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Disease-causing bacteria are dangerous to human health. Streptococcus pyogenes is a
disease causing bacterium which exists in human respiratory in a docile state. The bacterium
causes diseases like scarlet fever, necrotizing fasciitis, rheumatic fever, and strep throat. This
study will discuss scarlet fever as a disease caused by Streptococcus pyogenes
Streptococcus pyogenes was first documented in the 5th B.C. Hippocrates recorded what
he observed which was believed to be scarlet fever and its causing bacteria. Fehleisen later
confirmed that scarlet fever, necrotizing fasciitis, rheumatic fever, and strep throat were caused
by a similar bacterium (Cone, Lawrence, et al, 147). Pasteur isolated the chain of the bacteria.
Rosenbach named the bacterium S. pyogenes. Rebecca Lancefield grouped the hemolytic
streptococci and established the importance of M-protein and T antigen formation and causes of
disease. Streptococcus pyogenes is a gram-positive bacterium which is characterized by cocci of
less than 2 µm and form chains of more than 0.5mm. The bacterium has more than 60 strains. It
is made of M and F proteins, lipoteichoic acid, and fimbrial proteins (Cone, Lawrence, et al,
148). S. pyogenes has hyaluronic acid which imitates human tissue making it easy to attack
phagocytosis. In most cases, the bacterium is docile in the respiratory track and only attacks
when the immune system decreases causing a multiple of infections.
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Scarlet fever is caused by a bacteria called group A Streptococcus bacteria. The bacteria
live in the nasal and mouth passage and are transmitted from one person to the other through
direct contact with wound or mucus with an infected person. Steve (3) mentions that the
infection appears as bright red rashes on the body. The rashes may first appear on the chest,
under the arms, behind the ear, and then later spread to the uvula, back, and other body parts.
The primary vectors of the disease are children of between 5to 15 years since they are usually the
most infected. Stevens (5) state that some of the symptoms associated with the disease include
fever, swollen tonsils, headache, and swollen glands in the back of the neck, white tongue with
red dots on the surface, nausea, and red, sore throat which takes longer to heal.
Scarlet fever can be prevented by observing hygiene through the washing of hands after
sneezing or coughing. One should avoid contact with an infected person. Also, a person who has
been diagnosed with any disease caused by the bacterium should be isolated to prevent spread.
Wounds should be well cleaned using gloves and checked for S. pyogenes infection
(Hahnemann, 374). To determine if one is infected, a physical examination of the throat, tongue,
and tonsils is done. The physician also looks for the existence of a rash. According to
Hahnemann (381), if the disease is suspected, a sample is collected from the throat and is taken
to the laboratory for examination. Scarlet fever is treated using antibiotics such as penicillin and
Scarlet fever is a contagious disease which should be identified early and treated to
prevent its spread.
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