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Compare and Contrast
It is still evident that there is still the number of students who are always going the extra mile in
their quest to perform better and achieve their dreams. This was still the same during my days in
school, and so it is today. It is also clear that there are schools and centers of learning whose
standards of learning have indeed remained high over the years regardless of the policies being
used. This was the case back then when I was a kid in school, and it remains the same to date.
Education System
During my time as a young kid, the education system was different from what is there today. For
the many years, I have been a believer in education as the only thing with the ability to equalize
and provide the equal platform for both the rich and the poor. As a kid, we all went to same
schools regardless of the social status. This was mainly because that the schools were few and
both the rich the poor had to strive their way through the very school which was not well
equipped but certainly had the best minds. It was a hustle all through with no pampering at all. It
is a life that to date I usually term as man eat man society in that from the day each one of us had
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to fight for himself and defend what he believed in. This is what school was about it. Even
though there still some of the facilities or processes that are always being carried out to date, the
variations over the years have indeed been overwhelming. I cannot compare what I want through
as a student regarding the nature of the study with what is happening today.
On the other hand, unlike our system which was complicated and hard, my son is undoubtedly
having the time of his life at school; things are no longer as hard as they were back in the days.
Despite this, the education system that he is currently undergoing has lost all the values that were
so critical back then. Now, education is about money in that you can only get the quality
education only when you can be able to pay handsomely hence it is no longer the equalizer for
the opportunities as it was the case during my time. The rich are going to school for the rich
while the poor are going to schools for the poor that is the case in the current education system.
Meaning the education offered to the poor does not offer them the equal opportunity to compete
with the rest since the quality of the education the poor received is of low quality compared to
the one provided to the rich. Unlike it was back then, this amounts to discrimination by the
economic status of the families the kids come from. Currently, the students ate treated like eggs
in that there no longer fend for themselves as it was the case during my time in school. Most of
them are undoubtedly being spoon-fed in that they no longer struggle on their own.
Awarding of Trophies for Participating in Events
The second issue that certainly sets us apart is the issue of trophies. During my time in school, it
was so hard for one to be given a trophy for whatever competition. This was mainly because of
the policy that one had to win or become number one to get a trophy. Sometimes the first three
students were the only ones that were awarded trophies. This meant that one had to work
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extremely hard for him or her to be able to win a trophy. Personally, I spent all those years in
school, and I only managed to get one through when I managed to become the best in class in the
subject in class. This was after I had worked extremely hard for over a whole term in school.
Upon receiving the trophy, everyone in school gave me so much respect because winning it was
indeed a dream for many but just a few could manage to get since the school in this case only
used to give them to the best students in each subject as well as the overall performance.
Unlike my story with trophies, my son’s case is way different. Wonders will never stop
happening; this is the statement I told myself when I saw a trophy my son had been given for
participating in a science competition. Why would someone be given a through for participation?
Surely, this is the question I am still interrogating myself. How is it possible that my son was
given a trophy when he was number 42 out of 80 in the contest? This is a clear show that some
of the things that we used to hold so dearly have been messed up entirely to an extent they no
longer have the same sentimental value as it was the case back in the days. Instead of working
hard to perform better, my son is no longer motivated by the trophy to work hard since everyone
who participates will undoubtedly be given similar trophies hence there is no motivation in being
number one or number last as long as someone was participating. This is the current tradition
that has certainly disappointed me; I wish I could roll back the years.
Punishing of Kids in School
The third issue is the one on punishing of kids in school. During my time, we could be punished
through strokes or even hard labor punishments, and no one would even utter a word in defiance.
The parents fully supported the whole idea of us being punished at school. We used to be treated
as community kids in that when anyone, not necessarily your relatives saw you do anything
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wrong then that warranted punishment. Everyone had a right to punish you both at school and
home as long as they were your seniors regarding age. There were no cases of people being taken
to court all because they punished the neighbor’s kids who had done something wrong.
Honestly speaking this is not the case when it comes to the manner in which my child amongst
the others of his age is being treated. Today, the tutors are afraid of punishing the children due to
the fear that they may end up being sued by the children’s parents. This has made it very difficult
for the teachers to discipline some of these children. There are no cases of a child being a
community child. Today even when the child fails to execute the duties they were given to do,
and they end up being punished they have the liberty to take their patents’ to court all in the
ground of harassment. This has certainly injured many hence the reason the moral stands have
gone down since no one is disciplining the children.

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