As it is in Heaven A Brief Analysis of Urban Planning and Related Issues

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As it is in Heaven: A Brief Analysis of Urban Planning and Related Issues
The Swedish film As it is in Heaven is an appealing mix of both music and aspiration,
with humor and sadness in the film having the depiction of natural effects and social
environment. The film majorly represents its development in an urban center context through the
incorporation of the family issues built upon a social environment. It presents the living
standards of individuals within different kinds of environment, what each class is associated with
and the consequences of a change in class (Moffat and Kohler). This paper is a brief description
of the film As it is in Heaven. It analyzes the natural, built, and social environments as portrayed
by different scenes of the film.
Daniel, the main character of the film, suffers a heart attack owing to his busy
professional life while on stage performing music and this interrupts his successful music career
causing him to retire early and moves to his childhood land, north of Sweden. This indicates the
influence of urban community to impose suffering and frustration to the people, showing the
community mutual impact concerning its environment. The urban environment plays a great role
in Daniel’s decision making. He does not heed to the advice from his urban friends to stay, but
instead decides to permanently relocate to his childhood land (Aiko and Phyliss).
The level of the impact strength that the community has in relation to the environmental
issues results to potential differences in urban center planning and development. Daniel’s
incidence while performing on stage, negatively impacted his decision making on taking a music
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training offer within the urban center. After relocating, he accepts an offer to train the
community choir and performs his duties with passion, just like he did before relocating to the
rural community. Daniel readily forgives the rural community of his childhood experience, but
his refusal to forgive the urban community shows the differences between the cultures of the two
environments. The mutual bond between the community and its residents is stronger than the
typical bond created as a result of a job offer, as shown by Daniel’s decision to take the rural job
offer despite his previous job offer in the urban center (Lamont and Hall).
The distinction between the rural and urban communities is depicted by the population of
each community members, although the strongest aspect of communal impact on a long-term
basis is not heavily dependent on the qualities of the population. The film as it is in Heaven
shows the effect of the urban environment as Daniel is forced to relocate without considering the
challenges of settling into a new environment. Daniel joins the rural choir and proceeds with his
music development with equal impact on the rural environment compared to urban communities.
While in the choir, he makes new friends within the community and finds love. This indicates the
closeness of people in rural areas (Lamont and Hall).
The rural environment is capable of sustaining a community member while the urban is
capable of producing an impact of greater achievement due to high population. The rural
environment sustained Daniel and supported him while settling in the new community while the
urban environment helped him develop his musical career and achievements. High population
and high expectations of the urban environment poses challenges to those in charge, and
increases chances of misunderstanding since the community tries to accommodate all its
members. In a rural environment, due to lower population, the community respects and observes
the best interests of individuals assigned a given task thus avoiding any obstructions that may
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affect the morale of the individual. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, the rural
community reduces the factors that cause undesirable environment effect. This is indicated when
Connie is jailed after the fight with Daniel since he was blaming him for his wife leaving. The
community relationship with its members and the surrounding environment is a crucial factor in
the planning and development of urban centers. An increase in the population corresponds to an
increase in resources required for urban planning and development. When Daniel relocates,
indicating a poor community relationship with its members, it distorts the development process
of the urban environment (Aiko and Phyliss).
The planning of development of rural areas allows individual freedom compared to urban
environment setting. Living within the rural environment enables the occupants to persevere, and
have experience in dealing with different kinds of isolation that might be encountered within the
immediate environment. The population of the people living within the rural community and
ease of knowing the neighbors enables the occupants to reduce all the factors that may contribute
to disrupted development within the community. Planning of the urban centers is affected by the
obstacles, hindering members who want to participate in the development process as indicated in
the film. As it is in Heaven shows expected outcomes when an individual encounters an
obstruction in their immediate environment. The ease with which the old school was relocated to
the living quarter would have encountered various obstacles if it were within an urban
environment (Van Wormer).
As is in Heaven illustrates the effect of closeness of members of the rural communities as
it incorporates all the people within the choir without discrimination. Nicknames are easily used
within the choir, and this shows the closeness that exists between the choir members. The
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planning process should involve people from the community and encourage closeness between
the individuals to ensure a healthy development environment (Moffat and Kohler).
As it is in Heaven shows elements of being unconcerned with the neighborhood affairs as
Gabriella is beaten, but the villagers do not support her against her husband’s beating. Reduced
levels of concern affect the planning process of the urban centers affecting the development
process due to an enormous wastage of the available resources. The neighborhood support
creates a favorable environment within the community, leading to positive development of the
community (Lamont and Hall).
As it is in Heaven is a film full of social and natural aspects in a society with different
outcomes and solutions. Proper foundations should be created in order to develop an
environment that is conducive and favorable. As it is in Heaven provides clues on the corrections
that are vital to the success of the social environment within a given society. During the
development and planning of urban centers, all the environmental considerations and effects
must be evaluated with critical understanding to reduce all the chances of obstruction in the
development process. Factors affecting the community relationship with its members slows
down the development process and leads to wastage of resources. Maintaining good
neighborhood relations creates a favorable environment within the rural setting corresponding to
better development compared to the urban centers.
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