Athletes as role models paper

Athletes as role models
Yes indeed. Athletes should be the role model to the children. A lot of children can
recognize a role model in their lives, as indicated by research distributed in the January 2011
issue of the "Diary of Adolescent Health." Of the young people with role models, those that
looked to athletes will probably settle on constructive wellbeing related choices. The truth of the
matter is, not all athletes are sure role models. Tragically a few athletes take part in negative
conduct, however in general, the athletic way of life fits a place of positive part displaying for
young people. They demonstrate every one of the qualities of a genuine performer. These can be
utilized for physical and academic purpose. They demonstrate diligent work, assurance, group
aptitudes and responsibility (Armour et al, Sport, Education and Society 17.3: 381-403). Do you
see any athletes stopping since they did a foul toss or a terrible shot? No, this instructs kids that
it’s fine to botch up; you gain from your errors. Terrible role models, they cannot take the weight
of being resolved and mindful to others, all they think about is the cash and notoriety and not
what they are assume to think of...Showing kids the right route in life.
Athletes have been looked up to as role models for whatever length of time that games
have existed. There is simply something appealing about the prospect of being in great physical
condition and being gifted in games. In any case, are athletes the sort of individuals that children
ought to follow for bearing and direction? Many kids frequently admire the expert athletes as
role models. Indeed, in 1995 Sports Illustrated for Kids did a study for children who were ages 7
through 12 about who their role model was. Most of the children addressed that an expert athlete
was who they most gazed upward to. Just four percent of the youngsters addressed that their role
model was one of their guardians (Armour et al, Sport, Education and Society 17.3: 381-403).
On account of today’s media, athletes are continually in people in general eye because all that
they do on and off the playing field. Some expert athletes talk a positive message through their
notoriety by exhibiting valuable thoughts, for example, commitment and teamwork while they
are on the field. Indeed, even out of the playing field a few athletes set a great example through
visiting the children in different schools, hospitals, or again setting up establishments and
associations to help the less fortunate and the sick people. Notwithstanding, different athletes are
not as kind to the way that somebody might admire them, a few athletes are not worried about
something besides the game they are getting paid to play and themselves. These athletes are the
ones that propose inquiries about whether athletes ought to be considered role models or not. A
role model can be characterized as a man whose conduct, illustration or achievement is or can be
copied by others, particularly the children. Who might need their children admiring somebody
who has been indicted abusive behavior at home or drug addiction? It is a contention of an
opinion which can't be settled.
There are various ways of entertainment. Amongst them are games and sports, that have existent
as long as man has. Athletes have served as source of inspiration to most people in the society
and have made this become a culture even in places such as Greek and Rome. They have become
role models in the side of maintaining body fitness and also being victorious.It’s through media
that athletes have been viewed as role models and also heroes in the society as they are and
viewed in social media on various shows and adverts as well as in magazines (Coakley, Journal
of Sport and Social Issues 35.3: 306-324). As much as sports play a big role in the society,
people always seek to get others to offer knowledge and skills on the same, hence leading to the
so called role modeling.Researchers are keen to identify the work performed by the athletic role
models and in and out of their field of specialization.
In the current society, most parents do not find time for their children to talk about career
development and social life in general. This therefore makes most young growingchildren and
growing teens to choose their own athletes to emulate. They therefore end up copying both
positive and negative characters pertained by this individual since their personality differs and
stands too.
In the 21
century, physical education should be put into consideration since physical activities
are important for development and other vital functions as well as motor and help keeping a
commendable emotional level. There has come personnel’s who are encouraging the athletes and
sports men to set a pace in this field for the youths so as to help them uplift their lives as they
approach the side of perfection and chase their goals through inspiration. They thus can
participate directly to the victory of the athletes.
The success of the young teenagers in the society means the success of the whole society more
so in the field of sports. This is in reference to the present and future youths.
Both locally and also abroad, there is scarcity of role models for the youths in the name of
parents or close bloody relatives. Therefore, most youths choose to be an exception by being
self-motivated and working towards achieving their own set goals and keeping a high attitude on
any low phenomena in their surroundings.Others specialize in their own hobbies far from sports.
