Behavior modification

Surname 1
Behavior Modification
Doing without drinking coffee
The behavior that I would like to stop is drinking coffee. I have been drinking a cup of
coffee daily in the morning and in the evening for over two years now. If I do not drink coffee for
a period of more than twelve hours, I experience withdrawal symptoms such as mild headache and
Day 1:
Failing to take coffee impacted my day a great deal. I felt tired and sleepy. In addition, I
had a mild headache that started at the back of the eyes and proceeded backwards; though it was
not severe. The headache lasted for like 8 hours and had a tremendous effect on the way I carried
out my tasks. Unlike the other days when I always complete my assignments with ease, I struggled
to complete my assignments on this day because I felt sleepy and generally lazy. I was calm all
day long; not as talkative as I usually am.
Surname 2
Day 2
I still felt drowsy but the headache had subsided. I was able to sleep longer and more deeply
than I have done in a period of over six months. I found it difficult on the second day to go for a
long time without eating anything like I could do on days when I took coffee. To be able to work
comfortably, I needed a snack almost about every three hours. The whole day I was feeling calm.
I usually join my friends for a soccer game every evening to release off the stress of the day’s work
but I just did not feel like it on his day. I felt fatigued. I was also not as talkative as I usually am
on the days when I take coffee.
Day 3
The headache is gone and my back hurts. The fatigue that I felt yesterday is also gone. On
the third day, I would get easily irritated: things that I found normal on other days annoyed me a
great deal. I found it difficult to concentrate in class. I could also not do my homework with
composure as I felt distracted. This made me think that coffee was a major contributor to my
The reason I decided to stop coffee is that it causes me to lack sleep and gives me muscle
tremors. At times, I would also be nervous about normal things and restless. The other reason I
want to quit coffee is that I have somehow become depended on it; not only mentally but also
physically. I saw this project as a good opportunity to start my journey in quitting drinking coffee.
This is because I thought by the end of the project, I would have accomplished a great feat in my
quitting coffee and therefore I would not be tempted to go back to it.
Surname 3
Giving up drinking coffee was a difficult task at the beginning because of the great number
withdrawal symptoms: I felt uncomfortable and worn out. There were many changes both in my
body and in my mind. The changes in my body included a feeling of sleepiness and tiredness. The
changes in the mind included lack of concentration and irritability as well as mood swings.
However, since I know it is possible to quit, I am going to continue until all the withdrawal
symptoms are gone and I am free from coffee addiction.
I replaced my behavior of taking coffee daily with taking tea. I thought this would enable
me to get over coffee more easily that if I had just stopped and failed to replace it with anything.
The people around me, that is, my friends and family members reacted positively to my change of
behavior; they are supporting which gives me the energy to continue until I recover completely. It
is they that suggested that I should try some alternative to coffee and helped me to choose tea as
the best alternative.
The most difficult thing about giving up this behavior is that I was used to going to the
coffee shop daily in the morning and in the evening. Therefore, even when I stopped, I would still
find myself tempted to pass through there on my way home in the evening. The other difficult
thing were the withdrawal symptoms that I was experiencing: feeling sleepy, loss of concentration,
increased appetite and irritability. What I experienced relates to class concepts in that I got to
understand that coffee addition is nurtured. It is therefore possible to reverse it since it is not
something natural. This helps me to be able to identify more examples of things that are acquired
through nurture and to understand the difference between nature and nurture.

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