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Straws and Plastic ban
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Straws and Plastic ban
There is an immense usage of plastic components globally. Many people prefer using
drinks in places of work, during sporting activities, meetings and other social activities. This
increases the usage of straws and plastic bottles. Nations and cities like Washington and
New York have embraced laws on straw and plastic ban. There exist more that 7.5 million
plastic straws overlying the American shorelines, a research by Australian scientists
(Ogunola et al, 2018). They also realized that there are more than 8.3 billion plastic straws
lying on the entire world’s coastlines. The increased use of plastic is enhanced by their
portability, food security, availability and affordability.
Notably, the huge number of straws is seemingly small as compared to the plastic
waste accumulating in the coastline globally. According to environmental scientists, the
summation of plastics ending up in the world’s oceans and coastlines each year is at 9
million tones, in and near the oceans. Annually, 35 million tones of plastic bags are disposed
on earth, a quarter of it being generated to the water bodies (Ogunola et al, 2018). This is a
huge destruction activity bearing in mind that the plastic materials are non-biodegradable.
The massive accumulation of plastic materials halts aeration in both land and seas.
As such, aerobic organisms in soils and water bodies are prone to suffocation. Carbon gases
are produced from the burning plastics. These gases are poisonous to both plants and
animals. Research has it that 40% of soil organisms die due to suffocation erupted by plastic
materials (Thaysen et al, 2018). Tentatively, more than 20% of marine deaths are caused by
these materials
To solve this problem, there must be numerous programs for remedy. For instance, in
the United States, there is an attempt to ban the usage of plastic straws in cities like Miami
Beach and Seattle. This was an initiative by Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain in
conjunction with the commonwealth (Ogunola et al, 2018). The plastic straws, coffee
Straw and Plastic ban 3
stirrers and plastic swabs were to be replaced by cotton materials. In UK, paper straws are
put into test to replace the plastic ones. Furthermore, a notice is given to all customers to
focus on paper straws. This is enhanced by the directors of fast food companies in UK
In 2015, a video went viral showing rescuers trying to get rid of a straw from a sea
turtles nose (Scheberle, 2018). As such marine operators and scientists started a discussion
on elimination of plastic materials from water bodies. This was made to protect and
conserve marine life. Most importantly is the aspect of recycling used plastic products. This
can be done through increasing plastic recycling products globally. The vice President of the
council of plastics for American chemistry claimed that banning straws will reduce plastic
wastes in America.
There are many ways to reduce the usage of plastic materials. The American
government can embrace a law totally ban plastic materials. Here, the users must face the
full wrath of the law by paying a huge fine for usage of a single straw. More so, the used
plastic materials must be disposed at a central collection point. Such points will be providing
an avenue for raw materials for plastic recycling companies.
To protect the marine life, awareness must be done through various social media
including broadcasting houses, sites like face book and instagram on the consequences of
plastic materials on marine life. Various governments, in conjunction with commonwealth
should sponsor environmental conferences in various states whose concern is to protect the
environment against plastic wastes. The conferences should compose the youth and the
elderly population and environmental professionals. As such, information on environmental
conservation will be disseminated to various parts of the world.
The tourists visiting coastlines must be advised on proper disposal of plastic
materials. The shores should have points for collection of plastic materials. This will ensure
Straw and Plastic ban 4
that little plastics are channeled into water bodies, conserving marine lives. Industries that
process plastic materials should be reduced or even be banned completely. These industries
should be converted from plastic to textile production. The government should take an
initiative of financing Non- governmental organizations aiming to protect the environment.
Such initiatives will ensure proper plastic disposal is maintained and the coastlines remain
plastic free zones.
Plastic materials ignite greenhouse effect which is a component of global warming.
This is brought about by the gases produced by burning plastic materials (Scheberle, 2018).
It is therefore important for banning the use of these materials globally in order to curb
global warming effect.
In households, individuals should be advised to avoid using plastic utensils.
Scientists claim that putting hot drinks in plastic materials is unhealthy. It brings about the
manifestation of cancerous cells in the human body. For this reason, more industries must be
constructed to produce metallic utensils to be used in place of plastics. To reduce plastic
use, the US government should also hike their cost and reduce the cost of cotton materials.
This will create a competitive advantage of cotton materials over plastics.
Straw and Plastic ban 5
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