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Business Plan 2
Starting a business without a business plan (BP) can be compared to driving a car without
a steering wheel. A business plan is a guide or a roadmap for any business which highlights the
set goals and objectives and also the methods to be used towards realizing those goals. Having a
beneficial and productive plan presents the following benefits within a business. First, it paints a
complete picture of a company since it contains all the details pertaining that entity. It includes
official information including naming, implementation strategy, and growth, both short and long-
term goals. Secondly, the plan gives a company a strategic focus by highlighting the target
market and identifying the right products and services to present. Thirdly, it helps in setting
priorities since a business cannot sell every product or even render all the services, having clear-
cut priorities promotes business in the allocation of time and resources (Zarezankova-Potevska &
Potevska-Kolevska, 2017). Arguably, a business plan assists in managing changes within the
industry and its environment, for any company to thrive in the current dynamic environment a
flexible plan should be put in place. Also, a business plan helps in developing accountability
since it runs from the setting of a budget and allocation of resources and all the finances within a
business. An ideal plan also covers financial metrics and the business’s prospects going forward
(Grosser, Moon & Nelson, 2017). This is achieved by always checking how cash flows within
the business and also preparing profit and loss accounts (Hsieh, 2017). Notably, companies such
as Mediequip should focus on creating an ideal plan that simplifies and exemplifies its focus and
strive to become a viable entity in the world. A perfect marketing plan would promote the
company into a significant body. In this paper, we focus on the implementation, marketing and
core variable affiliated to the business.
Business Overview
Business Plan 3
Mediequip is a private limited company in the medical industry. It is aimed at providing
medical equipment, disposables, implants, and software for diagnosis, monitoring, aid in
treatment and even alter the psychological processes. Due to the continuous development of new
medical devices, the company aims at better utilization of resources through needs assessment,
efficiency and safety verification, preventive maintenance, proper installation and rational
procurement. The company has a role in championing the development of new medical
equipment, development of better world health among individuals and making sure that the
equipment is supplied where they are needed. Notably, the business strives to center on better
service delivery in a society that is filled with complex societal demands.
Personnel Involved
In every business entity, there is a need to ensure the stakeholders has a specific role to
accomplish. Additionally, businesses that have well thought out personnel handling and
overseeing internal and external operations is instrumental in boosting set goals and business
demands. The business comprises of the founding team which entails a managing director,
market research director, finance director and finally a marketing director. The managing
director oversees the overall performance of the company and answers to the board of directors if
present. He is an instrumental person, and his duties within the company are to oversee all
operations. A market research director handles all the research activities to be undertaken by the
company to enhance the implementation of the marketing mix elements. A finance director deals
with the management and allocation of cash within the organization and later preparing a profit
and loss account. A marketing director implements the plans put in place after conducting market
Business Plan 4
Mediequip is a partnership which draws fund from shares held by the stakeholders; the
partners use the shares as a measure of proportion on which to invest in the business. A
partnership has the following advantages over a company; in partnership raising of capital is easy
since the total amount is shared among the partners regarding shares. Secondly, the partnership is
a better way of sharing losses, whereby any loss incurred by the business is divided among the
partners. The partnership is useful for making sound and informed decisions since partners have
different professions which are crucial in developing a business (Grönroos, 1997). On the other
hand, a partnership has several disadvantages such as; decision making takes time due
consultations which are done in consideration to all the sediments of every stakeholder. In this
form of ownership, all the profits are shared among the stakeholders. However, this lowers
morale during participation towards the realization of the organizational goals. Finally, in
partnership, the distribution of power within the partners pauses a high risk of discomfort since
each position is attached to a different authority.
Marketing Mix
A marketing mix is a broad approach in making marketing decisions; it mainly deals with
the how a product is designed, the viable pricing options available, an ideal place to implements
business prospects, and how best to promote them (Dadzie et al., 2017). These four elements
explain how a business can link them up to create a valid product. A product should be unique
and of high quality, for it to compete in the market (Huang and Sarigöllü, 2014). Price is the
second aspect which should be keenly observed. A moderate rate should be identified to
facilitate profitability and fair competition in a market (Yoo, Donthu and Lee, 2000). Place is
another element of the marketing mix which should be highlighted since it covers the physical
location and hence transportation of the product to its end users (Kalyanam, and McIntyre,
Business Plan 5
2002). Finally promoting the product is crucial in creating awareness and educating the target
market of its existence within the market (Hall, 2008). Arguably, Mediequip’s approach towards
harnessing its marketing prospects is helpful in contextualizing its impact in advancing its set
The business has come up with the following marketing strategies to assist in reaching
the targeted market and create awareness of the product and services offered. A viable approach
to improve customer awareness of its functions is through advertising. Advertisements are bound
to create awareness, and an ideal method is through the creation of business literature marketing
its services. Through fliers, a company can include a summary of core units, its primary service
and how they can impact the community. Further, the business can use include its address
thereby improving its efficiency in service provision.
