Big Skinny next focus

The Big Skinny Company Next Focus
Big Skinny Company Next Focus
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The Big Skinny Company Next Focus
Online marketing is used by businesses I order to reach different consumers who cannot
be reached an online basis. Kiril Alexandrov who is one of the best successful CEO at Big
Skinny, who is an all-time expert in researching stuff online. The Big Skinny wallets are
originally designed by Kiril himself, the market demand is high as it is there taste and preference.
The wallets are preferred by the market because they have overcome problems that other
competitors were unable to solve such as the size, weight, card pockets and the lack of
versatility. The Big Skinny company used to sales its products through retail distribution back
then in 2005 during its foundation. The corporate wanted more sales so in 2010 they had to
engage in online Marketing which was not successful as planned. Kiril had to consider better
strategies to improve the demands of the market, he did rethink through the social media aspect,
email marketing and more so coupon sites such as Groupon. Currently the company is mainly
based in Harvard Square in the US. The Big Skinny’s plan on online expansion and the business
engagement with other companies is the expectation of consumers globally.
The next Focus of Big Skinny Company
The Big Skinny business mainly deals in wallet distribution online but lately, Kiril is
experiencing difficulties with online marketing, this means that there is need to focus in a way
better online marketing to be able to bring in new consumers. The rise of new competitors in the
market makes more companies fight for customers who prefer better services and quality
products. The Big Skinny has had a successful business when it comes to street fairs using the in-
person sales method. The selling f wallets it is obvious they can easily create attention to more
consumers if they are given more proper tools. The success of Kiril in the market can be
achieved if he does consider the development of the digital market efforts which contains the
The Big Skinny Company Next Focus
mixture of the of long-tail marketing, behavioral targeting, and the internet advertising formats.
This is a technique that will allow the success of Big Skinny in the new markets globally. The
use of media services will allow the products to be recognized by different retailers and
consumers who will get the information using different ways such as rich messages and adverts.
The success of any business needs a strategic plan which mainly focuses on the growth of the
business in the near future (Greg LaFollette, 2017).
More so, the business should allow the use algorithmic search to allow bidding of higher
keywords, which allow the consumers to increase their chances of getting the products they
searching to allow more sales to go on. The keywords allow the people to know in specific what
the company is selling. The company should include more keywords like thin wallet, thin leather
wallet, world’s thinnest wallet and ultra-wallet. This allows the search from websites by
consumers to be found easily relating to Big Skinny company and therefore this will allow more
capture of consumers. The best way to have an effective business is to have an effective
marketing plan in the society which is making sure they gain the support of Google which is the
largest world’s search engine. The people always get intention on social media it is either funny
or more serious, the Big Skinny should allow funny clips which are related to their products and
this will bring attention to the consumers and even increase demand. The success of Big Skinny
company can also be increased by the business having less focus in interactive content, this
allows the customers to have less control over the situation and more so it takes more time to
interact with the customers who may end up abandoning the transaction (Vianelli, 2016).
The effectiveness of Big Skinny on Social media
The effectiveness of a company in the market it is felt by the services it provides to the
consumers if there are more sales. Big Skinny uses mostly online advertisements of its products
The Big Skinny Company Next Focus
which has been a great problem to them as most of the internet users tend to ignore online
advertisements because they think it is a waste of time or will not be of importance to them. The
Big Skinny company does sell their products using the keyword “Big Skinny” which may not
ring a bell to some of the customers. Moreover, other customers may not be aware of the brand
the company is advertising and what it deals with their marketing process. Therefore, the use
simple keywords that relate to the products of the company will make the search easy. Social
media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the best media platforms to
advertise and to create relationships with customers globally. This will eventually reduce the
marketing costs incurred every year.
