Contribution of Advertising Specialty Institute to Sport Development

Contribution of Advertising Specialty Institute to Sport Development
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This report presents an analysis of the organisation of sport development within a council or
other sports development provider in Northamptonshire. The organization selected for this exercise was
Advertising Specialty Institute. Prior to this report, the group arranged an appointment to visit and interview
an appropriate member of sports development staff within the organisation in order to obtain quality data for
inclusion in the report. As such, the findings were used to compile the report which will be an individual
submission. The report includes demonstrable understanding of the organisation’s strategy for its sports
development provision, its core aims and objectives. This is done by reviewing the organization in three
sections. The first section is an analysis of operations, which includes the initiatives, projects and other work
undertaken to support sports development, and the organisation’s resources, including finance and
workforce. The second section is an in-depth understanding of one sport development initiative delivered by
the organisation which includes the purpose of the initiative and its aims and objectives, knowledge and
understanding of the initiative in relation to the sport development continuum/ participant development
model or equivalent, and analysis of the initiative in relation to relevant policies/strategies and the sport
development continuum/ participant development model. The final section is an evaluation of the
organisation’s partnership working. This is evidence based and supported by use of theory from academic
literature. It shows how partnership working is used to deliver sports development objectives, the strengths
and weaknesses of its partnership working, and recommendations to improve the effectiveness of
partnership working.
Contribution of Advertising Specialty Institute to Sport Development
Advertising Specialty Institute
(ASI) is the largest membership organization in the promotional
product industry. Notably, the organization offers marketing, technology, media, and education that aim at
promoting success in sport development (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). Advertising Specialty
Institute strives to provide a culture of care and support through provision of the best education, products,
services, content, as well as research so as to help all the members succeed in every of their steps of the way.
Promotional products contribute to approximately $22.2 billion in the industry. As such, there have
been questions as to what contributes to this growth of the industry (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p.
1). Notably, this has been achieved through the revenue from logoed items such as T-shirts, hats, and bags.
They have also been travelling advertisements since they advertise the brand whenever they are used. As
such, the impression created is lasting; this has made them a crucial part of the industry due to their
contribution to building and sustaining brand awareness.
It is also notable that most of the players in the industry are suppliers whose roles include creating,
sourcing, and imprinting products (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). There are also distributors
whose main role is creatively marketing and selling the products that have already being imprinted to the
users who in return help in promoting their business. Some of the clients to ASI include nonprofits, Fortune
500 companies, small businesses, charities, hospitals, and schools (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p.
1). This report discusses how ASI contributes to sport development, as well as the initiatives that it has taken
to promote sporting and sport development.
Analysis of operations
There are various projects, initiatives, and other types of work that Advertising Specialty Institute
has undertaken in a bid to promote sport development (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). In this
case, independent studies and evaluation shows that Advertising Specialty Institute has the capacity to
promote sport development in the area. Additionally, it is evident that Advertising Specialty Institute has
implemented policies and initiatives that have demonstrated their ability to promote sport development by
increasing the number of women engaging in sports as well as empowering them (Advertising Specialty
Institute, 2017, p. 1). This has led to an increase in the number of women and girls in sports, marking a
milestone in the development of sports. This is achieved by setting aside funds for funding women
participation in sports.
Advertising Specialty Institute has also started initiatives and project that aim at including and
supporting people with disability in their communities in sports (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1).
In this way, it sponsors sports for the disabled and ensures that they get all the care and attention that they
require during their participation in the sport. This has also helped in creating awareness on promoting
equality and respect for persons with disabilities.
There are also initiatives and projects that are sponsored by Advertising Specialty Institute with the
aim of promoting social cohesion between different groups of people in the society (Advertising Specialty
Institute, 2017, p. 1). This is done by organizing sporting events in which the different groups participate
and interact with each other. This has helped in promoting social and cultural understanding and integration
in the society, as well as promoting sport development.
