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Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is self-disciplined and self-guided thinking that aims at reasoning with
the fairest way possible. People thinking critically work to develop intellectual virtues of
integrity, civility, humility, empathy and confidence in their reasoning. Intellectuals have
discovered that no matter how skilled they are, there is still room for improvement on their
reasoning abilities. They are also culprits of distortions, reasoning, human irrational, self-interest
and vested interest. In short critical thinking entails the art of evaluating and analysing one's
thinking with the aim of improving it (1). This paper therefore outlines definition of terms used
in critical thinking and its significance to college students.
Definition of terms.
Critical writing is expressing oneself in writing using a language that has all its ideas well
arranged to pass the intended information. For example, when writing thesis requiring accuracy
and expression of truth, the way one supports the argument, elaborates points to others can
influence the objections to be raised, the limitations to writers view and conclusion the reader
makes from the thesis. Therefore, disciplined thinking and critical writing are interrelated. The
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relationship is that disciplined writing is a product of disciplined thinking and disciplined
thinking is achieved through critical writing (Glossary 23).
Critical reading is an active, intellectual engagement process that entails participation in
an inner dialogue with the writer. A critical reader enters the writer’s point of view rather than
having their own. While reading, one looks out for assumptions, consequences and implications
and any other feature in a text to ensure accurate and fair interpretation and assessment of the
writer’s work (Glossary 18)
From the definition of terms, it is evident that critical thinking, writing and reading have
a relationship as they ensure that the message is delivered from the writer to the reader without
distortion. A writer uses critical thinking skills to write content through writing skills, and the
reader applies critical reading skills to ensure that the writer's message is understood as they
Importance of Critical Thinking
Critical thinking helps students become critics of themselves. Most colleges rarely
include deep critical thinking programs in their curriculum. Analysis show that critical thinking
greatly influence students’ lives in different ways (Elder and Paul 7). Elements to help in
critiquing oneself as a student include clarity in thinking, asking questions and being reasonable.
Clarity in thinking is achieved through making oneself clear in whatever they say and ensuring
that one understands clearly what others say (11). Self-questioning is essential before speaking
and when listening to others. Questions ensure that one speaks with clarity and understands what
others mean when talking (19). Being reasonable is the ability to change mind when given a
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good reason to do so (23). In interactions with other students, being a critic to oneself help in
better communication and interaction in a college environment.
Critical thinking help students think about concepts. Understanding that everything in
the world has a given meaning helps in concept creation in students mind. In school, critical
thinking helps students conceptualize the world. Students are born and raised in different cultures
and socialization (Concepts 9). Critical thinking helps in differentiating ideas and concepts
gained from the social conditioning and concepts and ideas in the school environment. For
example, English is the first language used in Australia, England, Ireland and the United States.
Although the language is shared in all those countries, they still have their own social cultures
and beliefs (9). A student, therefore, uses critical thinking in appreciating that different people
have their own cultures and its important to respect their cultures.
Lastly, critical thinking helps in critical writing. In college students are required to do
assignments, term papers and research on different topics. Organization of thoughts is a critical
element to ensure that ideas are presented in a logical and well-understood manner (Targets 65).
Students who use critical thinking in their writing, breakdown their thought processes into parts.
After breaking down their thoughts, they articulate points in an easily understandable way
through avoiding vague, irrelevant and trivial writing in their work (65). Critical thinking is,
therefore, an important component in writing and organizing work in students’ assignments in
In conclusion, critical thinking is very essential in student's life in college. College
academic life requires integration of critical thinking, critical writing and critical reading to
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ensure messages are passed on and well understood. Critical thinking helps students become
critics of themselves, develop concepts and enhances their critical writing skills.
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Work Cited “Critical Thinking: Where to Begin.” The Foundation for Critical Thinking,
Accessed 24 May 2018.

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