Family of Woodstock

Family of Woodstock
There are several factors that largely contributed to the creation of the Family of
Woodstock by its founders. This paper will explore widely on these factors and also the capacity
and ability of the Family of Woodstock in meeting the needs of the community (Burger, 2013).
The paper will also discuss the Family’s values, beliefs as well as attitudes and how these have
gone through metamorphosis over its 40 years in operation in the service to the community and
generally how specialization is slowly evolving as a trend when it comes to the delivery of
human services.
The Family of Woodstock which is basically an agency which offers social service to
members of the community (and to a great extent to the public at large) came into being when a
few individuals who later came to be known as its founding members felt that the Woodstock
Festival took place too far away from where they lived (approximately 100 miles). This long
distance away from home they felt provided an opportunity for starting a social service agency
which was derived at bringing assistance and convenience to the members of the community in
desperate need of the services. It was quite a hurdle to jump for those individuals and families
who attended the Woodstock Festival as they had nowhere to sleep they were forced to sleep
out in the cold in the parks, the inability to carry food to the festival drove them fight the hunger
they felt by scavenging for food since they were only able to carry little food and belongings to
the festival. The little food they were able to carry soon ran out and hunger eventually set in.
Instead of taking part in the festival, those who attended ended up searching for food, cloth and
shelter. There were no shelters and so their only hope was to sleep out in the open parks. The
community kick started the agency by coming together and one member/resident gave out her
home together with a telephone service to the attendees to protect them from arrest due to their
roaming around the festival grounds. With this, the Family of Woodstock was born! It drafted
down its mission and vision which reads, thus; “to provide confidential and fully accessible crisis
intervention, information, prevention, and support services to address the needs of individuals
and families. The scope of the agency’s vision allows us to bring to bear resources to address a
broad spectrum of human problems.” A total commitment was expected from the members of
staff at the Family and confidentiality was paramount. Instead of passing judgment to those who
came forward seeking assistance at the Family, the staff was required to encourage them towards
making positive choices which went along way in helping them. After listening and
encouragement, the staff then linked them with existing agencies which were designed to assist
and offer help of the kind that was required. In the event that no agency was available to assist
those who came forward seeking such assistance, it was the prerogative of the staff of the Family
of Woodstock to assist these individuals. The Family of Woodstock has grown in leaps and
bounds to become one of the leading agencies offering agency services to families as well as
individuals coming forward seeking assistance in the areas of domestic violence,
child/adolescence support, homeless people and generally services of emergency nature. If it
was to be rated in service delivery, surely this agency has certainly met its mandate of offering
these important service to the community hence meeting their needs not only to the
surrounding community, but far and wide. A number of shelter and house programs are a delight
of the agency. They include the Family House whose doors are open for the runaway youth and
those who are homeless. The Family Inn is directed at offering assistance to the homeless
families and lastly the Darmstadt Shelter for the Homeless comprising of those in the various
recovery stages men and women inclusive.
The Family of Woodstock holds the homeless adolescents close to their ‘heart’. When
the time comes for the adolescents to transition from homelessness for them and their children (if
they happen to have any) to residences suitable for their living is undertaken by the agency.
Child care programs, management services for substance abusers (both adults and the young),
victims of domestic abuse are all consolidated under the agencies service to the community.
These services also extend to the general public.
It is a known fact that through growth, change is inevitable. The Family of Woodstock is
no different when it comes to embracing change. For over 40 years, the family as mentioned
before has continued to grow and expand. This means that its values, attitudes and belief have
also slightly shifted. However, the initial concepts (three) while starting the agency have
continued being applied religiously to it while providing its services to the community and the
larger public.
During its formation, the founding members did not look at the agency as a money-
making organization but was only committed to the well-being of the community. This
commitment still stands to date, only that the commitment has now expanded to factor in more
and more individuals as well as families who require such services (Schmolling, 1985). Looking
back, the original client happened to be those individuals who attended the Woodstock Festival,
fast forward today’s clients include the community’s residents but some members from the
original client base or their families may also be included in today’s individuals benefiting from
the agency.
Moving forward and especially when it comes to human service delivery, specialization
ranks top followed closely by innovation. Specialization looks at todays delivery of outcomes
by agencies while preparing for the future. It is imperative to embrace change in terms of
technology, culture and other processes in order to be able to deliver in future services that are of
high quality and cost effective. While formulating change for non-profit organizations, the
leaders have to look at the position the agency holds and ensure that the change being carried out
impacts greatly when it comes to the services being delivered to the members of the community.
To conclude this paper, The Family of Woodstock is seen to have embraced change
over the years. The talents and abilities provided by the staff who initially were directed at
helping the original clientele individuals who attended the Woodstock Festival to wide
expansion of the agency to provide services to other members of the community. That is to say,
the agency grew and expanded from serving the original clientele and through success achieved
and its outcomes, using this as a pivotal point.
Burger, W. (2013). Human Services in Contemporary America (Introduction to Human
Edition. Brooks Cole
Schmolling, P. (1985). Human Services in Contemporary America. Thomson Brooks/Cole

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