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How to get ahead in advertising
The movie is about a brilliant young executive who is an advertiser by the name Dennis
Dimbley Bagley. He is the main character that has featured the movie where he seems to be the
best in advertising in the company. He has a loving wife by the name Julia who takes care of him
even though he seems quite off of late ever since he had a boil. All these happen where he had a
challenge in coming up with a slogan to sell a pimple cream. As he walks in the office and on the
streets, he quite seems to be afraid of boils.
As Dennis was still working, he found out that he had a boil on his neck. It seemed to
pain him at times whenever he was in a conversation. At this time, the boil was small, and he has
still started freaking out as he did not know what to do to cure the boil. At night in their bedroom
with his wife, he seemed to be focused mostly on how to end the boil. He applied all sort of
medication, but still, the boil continued to grow bigger as the day went by. Her wife advised him
to relax and she would call the doctor in the morning although he still stayed focused on his
work. It is evidently true that he loves his job in advertising and laughing new products.
Everything got out of hand when one morning he went up to the mirror in the washrooms
and saw the boils talking to him. He got frightened and fell in astonishment. He then ran to the
kitchen screaming where he found his wife preparing breakfast. She tried to cool him down
advising him that it was just a dream which he almost believed was true it was until when she
called the doctor that she believed that the boil was normal and that she should try and listen to
what the boil will say so that they could remove it. The story has used the theme of imagination
where the doctor also believes that the boil talking, is a normal thing.
It reaches a point where Mr Dennis had accepted all these and he was even trying to hide
the boil from the rest of the people. He hides it by ensuring that it stays rubbed with a cloth and
whenever it spoke he pressed his hand against the boil so that people could hear it speaking. The
boil had made Dennis at some point contradict his statements and we can see how he tries to
explain himself to her wife although the wife ends up being confused who is speaking and who
to trust. She did not understand why all this was happening although she thought that the
husband was almost breaking down due to exhaustion of his work
After Dennis came out of hospital it was not him but the boil. Julia, her wife, having been
married for seven years now definitely saw something was different as Dennis had changed a lot.
It is evident where we can see her telling her friend how she has been sexual of late ever since
she came out of the hospital. Also, she noticed something is different when she realised that the
boil was not talking anymore and everything did not make sense to her among other behaviors he
had like wishing that she had pimples. Funny enough her wife thinks that the problem with
Dennis it that her husband has been worked out in his job and nearly had a breakdown.
The boil eventually took over Dennis and he went back to work. It surprises the other
core workers where he points out that for pimple cream to grow and sell, they should encourage
boils and pimples. When he got out of the hospital, the boil was in control and it conducted
things as if it were Dennis. The boil laughed at Dennis while he was shaving in the bathroom
threatening how he intends to ruin things. The boil was eventually happy for being in control as
it saw Dennis as a piece of garbage and wanted to eliminate him. The film has had a turn of
events with imagination where there was a point where Dennis was in control and now it was the
boil which was in control. One of the threats the boil made was making Julia pregnant and this
made Dennis want to kill the boil. Although at this time Dennis was hurt since he was the one
who was operated on after the boil changed positions with Dennis and Dennis became the boil.
It was until that Julia realised that something was not well when she had the boil saying
that Dennis carries a briefcase which was not true since Julia knew that Dennis never carried a
briefcase. During the middle of the night after having realised that it has been days since the boil
spoke, she took a vacuum cleaner pipe and used it to communicate with the boil to enquire where
he hid the briefcase. The plan to use the pipe did not work hence she sort to search for it. It was
until when she found the briefcase in the back of the car. One of the things that made Julia think
that Dennis was not himself is that he had started loving boils to the extent of even putting a
sticker at the back of the car which stated: "I love boils". In the briefcase, Julie found a video
As soon as she started playing the cassette, Dennis woke up and found her watching. All
these seemed to upset Julia since she was confused as she does not know what is going on. In the
video, she found a recording of Dennis which he recorded. If you view it closely, the recording is
talking and warning Julia. Julia noticed that the boil called Dennis in the video as "him" and she
noticed that Dennis had changed a lot in the previous days. The boil refused Julia to continue
watching the video and Julia became angry. It was at this point where Julia decided to leave the
boil even though she thought it was hard leaving him. All Dennis wanted was the truth, yet the
boils didn't want the truth to be said since he loved everything that Dennis had. Dennis was
happy to know that Julia has left and she would be happy and safe if she left.
The story has brought about the theme of imagination where it seems normal to the
characters that the boil is normal despite being big and that it can talk. The story is also
humorous where through bringing out the theme of imagination the boil seems to see the world
in a different perspective that Dennis does not see. It is absurd that it's only Dennis who can see
the true face of the boil although the other characters can hear it speak. Whenever it speaks, it
has contradicted a lot of characters including the wife of Dennis where she at times thinks that it
is the Dennis who is speaking, but in the real sense it is the boil.
Incredible shrinking woman
The incredible shrinking Woman is a comedy film which is has revolved around Pat
Kramer who is the main character. Her husband Vance Kramer is hardworking and caring for her
wife and her two children. The topic incredible shrinking woman came about where Pat has been
shrinking throughout the film as days went by. It has contradicted a lot of people in the film
where they have never seen something like this before. Pat shrinking eventually makes her
famous even though she did not know what was going wrong with her in the beginning.