Most media personalities always choose the most successful and skillful teens and personnel’s
and use them in their advertisements, both in posters and also on television, in order to attract the
eyes of the young youths in the field of athletics.
Just like in the area of sports, othercareers and fields of specialization, the youths are found to
have been emulating a certain person or individual who is a celebrity in that particular aspect.
For instance, some youngster emulates some singers just because they have appeared on the
media and maybe looks so attractive after some manipulation is done on their bodies.
A role model is an individual whose activities and what they do has a positive effect on the way
of life and thinking of people in the particular society. It is one whose actions can manipulate
other peoples doing and drive them towards being better people. They should be able to motivate
youths and help them to understand their potential and work towards achieving their goals as
well as being living examples. They should help youths make decisions in hard times of life.
Role models need to train people on how to work smart and towards achieving their goals despite
what it takes by working hard since most people are just lazy. They are not only people at whom
the youths look up to and are successful but also one with whom they can through almost one
and same challenge in the life they are living.
Mostly,athletes are considered as role models in the society. For instance, those athletes who
fight against drug abuse, help much mostly to the young children who are growing up as the
watch them as their role model. This helps this young children keep off from drugs and drug
trafficking at early stage. They are also freed from other troubles associated with young growing
kids such as fights and getting involved with gangs where they always think they best fit.
Different athletes play different roles in the society such as giving hope to the young upcoming
athletes. They also come up with other positive ideas that can help benefit themselves and others.
They also come up with projects which are directed to those affected by poverty and other
inflicted nations as well as helping in times of disasters and medical issues. Most athletes try
much to maintain the aspect of humanity and express the attributes of generosity mostly in their
societies where they have been brought up, as they don’t forget where they have come from and
what they have experienced. Due to this aspects they express, we owe them respect and
Some are against role model as games men as the possibility of heroes are ending up
plainly less commendable as the years pass by and handed substantially over money. With the
current steroids and turn out to be all the more similar champion, the genuine games who plays
reasonable games a few supposes they are uncommon this days to be respected by more youthful
players too. As the greater part of the at present youngsters school matured scholars were
growing up, as of late, it is hard to find the real great player to be considered as a decent case for
youngsters to turn upward to. Additionally a few games don't have any cultivated part which
influence teens and make topic more forceful as enlivened by athletes of nowadays, as the vast
majority of them frequent medication clients and general hoodlums. Secondary school athletes
are leading the pack from those expert players and games that ought to play separate games and
more which prompts genuine problem. Also a few imagines that Athletes aren't generally who
they appear to be on TV and media, they generally look like grinning, upbeat individuals who
simply love to assist individuals in need and offer embraces to little youngsters. A few supposes
they have another face behind scenes; it is thought they are on-screen characters who are great at
playing sports, Really a few players don't demonstrate their genuine face as it appear on TV, as a
considerable measure of them are difficult to manage and wanton people who are searching for
some money. They may have habit on medications or drinking liquor or numerous other terrible
things, and those things the genuine role models ought not to do.
Just like any other society, the role of athletes as role models is also opposed for various reasons
given. Sometimes they are regarded not anymore as admirable but more of cash. Those athletes
who were real to themselves and to the society are rare and non-available to be admired by the
young upcoming athletes. Some sports have lost their soul purpose to the youths hence making
the youths more aggressive due to the poor modeling by the current role models who are deeply
involved in drugs and are majorly regarded as the greatest criminals. Athletes are also seen to be
pretenders. Many people claim that the faces that athletes display in media are not their real faces
since most of them in reality are hard to handle and are more involved I n drugs as drug addicts
and other weird acts which should not be possessed by a genuine role model.
