Article Review Marketing

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Article Review: Marketing
Article Review: Marketing
According to Grewal & Levy (2016), marketing forms a core part of any business, and
successful marketing strategies remain crucial to influencing growth in firm operations or
profitability. Various marketing models have been implemented as either part of a promotional
initiative or a measure to help revamp the business reach within its market. Continuing
competition and changing trends in global trade have informed the diversification of marketing
from the contemporary methods to more sophisticated and customer-centered measures (Grewal
& Levy, 2016). Changes in marketing paradigms as informed either by competition or consumer
preferences play a significant role in the revolutionized product promotion strategies. The paper
reviews the article by Yeoman and McMahon-Beattie that focuses on the future of luxury. In
context, the report highlighted the changing trends of product marketing that firms have adopted
as a measure to handle the different challenges they might experience in reaching their potential
The article Yeoman & McMahon-Beattie (2018), focused on various attributes of
marketing and how efficient firms could employ their knowledge in such areas to tap market
availability, especially with luxury products. The article explored different regions through the
application of scenario planning as an area where firms could turn to provide them with the
definite clues needed in preparation for the future of luxury products markets. Such scenarios
included trading up to luxury, focusing on the influence of the rich on markets, enrichment, and
experience, craftsmanship and authentication (Yeoman & McMahon-Beattie, 2018). The article
conceptualized the evolution of luxury products focusing significantly on the aspects of pricing
and consumer perception as drivers of the future change witnessed through market dynamics.
Adidas is among the leading luxury brands that have invested immensely in the
production of different wears both sportswear and consumer branded wears including sneakers
and jackets. Mahdi, Abbas, Mazar, & George (2015) identifies the diversification of Adidas firm
to such line of production opens up the business to different frontiers of competition as well as
scenarios of managerial issues. Scenario-planning, as highlighted in the article by the authors, is
a marketing issue as it aligns businesses within the luxury industry to understanding future
changes and applies the different scenarios as a measure of positioning their products with the
demands and preferences of the customers.
The different planning scenarios have uniquely been crafted as a means of promoting
luxury products since they focus solely on the identification of products and creating the
necessary atmosphere through which consumers can define them without excluding the
contemporary drivers of change. The authors in promoting these different scenarios have
highlighted the need for trading up to luxury. As a leading scenario-planning strategy, trading up
luxury remains vital in discussing how consumers of luxury products with increased capabilities
in purchasing buy their products for experience the trading up of luxury products ensures that the
firm is in a position of negotiating its market position depending on how customers are
responding to such products. Secondly, the trade up of luxury goods helps firms such as Adidas
in mapping out their markets to ensure that they cover appropriate areas (Mahdi, Abbas, Mazar,
& George, 2015). The second scenario-planning strategy involves the focus on behavior through
prestige luxury. The author is discussing the second scenario as a marketing strategy mentions it
in defining the consumers’ behavior and the influence of the rich in luxury markets. Prestige
luxury as a marketing trend analysis helps with the definition of scenarios in the definite
marketing of craftsmanship. The behavior of the mega-rich in product markets is an essential
element in target marketing as it helps unveil how different sections of the market do their
purchasing. Such abilities and behaviors affect other areas including price and demand.
Enrichment and experimental luxury as discussed in the article focuses intensely on the aspects
of experience rather than materialism. The shift in preference and perception in purchasing of
products without identifying elements of change and positioning of their products in the luxury
market. Such changes have informed the need for the last scene where firms have illustrated the
importance of craftsmanship and product uniqueness with relation to how the market responds to
its branding (Dumitriu, 2012). In context, the craft and originality form the brand marketing
where firms have employed various tactics including celebrity promotion in a move that sees
them standout as leading areas that have premium pricing and other contemporary marketing
The factors that have led to such changes in market condition are well illustrated in the
article as drivers. The drivers of change include the democratization of luxury that has made
luxury products becoming more reachable and accessible to the rising middle class especially in
fashion apparel industry. Experience economy acts as the next factor that has defined the
principle of consumerism with the increasing number of customers focused on the move to
accumulating wealth through goods and services (Dumitriu, 2012). The article acts in disputing
the trends through proposing the scenario-planning strategies in addressing such trends. The third
driver is the rising middle classes that seek affluence as such social group remain as the drivers
of modern society.
As a firm dealing in luxury, the article advice on embracing the marketing strategies
discussed in scenario-planning. The article argues that such approaches allow companies to
implement different marketing plans that appropriately address actors within the luxury industry.
Adidas as a company has employed the customer relation strategy by endorsing Kanye West as
brand ambassador for the basis of appeal (Grewal & Levy, 2016). From the various attempts to
change, Adidas as a firm has handled the marketing issues well and worked towards expanding
its markets globally.
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Yeoman, I., & McMahon-Beattie, U (2018). The future of luxury: mega drivers, new faces and
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