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Coca cola presentation

Coca-cola presentation
Marketing opportunities identified
Coca-cola realized the change in consumer preference where the potential consumers tend to
look for health beverages (having little sugar).
The opportunity called for production of healthy products that would meet the consumer taste
and preferences.
Exploring other markets to increase consumer base and sell more products.
The need to expand to other markets originated from the presence of competitors and need to
diversify consumer base.
The company received much criticism and public outcry when it came out those coke products
contributes immensely to the rising indices of obesity in the USA and across the world.
. The complaints led to the strategizing thus the realization of a marketing opportunity by
producing coke free products and releasing them onto the market.
Also, the change in consumer preference towards coke as they tend to drink natural juice and
waster leaving coca cola products led to the identification of the marketing opportunity of
product diversification.
With the increasing competition, the company had to rethink how it approaches the market.
Competition from Pepsi and companies producing natural juices led to the shrinking of the
market predominantly occupied by Coca-Cola Company (Sauerbronn, Barros, and Faria, 2018).
The management thus saw it wise to come up with a new marketing strategy to take the
customers back.
That informed the decision for the company to focus on reaching out the market with
various campaigns and new products through various sponsored activities like sports and
advertisements over the media.
How to integrate marketing opportunities
Coca-cola has to first produce coke free drinks and water.
The availability of the products will then inform the decision to start marketing the product.
It starts by informing the market of the availability of the new product in the market which meets
their needs for beverages.
Carry out various campaigns to ensure the product gets good market reception.
Then the second opportunity comes in where the company has to reach out to new market niche
(healthy lifestyle promoters).
For a long time, these people have kept off the coca cola products citing high connection of the
coke based products to lifestyle diseases.
Entrance into the new niche completes the integration of the second marketing opportunity of
exploring new markets to increase consumer base.
Evaluation method to analyses each opportunity
Performance evidence
Knowledge evidence
In performance evidence, the company has to determine whether the opportunities meet
organizational goals. The management has to document current business activities and market
performance. State the resources required to enter the marketing opportunity and how to take
advantage of the current market situation.
In knowledge evidence, the management has to ensure marketing plan, organizational structure,
products, and services remain in line with the given opportunity.
Feedback enters the market reaction towards piloting project. The pilot will establish whether the
market is ready for the entry into marketing opportunity or not.
Relevant external factors in the industry
The competitor action informs how best the company should approach the market. The coca cola
company can choose to innovate and counter competitors or advance the techniques the current
competitors use.
Social responsibility
The company has a social responsibility of being self-regulator to ensure products meet all legal
requirements beyond expectations.
Social responsibility contributes to better brand recognition, consumer loyalty and ensures
organizational growth
Legal framework
Refers to production and marketing in a way that conforms to the legal framework of every given
market niche.
Technological changes
Changes in technology impact the product lifecycle and marketing techniques the company has
to use at any given time. Having majored in social media, the company can now use social media
to reach more potential clients thus easing marketing strategy.
Economic and political environment
Being an international company, the production, distribution, and consumption gets much
influence from the political and economic status of every country it operates.
The uncertainty in political and economic status affects the marketing opportunities
Changes needed an organization in relation to the opportunity
The hiring of more staff
Sourcing natural fruits to produce natural juices
The rebranding of bottles specifically for natural products produced
Considering marketing media which can inform the new market nice the availability of products
they want
Resources required capitalizing marketing opportunities
Increased budgeting by the company to avail required finances to facilitate opening of new
production branches
Need for a more human resource to produce, distribute and market the products
Raw materials needed to facilitate production of the natural products.

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