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Feasibility Report

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Feasibility Report
Medical social work also referred to as hospital social work is a social work sub-
discipline. Basically, medical social workers are people who labor in various medical sectors like
hospices or long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, community health agencies,
outpatient clinics or even hospitals. They offer psychosocial help to patients and those affected
by the patient’s situation like the family members and friends where necessary. They do
assessments on the patients’ and families’ psychosocial functioning and intercede as necessary to
rectify the situation (Banks, 2012). Some of the necessary interventions that are applied by social
workers in order to help the affected patients and families include connecting them to essential
support and resources in the community.
There are various ways of connecting the victims to essential support and resources in the
community including facilitating patients to strengthen and expand their network of social
supports, providing supportive counseling, providing grief psychoanalysis and providing
psychotherapy. The main duty of a hospital social worker is to reestablish balance in the life of
an individual the social life and the families too. This helps in assisting the victims to have a
quicker recovery from illnesses. It also helps in strengthening the victim and giving him/her the
ability to reintegrate and adapt to the society. The professional medical social workers work in
collaboration with other disciplines such as speech recreational therapy, occupational therapy,
physical therapy, nursing, and medicine.
Medical social workers specialize in mental health care, inpatient medical, palliative,
geriatric and public health. Mainly, they are found in medical settings like rehabilitative care
centers, nursing homes, and related home-care services. Some professional hospital social
workers decide to specialize in a specific area. For example, a medical social worker can
specialize in serving patients that are awaiting transplants or babies receiving neonatal care.
Those who don’t specialize normally serve a large diversity of patients with different medical
issues. Examples of instances that medical social workers are involved include suicidality,
medication adherence and management, independent living resources, homelessness, end of life
decisions, catastrophic disability and terminal illnesses.
Core Social Work Values
As a social worker, there are certain values that assist an individual in order to cope with
the many challenges of oppression and vulnerable issues. Human relations, social justice,
compassionate service, individual dignity, and integrity are some of the main principles. The
core principles are characteristic of the efficiency of activities that concern social work and
agendas. The purposes of core values in medical social work include guidance of the practices
experienced in the social work. Summarizing the ethical principles that are used to establish
standards of professionalism and also establishing a moral foundation of medical social workers.
These principles assist medical social workers in identifying legal conflicts of interest and
professional obligations (Banks, 2012). These principles are public standards that relate the
public to social workers during their interaction and can be used to hold them accountable for
Giving services to people who are in need is the primary goal of a social worker. It is a
public service that resolves and manages the numerous medical social problems. Medical social
workers must recognize and put serving the public before their personal gains and self-interests.
All social workers campaign for social justice. Social injustice happens when the society or
individuals dehumanizes or degrades some people in the society. A medical social worker should
value the dignity of every victim that appears. Treating a psychological victim in a respective
and compassionate way is a way of recognizes ethnic diversity, cultural norms, and individual
differences. Clients should be socially promoted, in order to boost self-determination.
Social workers strive to increase their clients’ capability to change, address their own needs and
become self-reliant. Social workers are always aware that they are simultaneously responsible to
their clients, the law, and their organization. They resolve conflicts between clients and society
in ways that are respectful and socially responsible.
In the book of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” medical social work values were
neglected. This led to worsened health situation for the character Henrietta. It also caused Post-
Traumatic Stress Disorders to the family members. Henrietta Lacks raised numerous queries
about human rights and medical ethics subjects. Henrietta has not informed that her sample cells
that were taken for study during her first cancer treatment. She was also not informed that all the
treatment she was getting would turn her infertile. These medical misbehaviors were uncultured
but were common at those times. There never existed any law that required doctors to ask for
tissue samples from patients. There was this assumption that doctors and social workers had the
knowledge of the possible outcomes of the patients when making decisions and performing
procedures. The medical social workers also felt that it would be fair to use some black patients
like Henrietta for the experiment since they were receiving treatment for free. In other occasions,
medical ethics were highly abused in the book. An example of such a scenario is when Dr.
Southam injected weak and ill patients with cancer cells to experiment the strength of their
immune system in fighting the disease. This would have led to serious effects on the victims.
Challenges in Mental Health Social Work
More than 50% of the mental health care specialists are composed of clinical social
workers. This is according to statistics undertaken by the National Association of Social
Workers. Majority of the patients that experience mental health problems need utmost support
since they experience very challenging moments in their life. Research has shown that one in
every five teens and one in every four American adults experience mental sickness. Mental
illnesses do not necessarily mean that an individual is not of a sober mind. There are several
ranges of mental health disorders which include substance use, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and
major mental sickness. The work of medical social workers to such patients is to assess the
patients, discover their level and type of illness and provide treatment to these individuals.