Steroid and protein supplements and the infusions which utilized by those to expand their
execution has high health danger is currently utilized by secondary school seniors, an immediate
connection to the mammoth measurements by geniuses who bamboozled the game. A source
expressed that " The White House said a current study discovered steroid use among eighth,
tenth and twelfth graders joined was down from 2001 by 40% for use amid lifetime, 42% for as
far back as year and 22% for as long as month. " So a considerable measure of youth is
exceptionally influenced by their games to have that solid body or that higher execution of those
games in shorter time. A few years prior a athlete said that "I am not a role model"(Coakley,
Journal of Sport and Social Issues 35.3: 306-324). In reality some imagined that he is discussing
him, as well as all athletes when all is said in done. He alluded that he resembles the greater part
of typical individuals who need to play a reasonable game for his group and have his very own
life .So; every athlete ought to think before he signs a multimillion dollar bargain, there is a little
child will put their blurb on his divider, its extraordinary duty to be a role model or legend.
However being a role model is not athletic duty it's the group of onlooker’s obligation to pick
whatever he is sufficient to speak to his general public or no, as some games are great and some
are awful. And furthermore and each of those notice associations can pick what kind of message
they need their delegates to convey to their clients. So many people may not concur with this
announcement as being model something a athlete can do to himself. However Young and
capable youngster athletes once in a while put proficient games above different objectives
(MacDonald et al, The Sport Psychologist 25.1 32-46). Which may lead their transporter life to
edge, they indicate low school reviews so they won’t have the capacity to be separated of their
general public and they got paid however without training also.
Other factors that are affecting athletes as role models is the use of injections and other
supplements so as to increase their performance, which has a very high effect on their state of
health. This has greatly affected most athletes as research from the white house show. This
hasaffected the teenagers as they are also struggling to achieve the masculine bodies and also to
perform within a limited time. Nevertheless, it is not the athletes role to make themselves be role
models but the role of the audience and those who look up to them, just as those who put on
posters choose who to put there and what information they want to be passed to their customers.
Therefore, the responsibility of appointing and choosing athletes should be left in the hands of
those involved in the youth development environments including parents, coaches and guardians.
Athletes need to know that everything they do in put on spotlight and are being observed by
millions of their followers. Media also puts on record everything that they do even the slightest
mistakes. They therefore should train themselves on how to take the responsibility of the effects
of their own mistakes. These athletes should offer learning services to the young teens on the
value of education and co-curricular activities such as sports. A lifelong knowledge and skill
should be provided to the learner.
To conclude in summary, it is thought from a few people that those athletes did not select
role models and they were not set up to be a role model and they may never needed to be a role
model, as it’s not their duty anyway they convey even a noteworthy part of it and furthermore
the Given the quantity of poor cases of sportsmanship ,Displayed the sponsors on the media
today, the obligation regarding discovering models of attractive practices and mentalities lays
vigorously on the shoulders of those included in the adolescent condition (MacDonald et al, The
Sport Psychologist 25.1 32-46). Mentors, guardians, athletes, instructors, and so on must be
resolved in their advancement of the adolescent condition. Those expert athletes and different
athletes are day by day expected to spotlights and it is so natural to expect that they are viewed
by a huge number of individuals and group of onlookers and fans who like their groups, So those
individuals are observing each move. The athletes must understand that when they commit errors
individuals will watch and judge and communicate with that and even magazines will post it
later. Yet, additionally life is not reasonable and some do botches but rather likewise those
games ought to act in positive way and assume the liability for the results that come after
oversights that has been made. In any case, additionally .Role models athletes can do numerous
positive things, for example, teaching the youthful youth at schools by telling them the
significance of going to class and significance of games also. Those Athletes who are Against
Drugs ought to do as role models. Those extraordinary games when they are up to preparing or
open games schools, furnish individuals with long lasting learning aptitudes that can thrive
different territories of individuals lives, upgrading their certainty, enhancing the path with
managing the difficulties confronting them in life, raise confidence and change the state of mind
in their life, Those games realize that they are in the spotlight, Good and awful leave sports and
with late media, as it over respond with the activities of a few players And distribute it in many
structures. Everybody out there is viewing and for a prime time, the athlete as a role model is not
an issue; it's a Part of regular day to day existence.
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