Environmental Student Action Plan

Environmental Student Action Plan
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Environmental Student Action Plan
In my view, nature equates to all that surrounds the physical world, which may involve
the forestry, wildlife, oceans, vegetation, seas, the atmosphere, the skies, and ultimately human
beings. I view nature in its purest form to be beautiful and magical and with all its elements
being interdependent. For example, the forests and the vegetation depend on rain form from
water bodies for growth while human beings depend on trees for oxygen, wild animals, on the
other hand, use vegetation for food and habitat. Left uninterrupted/ unaltered by external factors
nature can be self-dependent and progress on its own for years to come.
Yes, I do have a value of Nature. Arguably, human beings amount to the most populous
species that inhabit the world. Similarly, nature is an instrumental part of their survival. Briefly,
nature is paramount for human survival. It is imperative to mention that human beings derive
much of their basic needs from nature including food, shelter, and fresh air. Nature is also a
source of protection for human life. Availability of forest cover and vegetation, for instance,
protects human beings from soil erosions and floods. I also value nature based on its economic
value and intrinsic value, economically, nature provides for valuable minerals such as oil and
Gold. Intrinsically human species surround themselves with nature to retain calm, clear their
minds and reduce pain. Destruction of environment would, therefore, be detrimental to human
survival. Critical measures should, therefore, be put in place by the human race for the protection
nature protection.
Natural resources are an essential factor that supports human life as well as makes living
comfortable I, therefore, use natural resources towards furthering this cause. Notably, natural
resources that I commonly use in my day-to-day activities include;
a. Soil
b. Water
c. Oil and Natural gas
Soil supports agricultural practices for production of food. Mainly I use soil for irrigation
purposes such planting vegetables, flowers, and trees. The soil is a renewable natural resource
that can be used for centuries if well maintained and used for the right purposes. However, when
using soil, it is imperative to observe caution since while the healthy soil is readily available, it
takes time to form but its health can be lost very quickly. The second resource is water. Water is
used in a host of activities including cleaning, drinking, and irrigation. Moreover, water is used
to generate hydroelectric power used in our home for lighting. Furthermore, water is a renewable
clean natural resource with minimum waste and harm to the environment. Oil and natural gas is
the third natural resource that I am in contact. Oil is used in the refining of fuel used in motor
vehicles and airplanes thus easing transport. Oil and natural gas are however not renewable
sources. Identifying whether a natural resource is renewable or non-renewable is vital to
determine what effects using such resources bring to the environment. Furthermore able can
know how to minimize the adverse impact of non-renewable resources.
Based on the natural resources I use in my day to day activities consider my carbon
footprint to be positive. Soil, for example, is a renewable natural resource, to ensure the soil
remains healthy I employ several measures. First is the use of organic fertilizers during farming;
secondly, I use farming practices that reduce soil erosion to the minimum. On using water, I
endeavor to keep water sources clean and protected from contamination by chemical compounds
and sewage products. While Natural gas and oil may be a non-renewable resource with a
significant amount of negative carbon footprint, I endeavor to use vehicles with minimum
gaseous emission. I also encourage and champion for the use of public transit system to reduce
the percentage of gaseous emissions.
I believe that my use of natural resources positively affects the lives of other living things
across the globe. My protection of water bodies for examples serves to preserve aquatic life.
Similarly, protection and productive use of soil by use of organic materials do not disrupt the
lives of soil-living organisms. Ultimately my actions of ensuring I maintain a positive carbon
footprint serves to conserve nature, which is the backbone of all living species in the world.
In the recent years, nature has been heated by human species especially through
industrialization and deforestation that has to lead to effects detrimental to living organisms such
as climate change. It is therefore imperative to implement critical sustainability measures to
conserve flora and fauna (Conserve Energy Future, 2018). At a personal level, I have several
sustainability goals on environmental protection. Firstly is to embrace the three Rs of
environment conservation Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
Reduce encourages the minimization non-renewable waste generated by human activity.
Those above can be achieved by reducing the amounts of plastic waste used. I will champion for
the change of packaging materials from plastics to decomposable materials. Furthermore, I will
encourage the use of sacks for shopping instead of using plastic paper bags. Notably, we could
embrace the use of computers for documentation and record keeping as opposed to paper
documents, which litter the environment due to poor disposal methods. Reuse, on the other hand,
entails recycling of purchased materials as opposed to disposal. Distinctly most of the commonly
used products are reusable, for instance, coffee cans, and shoe boxes. Such materials can be
reused to store commodities back at home. The third R is recycling. While it may be challenging
to eliminate plastic, I will encourage for the practice of recycling materials such as aluminum
cans, plastic cans to promote a positive carbon culture.
Second sustainability goal is conservation and prudent use of water. Water bodies span
for over 70% of the globe despite this fact only 3% of this water is suitable for human
conservation. To conserve this scarce natural resource, several measures are critical. One is I will
campaign for diligence in ensuring running taps are closed after use and secondly campaign for
the utilization of gray water for activities such as gardening. Most importantly, I will champion
water harvesting and storage; I will encourage the use of machines that have high-water
efficiencies such as flush toilets, and washing machines.
Thirdly is the adoption of the Go Green culture. The Go Green culture advocates for the
planting and conservation forests as a way of environment protection. Trees, bring myriad
benefits among them oxygen and attraction rain. Under the Go Green, culture is the use of
renewable sources. With resources such as natural gas and coal being on the decline, there is
need to explore environmental favorable but reliable sources of energy (Jain, 2017). Alternative
sources that I will adopt and advocate for them to be embraced includes the use of bio-fuels,
hydroelectric power, and harnessing of solar energy which are carbon positive. Lastly but most
importantly is to create awareness among the human species on the dangers of increased
pollution to the environment such awareness would also including educating the masses through
mainstream media, print media, and social media. Environment pollution is not a prediction but a
reality, my timeline is, therefore, to implement my sustainability goals in the present moment.
Conserve Energy Future. (2018). What is Sustainable Development? Retrieved March 6th, 2018,
from Conserve Energy Future: https://www.conserve-energy-future.com/what-is-
Jain, J. (2017). 10 Important things you can do to Conserve Natural Resources. Retrieved March
6th, 2018, from Listovative: https://listovative.com/10-important-things-you-can-do-to-

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