Social workers’ impact on clients and communities
Students that do not perform well in school can work with a social worker to find out and
resolve the causing problems. The strengths and challenges of the learning environment are
assessed by the social worker in order to evaluate the possible reasons for poor performance. The
environmental factors, social interactions and academic performance of the student are analyzed.
Social workers induce knowledge that aid in implementing a therapeutic and academic
educational plan. During the war, veterans tend to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
According to the national center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, 20 percent of the soldiers
who survived form Iraq and Afghanistan were suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
The soldiers who went back home from Vietnam rated 31% of them having the Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder. The victims of this disorder continually remember the traumatic events that
happened during the war. The results of this to the victims include thoughts of suicide,
depression, anxiety, and stress. In such a situation, a social worker is assessed, treats and refers
the patients to the appropriate resources. These unique challenges should be understood when
handling the patient.
Drug and alcohol addiction is a problematic issue in the society. Drug and alcohol addicts
affect their families and may even make negative impacts on the society they live in. Victims
often fail to function and work properly in school and job areas. In this situation, medical social
workers evaluate the challenging substance use symptoms and find ways to treat it. Appropriate
referrals and programs are advised (Banks, 2012). Family counseling and other aftercare
services are also provided.
Macro, Mezzo and Micro-social work
There are three categories of social work. These include micro, mezzo, and macro. Macro
social work involves interferences delivered on a large scale hence affecting the larger system of
care and the entire community. On the other hand, the micro-social work is generally the most
common. It happens specifically to an individual family or client. Lastly, the mezzo social work
occurs on an immediate scale. These involve institutions, neighborhoods and other smaller
groups. Examples of mezzo social practices include management of a social work organization,
community organizing. The different levels of social work often influence and overlap each
other. The distinctions between the different social work approach since they are equally crucial.
With micro social work being the most common kind of social work, the social worker
involves individuals and families to solve various issues. An example of a micro social situation
includes an individual seeking help to find suitable health care, social services or even housing.
Individual and family counseling often fall under the patronages of micro social works. The
same is applied to individual and families that need assistance in substance abuse problems and
mental health conditions. Other micro-practices in social work include military social work
where social workers assist the soldiers to manage the challenges that go together with the life in
the military. They are also informed of the benefits entitled to them by the army services and
how to utilize them. Majority of the medical social workers are involved in the micro practice
followed by mezzo practices (Rubin & Babbie, 2007). Majority of the social workers that are
more ambitious in macro level practices. Many social workers engage in micro and mezzo
practice simultaneously. Even the most ambitious macro-level interventions have their roots in
the conversations between a single social worker and a single client.
The macro-social work practices involve the determination in offering help to clients in large
systems. Some of the examples include advocating for large-scale social policy change,
organizing a statewide activist group and lobbying to change a health care law. Macro social
work is a key distinction between other helping professions like psychiatric therapy and social
work (Saleebey, 2012). Generally, the issues addressed in micro and mezzo practices are
addressed in the macro social work. Social work research is also addressed at this level. The
process of empowering clients involves involving them in systematic changes.
Medical social work in book’s script
In the book of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”, there were several characters that need a
social worker’s help. The book began as an exploration of some medical miracle. It later turned
out to be a fascinating, emotional story about racialism, painful experiences of a straggling
family and an emotional story about racialism. The most distinguished themes were noted from
the author’s science writing and dealing with ethical matters of class and race in medicinal
research. The problems of sexism, classism, and racism experienced in the modern world are
important in understanding the Henrietta Lacks narrative the main character in “The Immortal
Life of Henrietta Lacks”. Henrietta was a black woman who was poor and not well educated.
During her life, Henrietta had, in essence, no say in her medical care. She just followed the
doctor’s words and had the faith that she would get well. This was despite the tremendous
psychological and physical pain that her cancer treatments put her through (Saleebey, 2012). The
doctors neglected her and always failed to give her information about the disease. They even
failed to inform her that the cancer treatment she was undertaking would make her infertile. The
whites believed that a black woman didn’t have the capacity to understand their decisions.
Developing a professional social work identity
In social work, empathy is a vital skill that enables a social worker to understand the
service’s experience to enable helping people effectively. Basically, individual respond to
distress and stress depending on the experiences that they have had how they tackled them . If a
client experiences a difference between the two, the response is likely to be misunderstood. The
reason for distress may also be misinterpreted. This can make practitioners to worsen the
situation by reacting unhelpfully. Developing empathy helps in understanding the feelings and
experiences of others.
Social work concern itself with communities, groups, families, and individuals with an
agenda to enhance the societal wellbeing and enhance social functioning. When social roles are
performed in a proper manner and the operational institutions are provided to sustain them, the
community grows and promotes productivity. Social work applies economics, law, community
development, public health, political science, psychology, sociology and social sciences.
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