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Danger of Cell Phone Usage While Driving

The danger of Cell Phone Usage While Driving
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The danger of Cell Phone Usage While Driving
History of Cell Phones and Driving
Cell phone usage was invented in the United States of America in the 1980 decade, after two
decades, the usage spread to each and every part of the world. The main reason as to why the
spread of the cell phone usage was so fast is because they facilitate communication hence making
the world to be like a global village since one can communicate with anyone at any part of the
world and at any time. The other reason as to why cell phone usage spread so rapidly, is because
it enhances security in case of an emergency in any place, whether, in office, home or in a car
driving, one will just make a link to the respective security unit within a short period of time.
Though usage of cell phones while driving is dangerous to our lives, they also help in offering
direction in areas that one is not familiar with and help in entertainment such as listening to music.
This brings us to the context of the thesis statement; It is believed that despite the fact that cell
phones are of great significance in our lives, they are also dangerous to our lives when used during
driving because they distract the driver's attention causing him/her go off-road hence causing an
accident. (Lamble, 1999)
Problems Associated with Cell Phones Usage while Driving
Cell phones cause very many problems to the road drivers, road users (Pedestrians) and even the
road itself. The main factor that leads to all these problems is the distraction or the divided attention
that is developed as a result of the use of the cell phones. One may use the cell phone to call or
message his or her friends, relatives, and even business partners. The main issue in this matter is
not the activities that are carried but the effects/distractions which these activities that are as a
result of the cell phone usage. Due to this distraction, the driver may end up going off road hence
causing an accident (crash), avoid following the traffic road signs strictly, cause delay to
himself/herself or to passengers if he or she is a public service driver and loss direction to his or
her destination. (Walsh, 2008)
Cause of accidents
Cell phone usage while driving is the root causes of most road accidents in most accidents
that have been experienced all over the world. Most accidents occur due to the driver's
fault, that is carelessness and concentration loss. When a driver is busy using his or her
Phone and driving, it will be so easy for him or her to lose concentration and this may result
to the driven car to go off-road hence entering ditches, causing crashes which may in return
cause loss of lives. Because of this one but a fatal mistake, an accident that may involve
various parties may occur leading to the loss of properties and lives. When using a phone
the driver may not be into a position of realizing or detecting a "blind" pedestrian that is
abruptly crossing the road without being keen to look left-right, just to ensure that road is
clear before making a decision of crossing. So whenever there is such an encounter, that is
an automatic accident that will be as a result of both parties.
Misunderstanding and Misinterpretation of Traffic Road Signs
Most accidents that occur in our daily time, are due to the drivers' act of not following the
traffic road signs. The main issue in this matter is not that the victims involved do not know
the meaning and the interpretation of the road signs, but it is because they do fail to pay
enough attention to them in order to not them in advance. Some drivers do find themselves
causing an accident at the Zebra Crossing point. This sign is meant to give pedestrians a
humble opportunity in crossing the road, so whenever drivers come across with this road
sign, they need to be patient until all pedestrians are done with the crossing. But if one was
not keen enough, since he or she is busy chatting or on calls will find himself/herself in a
great trouble that can even cost his or her life. So cell phones as seen above causes most
drivers to be involved in fatal accidents due to the act of not following traffic road signs.
Cause of delay and loss of directions
Most drivers and passengers to find themselves in places that they did not intend to reach
because of using a wrong route or taking a wrong direction. The driver may be approaching
a highway that has many lanes heading to various places, and being a routine in highways,
one should enter the right lane that will take him or her to the right destination. But because
of this particular driver who has been confused by the cell phone. He will find himself or
herself in a lane that is not of his or her desire and remembers changing a lane in a
superhighway is like inviting death to pay you a visit. This will for this particular soul to
go until when he or she comes to a roundabout. This would have caused a delay and waste
of fuel, because of only using cell phones. The delay may also be caused due to the driver
slow speeding mode that will be as a result of the multitasking nature of the cell phone and
the driving process, this can even cause a traffic jam in case the issue is on a busy road.
(Al-Nuaim, 2014) (page 100).
Those are the major problems that are caused by cell phone usage by drivers while driving.
Actually, the context in this paper is not to depict that cell phones are not important in our lives,
but to just show and warn people about the usage of cell phones most particularly while driving.
Solution to Problems caused by Cell Phone Usage while Driving
Cell Phone usage problems can be solved easily is and only if the drivers and the road users accept
to give them a solution. Drivers and Pedestrians are the main flag bearers of these problems (Scotti,
2007). They should commit themselves to the following and with no doubt, the problems would
be solved.
Switching off of Phones when driving
Switching off of cell phones while driving is the main factor that will help us solve the
entire problems that are associated with cell phone usage while driving. When these phones
are off or even not carried, the driver will not have even that mind of touching that phone
with an intention of either calling or chatting with someone. This will enable the driver to
have a maximum concentration to the road activities that are taking place-that is crossing
of the road by either pedestrians and animals. This will enable the driver to avoid the
accidents caused by emergent road crossers that will require the driver to apply an
emergency brake. Hence this will be a great solution to these problems.
Creation of Strict Traffic Rules to Cell Phone Usage While Driving
Another solution that will effectively clear these problems is the creation and amendment
of traffic rules that will govern the usage of cell phones by the drivers. This rule will be set
in a way that it will impose a large fine to the victims that will be found using Cell Phones
while driving, think the rule should also be applied to even pedestrians who use cell phones
on roads while walking since they may also cause them not to be careful while crossing the
road. This will make the two parties using the road to extraordinary careful in order to
make sure that the fine is not imposed on them (Sturnguist, 2006).
Advantages of the Solutions.
The solutions to the above problems are of various advantages since they will ensure that both
parties that are in the road conduct their activities without fear of losing anything because there is
a high level of order in the traffic process (Gravelle, 2005). The following are some of the
Reduced rates of accidents in roads
When the above solutions are put into practice, there will be a very big change in the
number of the cases registered. Most drivers and pedestrians will be so keen not to be found
in any of the wrong sides of the law. Take a case of where all drivers on roads have their
phones switched off, they will have a maximum concentration on the road, they will have
safe travels every day and that will have reduced the rate of accident cases reported.
Reduced death cases and property loss
When there are no cases of accidents registered on roads, actually there will be no cases of
property and life loss. A country will have health citizens that in return will be busy
working hard in their various places of work in order to help in developing the country may
directly and indirectly. When there are no accidents experienced, the roads remain in good
condition and no money is used in their repair thus the funds are used in the development
of other sectors.
A proper understanding of Traffic Rules
When these solutions are put into practice, that is that of the likes of traffic rules. Will make
most people learn the traffic rules and road signs in order to ensure that they are not found
on the wrong side of the law without them knowing. This will make most road users be
traffic officers of their own since they will be having the rules are signs at their fingertips.
In conclusion, those are the problems which are associated with the cell phones use while driving.
When these problems are tackled well, there will be no cases that will be reported that will be as a
result of cell phone usage. Cell Phones usage will be of great usages and not disasters. Actually,
the main role of these cell phones is to facilitate communication, offer entertainment-music, video
games and news, not causing trouble in our lives.
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