Advertising Specialty Institute also promotes sport development by creating awareness among
people on the dangers of inactivity and lack of exercise and participating in sports (Advertising Specialty
Institute, 2017, p. 1). Such initiatives are funded by the organization and aimed enabling members of the
public to participate in sports. There are also incentives and awards that motivate participants (Advertising
Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). This is also done to ensure that the marginalized populations such as the
youth and women benefit from the program funds. This has led to an increase in the number of women and
youth in sports, promoting sport development.
The organisation’s resources
The organization depends on various sources of income for its resources in terms of finance
(Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). For instance, it significantly depends on income from its four
industry magazines as well as six catalogues that allow customers to choose from a wide range and allows
them to pick the most convenient plan with them.
The ASI Magazines enable customers to enhance their advertising of their businesses (Advertising
Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). The magazines are preferred because of their editorial content that is rather
powerful and delivers trends, news, case studies, and forecasts, to an influential audience. Such advertising
is a source of revenue for the organization. Additionally, offers magazines such as Counselor
, Wearables
and Supplier Global Resource
(Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). It
also performs customized publishing.
ASI also draws income from its Catalogs. These Catalogs are crucial to clients and distributors as
they give them new ideas and concepts on how promotional products are used (Advertising Specialty
Institute, 2017, p. 1). According to a study on the feedback and perception of clients on catalogs, it was
established that 75 percent of the respondents value catalogs because of the ideas that they generate
(Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). Additionally, individuals or organizations that have their
businesses promoted on the catalogs have to pay, contributing to the resources of the organization. There are
also distributors who make use of them; they have also established their satisfaction with the services and
ideas offered by ASI through the Catalogs (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). There are seven
catalogs on which clients can showcase their products and services at a charge. These include The Apparel
, The GiftBook
, Idea Showcase
Spring and Fall, Spectrum
and Spectrum Celebration
ASI also relies on resources from content marketing services (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017,
p. 1). The programs that involve content marketing ensure that the strategic marketing approach of the
organization is focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content
throughout its print, social, and digital platforms (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). Such services
assist clients in generating leads for the businesses, nurturing their business relationships, and becoming an
expert in the industry (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). This helps the businesses to attract and
retain clients and increase their profitability levels. In return, the businesses pay for such services, creating
revenue for ASI to sponsor and fund its projects and initiatives that are aimed at promoting sport
Sport Development Initiative
It is also worth noting that ASI has several sport development initiatives. One of such initiative is the
ASI Traveling Show. The event is held annually (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). This year, the
ASI Roadshow will seek to access new markets in the US. Its aim will be to bring suppliers, multi-line reps,
and distributors together to create an enabling development (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). In
this event, sport development is done through sales of sport stuff that is labelled. For instance, participants
are issued with caps and T-shirts that are branded on sports (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). This
helps in creating awareness about a particular sporting event among the people who attend the Roadshows.
There are also events such as dancing competitions in which the winners and runners up are awarded with
sporting equipment such as sports shoes and balls (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). The event has
already been advertised as shown below.
This event will promote the understanding of participants on the importance of sports (Advertising
Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). It will also help in creating awareness on the health dangers of physical
inactivity. As such, participants will be sensitized and encouraged to support sports by engaging in sporting
activities; this will promote sport development.
This Roadshow is in accordance with the sport for development theory. According to the theory,
sport development contributes to one’s development (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). As such,
this argument could be used to support participation in sports among individuals. In return, the participants
would benefit in such ways as staying healthy.
Evaluation of the organisation’s partnership working
ASI works in partnership with several other businesses. Some of them play the role of distributors
while others are suppliers and customers (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). This partnership has
been crucial to the growth and development of the organization. One of the primary benefits of the
partnerships is that ASI enjoys economies of scale (Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). When the
other partners incorporate ASI in their operations, ASI also get to enter to new markets and sell its goods
and services there; this expands the consumer base and, consequently, enhances the profitability of the
The partnership has also been used to deliver sports development objectives in a number of ways.
First, it has led to accumulation of revenues that could be used in funding sports development projects
(Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). For instance, the funds required for sponsoring the road shows
is acquired from the income from the partnership. Second, the partnership has increased the rate at which
ASI is creating awareness on the importance of participation in sports. This has significantly promoted
sports development by enabling more, new participants to enrol for sports.
