Gender gaps in Employment
The analysis shows that it is so difficult for students who are undertaking bachelor’s
degrees in law, computer science, and English education to be able to acquire more job
opportunities in China. This has been a major factor that has affected most graduate in China
because a larger percentage of students partake these courses. The women have been affected a
lot when it comes to the reservation wages when they enter the labor market. They have received
lower reservation wages compared to the male gender. According to Bradley, the males that have
gotten the education in a high-quality institution are less likely to be unemployed. This, because
the labor market does acknowledge them as the bright individuals because of the institutions, are
respected in the society. The students from the other less unrecognized institutions feel neglected
despite their ability to produce better results. According to Zhou male students are preferred to
the female when it comes to the labor market of China. The male students are always considered
energetic and can be easily controlled by organizations. An analysis shows that 77.1% of male
graduate sign contracts in the labor market as compared to the female graduate who signs around
71.2% contracts. The gender gaps have been worrying over the year as it is set to be improved to
improve the effectiveness of job opportunities in the labor market where all genders are given
same opportunities.
Inadequate Educational Attainment
Most school institutions do not provide the better educational facilities to the students and
the end up producing graduates who are not ready for the labor market. The labor market
requires skilled graduates who can provide quality services to organizations. Most of the
graduates in China are unqualified to be in the market as most of them come from the institution
that is not yet satisfied to provide better quality education. The poor performance of companies
comes with having unqualified choices when it comes to employment to graduates from
unqualified institutions. These institutions lack better facilities to provide quality education to
students to enable them to be skilled when getting to the market. According to Zhou, students
with Master’s degree find it more accepted in institutions because they are believed to be very
equipped to a certain profession. The graduate with master’s degree is always preferred in China
because of their competitive nature when it comes to the level of skills acquired during the
education period. In order to be accepted in China’s labor market, a graduate has to be
competitive than other people in the market. The education level matters a lot because it
describes how effective you can be in an organization (Zhang, 2011).
Average grades in the Market
According to Jensen, the analysis shows that average grades have a positive impact on
the job opportunities in the labor market. In China in order for graduates to attain jobs
opportunities easily, they have to be with enough credits to prove they are skilled to have the job
opportunities to handle the works. The recent researches have shown that the graduates who have
too many part-time jobs are unlikely to acquire job opportunities in the labor market. The part-
time jobs prove that they are unable to stick and concentrate on one job opportunity. The
organizations are always in need of laborers who are able to provide better and quality work. The
importance of hard work in school will impact to the easy search of jobs in the labor market
(David, 2015).
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commitment and intent to stay among Chinese nurses: a cross‐sectional questionnaire
survey. Journal of advanced nursing, 68(3), 539-549.

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