexual activity. Those who were abstaining in the first place get a reason to indulge
themselves into the misconduct, while those who had been virgins in fear of the infections get
encouraged to break their virginity due to the assurance of "safety" brought about by the
contraceptives. Consequently, other than teaching teenagers on the best contraceptives to use in
the control of Sexually Transmitted Infections, it is paramount to emphasize on the importance
of a positive behavior, abstinence, and the effects accrued from such sexual immorality at the
Thirdly, with the continued campaigns, promotions and advertisements on the importance
of birth control through the use of contraceptives like condoms, some teenagers are likely to be
mistaken and think that sex is actually an accepted norm and part of everyday life in their
undertakings. In an incidence of a parent advising their teen children on the necessity of
practicing birth control, or a professional counsellor giving advice to teenagers on why the use of
contraceptives is an important move in their lives, many teenagers are likely to opt to effectively
use the contraceptives while at the same time engaging in serious sexual immorality. In such a
case, they will prevent the pregnancies and the Sexually Transmitted Infections and the
HIV/AIDS transmission; which are the immediate worries they may be in fear of, and
consequently, warrant themselves the "license" of the malpractices concerning sexual
indulgence. Most religious doctrines condemn sex among teens and teach that the sex is only for
the married couple. However, some accept the use of contraceptives while others oppose the
practice. With those accepting, they preach to their youths on the need to practice safe sex and in
such a situation, the teenagers mistake that by thinking that their religions have started to
condone premarital sex in some way.
The Counter Argument
As much as the practice of birth control by the use of condoms and birth control pill
promotes sexual behavior, there are situations that counteract this argument. The use of such
birth control measures does not necessarily mean that the amount of sex done by teenagers
should increase; just as those of the contrary opinion say. It is quite in order to say that the use of
birth control methods in teens doesn't make them more sexually active. They become sexually
active as they continue to grow and that fact cannot be changed to an increment or a decline just
because of the particular group of people being put under a birth control. In addition, those
teenagers with a firm stand on their faith, moral values and positive behavior on sexual morality
and relationships are not likely to indulge themselves in sexual activity just because of the
promotion of birth control measures which reduce the incidences of pregnancy and sexual
disease contraction. Further, some of the pills used in birth control have been said to put teenage
girls at a higher risk of contracting cancer.

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