Additionally, the partnership with other businesses has been crucial to the success of the annual road
show. The involvement of various businesses has enabled the event to expand and become significant
(Advertising Specialty Institute, 2017, p. 1). Every year the consumer base expands and more people enrol
for participation in games. This has been crucial to sport development.
The strengths and weaknesses of its partnership working
A partnership means that the business owners always share the earnings, the liabilities and the
decision making; one of the benefits of a partnership, especially where the partners have different abilities
and may integrate nicely together. However, it could present a few issues (Advertising Specialty Institute,
2017, p. 1). Over the years, many partnerships have turned bitter. Own family and friends move into
commercial enterprise collectively and end up falling out on a non-public or commercial enterprise level and
all of it ends badly. This is one of the important negative aspects of partnerships over other enterprise
fashions. Such is the case of Advertising Specialty Institute. It faces both advantages and disadvantages for
being in partnership with other businesses.
Advantages of Partnership
Amount of the advantages that Advertising Specialty Institute gains from the partnership is in regard
to its capital. Due to the nature of the enterprise, the partners fund the partnership with startup capital as well
as funding projects and initiatives that aim at sport development. This means the greater the number of
partners there are, the extra cash they could put into the business, so as to permit higher flexibility and extra
ability for growth (Geary, 2008, pp.530-568). It also means extra potential income, a good way to be equally
shared among the partners.
Partnering with other business has also increased the flexibility of Advertising Specialty Institute.
The partnership is generally less difficult to shape, manipulate and run because it is much less strictly
regulated than agencies, in terms of the laws governing the formation (Geary, 2008, pp.530-568).
Additionally, since the partners have the simplest say in the manner the commercial enterprise is run, they
are more flexible in terms of control, as long as all the partners can agree.
It has also enhanced shared responsibility. Partners share the various duties of running the
organization. This allows them to make the maximum of their abilities (Geary, 2008, pp.530-568). So if one
partner is right with figures, they might cope with the e-book retaining and accounts, while the opposite
partner might have expertise in income and consequently be the primary sales individual for the commercial
enterprise. Based on this general explanation, Advertising Specialty Institute has significantly benefited for
job specialization among the partners and the available staff. The decision-making has also become more
effective and reliable.
Disadvantages of Partnership
Advertising Specialty Institute has also suffered different losses due its involvement in partnerships.
One of them is conflicts between the partners (Johnstone, 2016, p. 18). These result due to differences in
ideologies and management of funds and resources, as well as the management of sport development
projects and initiatives.
Partnerships also created legal responsibility (Johnstone, 2016, p. 18). Ordinary Partnerships are
difficulty to unlimited legal responsibility; this means that that each of the partners stocks the liability and
monetary dangers of the commercial enterprise. This can be countered by using the formation of a restrained
legal responsibility partnership.
Additionally, partnership has increased the level of taxation for ASI (Johnstone, 2016, p. 18).
Taxation laws mean that partners need to pay tax in the equal manner as sole traders, every submitting a
Self-Assessment tax each year.
There are several ways through the organization can enhance its effectiveness of partnership
operating. One of such is through product development. ASI needs to improve its capability to produce and
provide new merchandise by means of partnering with outside groups along with contributors of your supply
chain. Additionally, it needs to improve the effectiveness of its supply chain. A sturdy, reliable supply chain
ensures that the commercial enterprise gets entry to crucial supplies, substances and additives while you
want them. ASI might find it difficult to have bargaining power without a proper supply chain.
Finally, ASI should consider outsourcing. Notably, a partnership with experts would allow it to
outsource critical commercial enterprise capabilities to experts, as opposed to attempt to manage them
internally with personnel who might not have the specified abilities or qualifications. This will enhance the
performance of ASI and enable it to continue promoting sport development.
Reference List
Advertising Specialty Institute,. (2017). ASI - Promotional Products Membership Organization. Retrieved 19 January 2017, from
Geary, J., 2008. Do unions benefit from working in partnership with employers? Evidence from
Ireland. Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 47(4), pp.530-568.
Johnstone, S., 2016. Labour and Management Co-operation: Workplace Partnership in UK Financial
Services. CRC Press.

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