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Institutional Affiliation
Discussion Questions
Question One
A merger of this nature will increase the degree of responsibilities for a first line
manager. Apart from the high number of workers that the first manager will handle, this will
mean that the first line managers will have to witness varied personality and cultural affiliation.
For a first line manager, in this case, it is vital that to ensure that someone studies the culture of
the new hospital. When the number of employees increases, it means that the first line manager
will also have to deal with more employees who have different personality and cultural
orientations. What this means is that the first line manager has to acquire cultural awareness
skills. 
Question Two
a) Tell them what to do
The appropriate scenario to use this approach is in a case where the change involves
technical knowledge. When an organizational change is complicated, then, the
implementation team can guide the members on what to do.
However, it will be inappropriate to use this method in situations where the
change entails activities that are basic and do not require any sophisticated skills. In such
circumstances, employees may display resistance since it appears that their competency is
being underrated. 
b) Sell on them on what must be done
When the issue to be implemented is sensitive, then, the management needs to sell the
idea to the employees. One of those cases could include retrenchment or a change in the
administration (Gandolfi, 2013). The organization has to convince the workers about the
need to implement what might appear negative, but it is inevitable.
However, it will be inappropriate for the management to sell to the workers an
idea which is already in the public domain. When an issue has already reached the
workers, it means that the employees have already discussed and made up their minds
and as such selling the idea will be inconsequential.
c) Involve them in determining what is to be done
Participation is one of the methods that people use to ensure that they improve the level at
which employees respond positively to change. Some of the situations that are
appropriate to this method include scenarios when this method is applicable in cases
where the change is likely to alter significant activities of the organization.
However, it will be challenging to use this approach if the proposed change
requires quick decision-making process. When many people are involved in the
implementation of an organizational project, then this slows down the process. 
Question Three
a) Ranking of qualities
When ranking individual intelligence, conscientiousness in the performance of the task
and personal values, more focus should be on personal values. Personal values determine
the ability of a worker to respond positively to organizational culture (Noe et al., 2014).
The second factor should be conscientiousness since this is the output that a person can
generate. Lastly, individual intelligence will be the least consideration since in most cases
when someone is intelligent, it does not mean that he or she is a performer.
b) Use of integrity test
An integrity test is one of the measures that organizations use in determining if
employees abide by ethical conduct. I believe that since it is hard to determine the
intrinsic values of a worker, an integrity test will suffice in promoting morality at work.
c) Improvement of organizational performance
The ideal way of improving organizational performance is through ensuring that workers
are part of the decision-making process. When people are involved in sensitive operations
of an organization, they develop a sense of belonging, and they will be ready to take up
any role.
d) Rating of employees by supervisor
Courses on appraisal will be essential in ensuring that the supervisors provide measurable
comments that can make the management to understand ways in which to help the
assessed employees. When supervisors give vague comments, it becomes challenging for
the company to understand how to carry out restructuring.
e) Survey on the importance of pay
Most employees are likely to overstate the significance of pay to performance. As a result
of economic challenges, the value of money has surpassed things such as intrinsic needs
that make people work.
Gandolfi, F. (2013). Workforce downsizing: Strategies, archetypes, approaches and
tactics. Journal of Management Research, 13(2), 67.
Noe, R. A., Wilk, S. L., Mullen, E. J., & Wanek, J. E. (2014). Employee Development: Issues in
Construct Definition and Investigation ofAntecedents. Improving Training Effectiveness
in WorkOrganizations, ed. JK Ford, SWJ Kozlowski, K. Kraiger, E. Salas, and MS
Teachout (Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 1997), 153-189.

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