The other ideal method to help raise awareness about its existence is through the creation
of a website. Notably, the advent of information and technology has seen an increase in new
business marketing themselves online. Having a webpage that has all relevant information about
its service can result in significant improvement in service delivery. Further, the company can
reach a broad audience as a website transcends location (Constantinides, 2006). Further creating
an information video can also help market its services efficiently. This would also assist in
raising awareness with other partners and boots its networking prospects. Another important
approach to boost awareness is through marketing tests (Lee, 2017). The company can
effectively interact with potential clients via its online portal, engage them and ask them to try
out some of its services.
Business Reward Systems
Business Plan 6
In every service rendered, there has to be an anticipated reward accrued. In this regard, it
is always prudent for companies to strive to pay or reward its stakeholders well. For a business to
succeed proper employee reward systems should be put into place, such systems aids in
motivating the employees to work towards the success of the business (Klimkiewicz, & Beck-
Krala, 2015). For Mediequip, the ideal reward system is through compensations. The company
can offer best payout rates and create a functional environment for them to prosper in their
association with the business (Meyer, 2016). Through enactments of a payout plan that each
employee feels they are not overworked and underpaid, the company can mold employees who
are focused on fulfilling company goals.
The other reward system is through recognition and appreciation. Appreciation is an
intrinsic reward system used towards employees; this can be either written or in word of mouth
(Debouk, 2017). Arguably, it boosts productivity as the workers acknowledge that the company
they serve understand their input is not in vain (Lee, 2017). Appreciation is a primary motivator
which encourages the person to continue working towards the success of the business.
Additionally, benefits are another reward system which entails giving an employee a company
car, housing, medical cover, insurance, travel, and meals with the aim of motivating them.
Through such amenities, employees are influenced positively and work towards advancing better
service delivery. According to the reward-based theory of motivation, it is necessary to offers
personal rewards that are inclined towards what employees expect (Prouska, Psychogios, &
Rexhepi, 2016). Thus, presenting offers that center on a person’s expectations is crucial towards
having productive employees.
Legal Aspects Affiliated With the Business
Business Plan 7
Set rules and regulations bind every business. In this regard, companies that operate
legally are bound by statutory regulations. Mediequip has an obligation to solve issues pertaining
human health all over the world by creating and developing new medical devices and softwares.
In order to safeguard these new medical innovations, intellectual property rights comes into
picture. Intellectual property (IP) is a group of concepts and ideas protected by copyright,
trademarks, trade secrets and patents thereby protecting mind creations which attracts both
commercial and moral values (Fang, 2017). The company has to prove that it has patented its
equipment. This inclusion of IPR also serves to validate the uniqueness and authenticity of the
process involved in research and development (R&D) of the equipment it uses. Further, the
company has to take into account licensing of its products. This includes taking into account the
legal stipulations pertaining to sharing a product or service which has a patent on it. If the
company hopes to be the sole owner and distributor of the medical equipment it has to do so
through a legal means. By understanding how IPR affects its mode of operations or business
approach, the company can make strategic decisions to seek the services of a lawyer or have a
distinct legal team working with them.
Apart from legal aspects, the company has to factor in business ethics. Corporate ethics
are types of professional ethics aimed at examining morals and ethical practices. Ethics, on the
other hand, affects how an individual makes decisions and implements them to lead a life. In this
scenario, the business is aimed at making the world a better place by providing medical
equipment and software to assist in identification and treatment of diseases. For Mediequip to
operate efficiently, it has to factor in ethical stipulations as spelled out under the health code of
conduct. The business offers service that has an impact on people’s live thus it paramount for it
Business Plan 8
to operate transparently. Abiding by set laws and regulations governing health and hygiene is
A business plan is the backbone of any business with the aim of succeeding in any market
since it draws a clear roadmap to be followed in realizing the set goals and objectives of an
organization. Marketing mix elements should always be put into consideration to enable the
organization define what product to offer, how to distribute it to the targeted market physically,
how to price the product considering all the other products within the market to enhance
profitability and fair completion and finally how to promote the product. A well laid
organizational plan should be captured within the plan to improve proper structuring. A reward
system is aimed at motivating employees to work towards realizing the set corporate and
personal goals. Any business should operate within the business law stipulated in their
constitution to be on the safe side of the law and also adhere to the set laws and regulations
governing its operation.
Business Plan 9
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Business Plan 10
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