Customized Dwelling

Customized Dwelling
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to the Report
The report herein has been prepared as a guide to all the relevant stakeholders and parties
showing the approach and strategy to be used in the design of the proposed customizable
dwelling to give a positive change to the image of the city. The document defines the key project
stakeholders, the tendering process, and estimated cost among other important components of the
project. The report also covers the legal requirements as well as the appropriate Construction
Design Management (CDM) procedures. The report ends with a glimpse into the risk
management approaches and how they will be integrated throughout the life of the project.
Figure 1 The Brunel House Site
1.2 Overview of the Customizable Dwelling Masterplan
The site targeted for the project is called The Brunel House, and it is located in Portsmouth,
England. The project seeks to demolish the existing building on the site and convert the currently
underdeveloped area to a mixed residential area. The strategic objective of the Masterplan is to
improve the economic value of the area of Brunel House, Portsmouth by creating a residential
mix that will provide a market for the retail area of the city centre.
The project aims to link the western and the eastern areas through a pedestrian track which will
help to satisfy the needs of the Portsea residents. The Queen Street will also serve the residents
with the shopping needs by offering convenient shops and supermarkets. The project is expected
to revamp the economic value of the area by creating a demand for various services within the
locality and the city centre as well. The project will also see the establishment of cohesive
connections between the areas around the site.
The entire project is expected to stir socio-economic development in the area. The project will
also provide affordable accommodation for the locals, tourists and visitors hence promoting
development in the entire neighbourhood. The site is surrounded by various means of transport
which include railways, bus stations, and roads meaning that the site will offer the first
impression for the tourists and visitors who move to Portsmouth through public means of
transport. The other side of the street provides a tourist attraction site as it houses the history of
the Slums at Queens Street at the end of the 18