The social media sites have become so addictive that a person has to take at list an hour
in a day to browse and watch different adverts from social media. The Big Skinny involvement
with different social media sites would be a great growth to the company in terms of having
more customers which means more sales. Research shows that at list 71% of people from social
media are likely to buy a brand that they have been following online. They are more
opportunities using social media than other sites because they have the highest number of
customers who can easily trust a brand. There is lotta of potential customers who use Amazon or
eBay for shipments orders with the combination, Big Skinny company will grow to have more
customers and more deliveries globally (Haverila, 2015).
The effectiveness of Expansion of online Distributors
The Big Skinny company has to consider working with other online distributors in order
to improve the sale of their products globally. The key consideration of every company is
increasing the customer's satisfaction and profit maximization. There is world known online
distributors such as Amazon and eBay who can be of great help to the sales of the company. The
The Big Skinny Company Next Focus
use of sites such as Groupon which seems to be bringing loss to the company. The Groupon sites
are so expensive in their business deals as they require 50% commission on the sales that take
place which makes the company not utilize the profit fully. The value of a brand should be taken
into consideration so that to allow people to understand why the company is making good
products that need to reach the market. A company’s is like it’s pride, when Big Skinny uses its
brands with site like Groupon, which only allow bargain of products with customers and more
so, they work with the same customers who will go back to Groupon instead of Big skinny
looking for a way to bargain and get the products at a cheap price. The use online distribution
like Amazon always allows fast shipment of products to customers when orders and this builds
the reputation of the company with customers and increases trust with customers. Having high
prices of products in their website Big Skinny creates more chances of customers to buy their
products through Amazon and more so the company will incur high ratings. Using Amazon
reduces the workload of shipment of products to customers and this allows Big Skinny to receive
larger profits.
Moreover, apart from an online distribution with Amazon and eBay, there are more ways
Big Skinny can improve their ratings and fulfill high maximization of profit. The Big Skinny
need to be so concerned with the comments left behind by happy customers and unhappy ones.
The happy customers allow the company to grow in terms of bringing more customers to buy
their products. Big Skinny does receive a low rating of 2.5 which should be a great worry to the
company. The company should reach out to the negative comments and be aware the problem
that the customers did face throughout their process of buying the commodity. This allows the
dissatisfied customers to be helped and the company to know where an improvement needs to be
handled. The good relationship with customers allows them to come again because they will
The Big Skinny Company Next Focus
always feel satisfied with the services provided. Also, the Big Skinny should keep the revenue
from top paid sponsored searches rather than eliminating them all together (Greg LaFollette,
Lastly, the company can also start using a more traditional advertising medium such as
TV and radio station. This advertising medium may seem outdated but are the best to attract
more customers and bring in more recognition to the company. The Big Skinny is the best when
it comes to the selling of their products through the retail stores this is because of their marketing
structure which is based on the value of the product and impulse. Big Skinny can reach more
stores in the market through advertising their products to reach out to a different audience such
the Big Skinny Sport. This will allow the partnership of more retail chains, therefore; the
company will be able to generate more revenue. The Big Skinny company doing more adverts
through the television is still a good strategic plan because compared to social media, the average
time a person spends watching a television is about 6hours in a day while browsing the net takes
around an hour. The more hours allow exposure to different adverts and customer can easily
learn about a new product by looking at it through media services and that’s where taste and
preference are built.
The key decisions every company needs to consider is increasing more customers to buy
the products and improving profitability. The big Skinny company has managed to be successful
through retail stores but the company can be able to build its brand and get more customers
through social media and use of online distribution companies such as eBay and Amazon. Thee
CEO Kiril Alexandrov should be responsible for the delegation of different tasks to be able to
move the company into the direction. The management should be concerned with the negative
The Big Skinny Company Next Focus
reviews from different customers and make sure they satisfy the client complaints and this will
eventually remove the negative ratings to the company. The price of the wallets should be
increased by the director of sales, in order to increase its value in the market and more so, bee
able to choose the correct online distribution outlet, which is more trusted globally. This will
allow the growth of Big Skinny company and effectiveness of profit maximization to the
The Big Skinny Company Next Focus
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