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Importance of computer
educational games in
For most gamers, gaming is a highly-
social activity. These pro-social
behaviors are critical for healthy
social development
Games improve critical thinking skills
and reading comprehension.
Video games make people happy
and relieve stress. Giving your mind
time to rest is critical for emotional
and mental well-being
Video games are especially well-suited
for individualized learning. If they
solve problems correctly, the game can
adjust to present more difficult
Offer a fluid and literary-like
engagement with ethically- and
morally-complicated situations.
Video games help gauge children’s
cognitive development and
facilitate individualized learning.
Video games can have positive,
therapeutic effects on players of all ages,
especially those with mental or
emotional problems.
Games allow students to learn at
their own pace without constant
parental oversight
Improves vision,
attention and cognition
Test memory skills,
coordination and
problem solving skills
Better Learning Experience and
Better Learning Environment
Games provide a
context for
engaging practice
and attention
Makes the
students to be
more engaged
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Annotated Bibliography
L. P. Rieber, “Seriously considering play: designing interactive learning environments
based on the blending of microworlds, simulations, and games,” Educational
Technology Research and Development, vol. 44, no. 2, pp. 4358, 2012
Rieber, in his article, points out that computer games increase problem-solving
skills, multi-tasking capabilities, correct timing and fostering teamwork. He
adds that through computer games, the student is able to learn from the
mistakes he made in his previous game. He then uses different techniques to
overcome the challenge. This provides a precious lesson to the student, that
failure is not the end; rather, it is another chance to learn and be wiser. Rieber
adds that use of computer-based learning system increases the level of student
participation and engagement. When students play these games, they focus
because they do not want to lose the game. Focusing heightens the level of
engagement and consequently, these results in higher retention capabilities. It
thus becomes easier for students to grasp what they are being taught and retain
it rather than listening to a lecture or reading notes.
This sources analyses on how gaming can be integrated into traditional
learning method while minimizing on the cons and maximizing on the pros.
S. A. Barab, M. Gresalfi, and A. Arici, “Transformational play: why educators should
care about: games,” Educational Leadership, vol. 67, no. 1, pp. 76–80, 2009
In their research, Barab et al. carry out an investigation on the advantages of
using computer and video games in learning. The authors point out that game-
based learning improves social connections. It is not easy for students to create
social connections with fellow students in the same course; this is especially
the case in institutions of higher education. However, this can be solved
through a computer-gaming learning system. Students can interact and work
together. This can be further enhanced through the formulation of team
competitions which will require team members to work together.
They go on to point out that game-based learning system offers instant
feedback. Most of these games have dashboards and leaderboards where the
various scores can be seen. This acts as a motivation to the student who will
want to have a higher score and be among the leading ones in the
leaderboards. The motivation created leads to more engagement with the
particular subject matter
This article analyses the benefits that teachers get through use of a gaming
learning approach and why it is high time for the idea to be embraced.
G. J. Hwang, P. H. Wu, and C. C. Chen, “An online game approach for improving
students' learning performance in web-based problem-solving activities,”
Computers & Education, vol. 59, no. 4, pp. 12461256, 2012.
Hwang et al., while researching how online game approach can be used to
enhance students’ learning performance, say that game-based learning makes
the student enthusiastic about the subject matter. There are subjects such as
mathematics, physics, and trigonometry which most students struggles with
because of their intricate nature. However, the use of a gaming system in
teaching such subjects makes the lessons more enjoyable. Computer games are
fun, and they stimulate the students. It thus becomes easier to get the
undivided attention of the student for a longer duration of time. Games also
increase problem-solving skills, multi-tasking capabilities, correct timing and
fostering teamwork. The student can learn from the mistakes he made in his
previous game. He then uses different techniques to overcome the challenge.
This provides a precious lesson to the student, that failure is not the end;
rather, it is another chance to learn and be wiser. Additionally, most games
become tougher as one moves from one level to another. These obstacles
make the students think harder and get tougher.
This article analyses on how computer-game based learning approach
improves the performance of students. The content of the paper will be
important in backing up my thesis statement.

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