Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management
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Customer Relationship Management
Customer relationship management refers to strategies, terminologies, and practices that
organizations embrace to analyze and manage data and customer relations all through the
consumer lifestyle with the aim of strengthening business interactions with consumers driving and
retaining customers(Propa, Banwet & Goswami, 2015).
Balanced Score Card
According to Ibrahim (2015), Balanced Scorecard refers to a strategy performance
supervision tool or semi-standard designed report that is supported by automation tools as well as
design methods that managers embrace to maintain track of the implementation of activities by the
personnel within their reach to monitor and control the arising consequences of the activities.
Basically, the term balanced scorecard means a performance management report that the
management team uses. The tool enables the management team to focus on handling the
implementation of operational activities or a strategy. The balanced scorecard can also be used by
individuals in tracking their personal performance even though this is not commonly applicable.
The balanced scorecard has the following characteristics that define it. The characteristics include:
The balanced scorecard lays focus on the strategic agenda of the concerned firm. The balanced
scorecard also has the choice of data items that should be monitored. It also has a combination of
non-financial and fiscal data items (Propa, Banwet & Goswami, 2015). The balanced scorecard is
a very good example of cybernetic control that is applied to the administration of strategy
implementation or closed-loop controller. Cybernetic control or closed-loop controller refers to
where the real performance is measured and the value that was measure is then compared with a
reference figure. Therefore, in the strategy management context, the features of the balanced
scorecard should be derived from the firm’s strategy and they should portray the ability to monitor
the firm’s performance and later intervene. Currently the balanced scorecard has turned out to
become a fundamental component of the planned approaches CSR (Ghawana et al., 2016).
Value chain
Value chain refers to a set of actions that an organization that is running in a particular
industry undertakes for it to provide valuable services or products. Value chain arose from business
management and was popularized and described in 1985 (Ghawana et al., 2016). The issue of value
chain is founded on the process view of firms where manufacturing companies are viewed as
systems that are buildup of mini- systems that have inputs, outputs as well as transformation
processes that entail the consumption and acquisition of resources. The manner in which value
chain activities are undertaken affects profits and defines costs (Ghawana et al., 2016). A
company’s value chain makes part of the big stream of undertakings which are referred to as value
system. A company’s value chain or value system comprises of sullies which provide necessary
inputs to the organization together with the value chains. After the company manufactures the
inputs to products, the products are taken to the value chains of suppliers down to consumers
(Ghawana et al., 2016).
Cloud computing
Cloud computing is also called line computing. It refers to a type of internet oriented
computing which provides data as well as mutual processing resources to PCs and other services
that have been demanded (Hashem et al., 2015). Cloud computing enables firms to emphasize on
their core businesses and it helps the firms to spend less on IT infrastructure as well as
maintenance. Cloud computing helps companies to minimize or avoid costs that are incurred in
upfront computer infrastructures. Additionally, cloud computing allows applications of companies
to run faster with less maintenance costs and advanced manageability. Therefore, this makes IT
teams of organizations to adjust resources rapidly to meet the unpredictable and fluctuating
According to Propa, Banwet & Goswami (2015), the central importance here shows the
relationship that underlies between people as well as communication of receiving commodities in
the market, quality assurance and assurance of commodities that are demanded highly via
consumer relationship management. The consumer plays an important role in the marketing sector.
On the other hand, the consumer is the final user of the commodity. The consumer buys products
for his family and purposes. Therefore communication plays a fundamental function in the
consumer association administration.
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Applying the knowledge innovation value chain model to land administration research. In
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Christchurch, New Zealand.
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Ibrahim, M. (2015). Investigating the use of the four perspectives of balanced score card (BSC)
as technique for assessing performance by Nigerian banks. Journal of accounting and
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Propa, G., Banwet, D. K., & Goswami, K. K. (2015). Sustainable Operation Management Using
the Balanced Score Card as a Strategic Tool-A Research Summary. Procedia-Social and
Behavioral Sciences, 189, 133-143.

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