Engineering car oil change

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Writing Instructions
Changing the oil in your car is usually not hard unless it involves a situation where the
individual changing the oil is unable to reach the oil filter. The basics of changing the oil in the
car are unscrewing the plug and the filter and letting the oil drain out, and then the individual
should replace the plug and the filter and pour in some new oil (Chase, 23). This operation is
carried out to improve the performance of the car since with time, the oil breaks down, and the
filter becomes clogged with unwanted stuff.
Safety notice
Caution should be exercised when draining the hot oil
Do not be confused about the oil inlet and the transmission fluid inlet
Tools and material necessary
Safety glasses
Wrench sets
Surname 2
Oil filter
Nee Engine oil
Container to pour in the used oil
Oil filter gasket
Step-by-step instructions
Step 1: Jacking up the vehicle
Jack up the car and pull it into a space with level ground, unscrew the plug and clean the
drain plug
Step 2: Draining the engine oil
Locate and get rid of the oil plug by slackening it counter-clockwise
Position the oil bucket beneath the engine and wait until the grease drains out of the car