Family Health Assessment

Family Health Assessment
Family Health Assessment
A family health assessment helps to formulate a care plan for the family based on their
needs. To assess the family chosen, family focused open ended questions were used based on
eleven functional health patterns. Gordon’s functional health patterns help to assist in data
collection and development of wellness nursing diagnosis and interventions for the family. In
further detail the summarized findings of each health pattern and wellness nursing diagnoses
based on the family’s individual health assessment, will be discussed.
The family interviewed was a couple that has been married for thirteen years and have
three children. The father is thirty-six years old, the mother is thirty-four years old and their
children’s ages are fifteen, eleven and ten. The father works as a support technician for a factory,
the mother is currently attending nursing school and the three children attend public schools.
Values/ Health Perception
The family health assessment started with the values, health perception pattern. The
family went over different health practices, habits and improving health. The family described
their health status as not the best. The parents expressed not feeling like good role models for
their children, due to both parents being obese. Currently to maintain their health, the kids are
active in sports including volleyball, football and basketball. To improve their health, mom is
currently attending the medical weight loss clinic and the father is active at work and looking
into a gym membership. The mother and father mutually agreed a family goal that is attainable is
weight loss and eating healthier over the next year. The family maintains values through mutual
respect, flexibility and spending time together.
Based on nutritional pattern, the family stated that they have three meals a day and do not
watch calorie intake. At dinner the children eat together at the dining room table with the
television on and mom and dad eat in the living room with the television on. The majority of the
meals they consume are home cooked, every meal includes a veggie and fruit is eaten as a snack
every now and then. Their two favorite meals are tacos with rice and corn and lasagna. The
beverages consumed most in the house are water, Kool-Aid and diet caffeine free sodas.
Wellness Diagnosis: Readiness for Enhanced Nutritional Metabolic Pattern (Weber, 2005).
Sleep /Rest
The family described their sleep/rest patterns as usually getting adequate sleep. The
children do not have routine bedtimes and go to sleep typically before 10:30pm and wake up at
6am for school. The father works third shift but when he is home his snoring keeps his wife
awake. The mother described some family techniques used to relax before bed includes watching
television and showering before bed.
When asked the question related to elimination pattern, the parents stated that all family
members have normal bowel and bladder patterns. The mother stated that her bladder pattern is
pretty frequent due to increased water intake requirements for the weight loss clinic. The family
stated that there are no health conditions or problems with bowel or bladder elimination.
Based on activity and exercise patterns, the parents stated that the children are physically
active in recreational sports several times a week and play outside frequently. The parents
currently are not actively exercising but are researching gym memberships. Both parents
expressed knee problems, which can cause physical limitation with certain exercises and
activities. The family stated that screen-viewing activities are frequently incorporated into their
daily routines. The mom estimates out of a twenty-four hour day, they use a combination of
computers, cell phones and video games, a total of twelve hours a day.
Wellness Diagnosis: Readiness for Enhanced Activity-Exercise Pattern (Weber, 2005).
Based on the cognitive pattern assessment, the family remains up to date on information
through attending annual physicals, routine dental and vision checkups. The family stays up to
date with immunizations and annual flu vaccines. On average the family uses their primary
doctor’s office for health maintenance and when medical attention is needed due to being really
sick, fever or not getting better.
In terms of sensory perception patterns, the family expressed that they did not have any
sensory deficits. The family also stated that currently there are no diseases that have led to
sensory loss in their family. They all use their senses appropriately to absorb information.
The questions based on self perception pattern, revealed that the family participates in the
children’s school activities and keeps good relationships with close neighbors. The family feels
that their life in general could be going better. Currently some challenges for the family are that
the mother is trying to complete school, take care of children, have family time and plan meals.
As for overall appearance, the family feels that they all look well and put together, but they could
all feel better and wish that physically the mother and father could do more.
Role Relationship
Based on roles and relationship patterns, the family has ok relationships with friends,
family and coworkers. They stated that it is difficult to get together with others outside of their
immediate family due to everyone’s busy schedules. The family communicates and resolves
issues within the family by having a family meeting at the dining room table and talking about
the problem, the children can voice their concerns but the mother and father have the final say.
The household tasks are divided amongst the family members by days of the week. The children
do some chores Sunday through Friday, the mother does housework Saturday and Sunday and
the father and son complete the outside yard work.
In terms of sexuality pattern, the assessment was more focused on the parents. They
mutually agreed that their love life is satisfying and they are very happy with one another. The
only dissatisfaction in their love life is that they wish they had more time together, this is a
challenge because the husband works third shift. A current practice of theirs for maintaining a
healthy love life is having date lunches while the kids are at school.
Based on the coping pattern, the family stated that they cope with stress well as a family.
Some of the current stressors in their family are the father working third shift and the mother
attending nursing school. They have open communication, talk a lot and everyone helps out
when they need to. The family’s current support system is each other and their grandmother. The
wife stated that her family is very good about stepping up to help her make it through finals for
school. Typically her mother will bring meals over for the family, when she is having a stressful
semester in school. The family stated that they solve problems best by addressing them right
away and having a meeting together at the dining room table to talk about the problem.
In conclusion, a family health assessment helps the nurse plan and prepare for appropriate
interventions based on the assessment results. Through using the assessment patterns and
establishing a process to help motivate the family interviewed to improve their health, the nurse
was able to develop wellness diagnoses that were focused to help the family. Gordon’s eleven
functional health patterns are a great tool in gathering accurate family health assessments.
Weber, J. (2005). Nursing Diagnoses (Wellness, Risk, and Actual) Grouped According to
Functional Health. [PDF]. Retrieved from

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