Cultural Exploration

Running head: Biology 1
Cultural Exploration - Cȏte d'Ivoire
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Biology 2
1. 5 and 6a are the EGIDS scores with the highest frequencies in Cȏte d'Ivoire representing
the developing and vigorous language respectively each having 36 languages.
2. The EGIDS score of 5 representing the developing language denotes that the language
herein is in vigorous use, with the writings in a consistent form being used by some
however not prevalent or maintainable.
The EGIDS score of 6a on the other hand representing the vigorous language shows that
the language is unstandardized and in dynamic utilization amid all generations.
3. Cȏte d'Ivoire has only one extinct language called Tonjon with an EGIDS score of 10
depicting the extinction of the language. Tonjon was initially spoken by blacksmiths
4. People of the Beti (EGID score = 8b) culture believe in traditional religious practices and
beliefs which include ancestors worship and beliefs that people and that animals and
natural objects contain spiritual power. Religious practitioners like ritual specialists lead
the tribe in religious matters like spiritual mediums and healers. These special spiritual
abilities are majorly inherited and believed to remain in the family line though can also
be learnt. Sacred trees (like Didelotia africana for sorcery) (FAO) or groves, rocks shaped
in unusual formations, and ancestral burial places are considered places of worship where
offerings are attributed to the spirits and ancestors through offerings such as palm oil,
special foods, and animal sacrifices. Moral values are taught and passed from generation
to the next at sacred groves and the trees around the groves are viewed to be hosts of the
spirits thus rendered sacred. Noncompliance with the societal values was punishable by
the spirit worlds help.
5. The Beti community is largely farmers and hunters given their place of origin to be the
equatorial forest. They are also known for their art made from wood and iron carvings
Biology 3
(Stokes, 2009). Egalitarianism is largely practiced and social inequality is largely seen
where men occupy the higher social status compared to their women counterparts. Age
and gender determines major factors in social stratification. Men are mostly hunters and
do most of the commercial works like carvings, herding and growing of cash crops while
women look after their homes and are involved in food crops farming for their families.
6. Clothing in the Beti’s though not exclusive to them includes the Pagnes with long pieces
of clothes wrapped along their waist as skirts. Men on the other hand wear shorts or wrap
short pieces of cloth around their bodies or long robes for ceremonial occasions. Other
attires include the kru, Akan, tapa cloth, Gur, krahn
7. Beti community grows peanuts and root crops like cassava and cocoyam for their
carbohydrate requirements. They also grow maize for the same needs.
8. They meet their protein needs by hunting wild animals especially in the forest but also
grow beans for the same purpose
9. Spears made from long wooden sheath attached to a metallic head and also bows and
arrows were the common weapons used by the Beti community in hunting and warfare.
Shield made from animal hide and crafted swords
11. Given that Beti is a sub tribe of a larger community, they majorly practice exogamy and
polygamy (although Polygamy was prohibited by the national government). The
traditional wedding rituals involved payment of dowry by the man by a price determined
by the bride which is supposed to be paid before the actual wedding could start off.
During the wedding, marriage expenses are catered for by family and friends of the
grooms side and gifts often range in type and size brought by anyone.
Biology 4
FAO. The cultural and symbolic importance of forest resources.
Stokes J. (2009). Encyclopedia of the peoples of Africa and the middle East, Infobase. Pp.
225 -227. ISBN 978-1-4381-2676-0

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