All these events started when her husband came from work that day and brought presents
to their children. Vance works in an advertising company where he is good at what he does. He
is hard working where at the beginning we can see how he marketed the products without
minding the different comments that people have about the product he is marketing. On that
night he came home with perfume to show her a new product to be released in the market. As
soon as the children had gone to bed and they were off to sleep they started drinking wine. As
Vance was showing her husband the perfume, the perfume accidentally spilt on her. She went to
change the clothes so that they could go to sleep. After this scenario, it's all where things started
to go strange.
As Vance was bust in a meeting at his job, he got an urgent call from her wife which
forced him to rush outside to receive it. Surprisingly, Pat was enquiring if he had taken the
blouse that she had worn last night to the cleaner since she did not find it and she thought that it
had disappeared. She also mentioned that her fingernails seemed shorter to her than they seemed
to her last night. Vance saw that it was not that urgent to speak such matters in the middle of a
meeting and told her that they could talk about all this as soon he went to back home.
That night there was a celebration for the neighborhood and Vance brought Pat flowers
and therefore Pat did not bring the topic about the fingernails and the blouse up. As days when
by Pat realized that she was growing smaller every day and after she told her husband, they
decided to go to see the doctor. After the doctor conducted a lot of tests and taking her x-ray and
comparing from the previous days, there nothing that explained anything about the reason
everything was happenings. No medical explanation explained the cause to the reduction in size
and it was when the doctor sent her to Kleinman Institute for the study of unexplained
phenomena where they were the one who would find the problem or the cause.
It was there that they conducted all sorts of tests in her body to identify the cause of the
incidence. The film has also used the theme of imagination it is normal for all living things to
increase and grow at a normal rate although in the film they have brought out the theme where
instead of Pat growing normally, she has continued to shrink. To make the matter even more
surprising is that Pat reduced in size as the day went by. After all those of tests, the doctors
conducted they found no direct reason as to why she was shrinking but they said it was due to the
products that she used at home. She used a lot of products which could be the reason although
they said they would work on finding the antidote.
Shrinking continues to an extent where even her marriage ring fell from her finger. After
weeks proceeded, she still had not gotten the antidote and she was even frightened if they will
still find her before they found the antidote. Pat became famous as days went by as she continued
to shrink as time passed on. Vance and everyone tried to do everything they could do to assist
but nothing was there to be done. It became a challenge for Pat to even explain to her children to
what was happening to her, she just told her that whatever was happening to her was just an
accident and nothing like this would happen to them.
She became famous and the whole world started asking the reason as to why she is
shrinking but they did not have the answers. She knew the reason but her husband advised her
that she should keep it as a secret as Vance's boss told Vance that it would result in a lot of loses
to the company. Although it was a selfish act, she saw it wise to her not telling the world the
reason for her to shrink. When she was asked on the television what the reason was to her
shrinking, she lied by stating that it had not yet been identified.
It was until when she discovered that she was being spied on. This was when Dr Nortz
arranged her kidnap to use Pat to destroy the world. After she disappeared, everyone thought that
she had died since she was missing where they even conducted a burial. Dr Eugene Nortz had
planned to take her blood and use it to research and destroy the world by shrinking everyone. It
was during a turn of events where she lucky escaped the kidnap and got a chance to speak to the
press and finally see her family for the last time. During her last moments, she warned the people
about the products as nobody wanted to shrink and disappear.
The story has brought out the theme of imagination where the Vance and Pat believed
that shrinking was a result of the products which Vance brought home which is true. Imagination
has been used to show how all these generating products that were produced had terrible side
effects and they all needed to be cautious with them. The act of shrinking to a human being
surprised a lot of people and all what they kept asking themselves was what could be the reason.
The theme of imagination has been used make us believe that there are chemicals that can bring
an effect of shrinking to humans. The story unfortunately ended up sadly where Pat vanished in
the thin air.
Both of the stories happen to share some similarities where we happen to see that in both
the theme of imagination has been brought about although in different perspectives. Both the
films are acted out of an imagination which is something that cannot possibly happen in the real
world where for example it is not possible for a boil to talk and on the other side it is not possible
for a human being to shrink in size. The two movies are interesting as they have been produced
to entertain and depict fantasy which has been greatly achieved.
The theme of imagination having been brought out of the two films enables it us to learn
and become more creative. Imagining that a boil can overcome a human being and still play a
role as a human being is a great imagination as well as someone shrinking. They also both
portray a picture that has been acted to reality and have brought an image where one can imagine
it's true and even relate to it whenever someone sees a boil, he or she might think it will speak.
Also, if someone might have spilt by a chemical, he or she might think that they will start
The theme of imagination in both the film has reflected on the class by improving their
creativity. Both of the films takes one from the real world and sets the mind of the reader to a
world of fantasy. For someone to watch a movie of how his or her life got taken away by a boil
and the person having to be the boil himself is an imagination that has impacted the class to
creativity. Similarly on the incredible shrinking woman, one would not imagine that there is a
chemical that can be applied to a human and then start increasing in size.
The theme of imagination has also been used in both o the stories to warn us to be careful with
some of the things such as chemicals as they might have a fatal effect to the body. Even though
it’s not necessarily that one might shrink but it has been acted to warn that chemicals can be
dangerous. Also, they have warned us that it’s not always good to use new products in the
market since they might have a negative effect on you and no one would be there to blame since
our bodies react differently from others. The theme of imagination similarly has been used to
warn us not to ignore boils and pimples since at times they might be infectious or fatal and
therefor it has warned us that it’s wise to visit the doctor before it has grown big.
Generally, the theme of imagination has been used in both of the films to bring out an educative
prospective to the class and also, to entertain since there has been numerous scenes where humor
has been used in both of the movies.

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