Final Peer Review

Running Head: Final Peer Review.
Final Peer Review
Final Peer Review 2
Final Peer Review
This final peer review report is the evaluation of the findings done by a group of
people. This peer review helps to report about well-being and how the company is
progressing. It also helps one to know the issues that arise in the company and what solution
to be taken in place to avoid it happening in the future.
To: Johan Ruberia
Your report is excellent as in the introduction you were able to address the problem
and who did the challenge. Your story also reveals the process you go through to identify the
suspects and why the named suspects were mentioned as the main suspects to be investigated.
You were also able to show the steps you undergo to get the evidence if the named suspects
were involved in the fraud, as you were able to tell us you use interviews and social media
We can see the evidence from the relevant person who was in collaboration with the
suspect. In your report, you were able to give us a recommendation on how to garb up with
the issues and the places where the company should concentrate on during auditing.
Finally, in your report, we are not able to see the shortcoming and problems you
encounter during your investigations. We need to know also if the people you involved in the
survey were in cooperation with you. Give us the issues you face in your investigation.
To: S. Deal
In the introduction of your report, you were able to give us what it is about; you were
able to provide us with the findings you get in your report. Also, you identify the people who
you investigated in the investigation. You were able to identify how the suspects committed
the fraud, why you think the fraud could be committed in different ways and why you choose
to investigate on the suspects and not others. In your, you give out the necessary
recommendation regarding the problem.
Final Peer Review 3
Although you give us the findings, we were not able to see the steps you followed in
interviewing the suspects. In your findings, you told us about the lavish style of some
members which we think it is not relevant in your report. Also, your report is so long which
can make someone not to get information as first as possible. Please summarize your report
as much as possible.
To: Alia Gridley
You report average as in the introduction you were able to tell us what the report is all
about also you were able to summarize all the roles of the management roles. You were able
to give us the recommendations that will strengthen the company. Your introduction was as
short and precise; you were able to tell us what you use to analyze the fraud.
In your report, you use the evidence where you did not tell us where it came from.
The committee needs to know where you get the evidence and steps you used to get them. In
your report, you mentioned the social media activities which we feel it was not helpful in
analyzing fraud as social media activities do not have any relationship with fraud. In the next
report, please try to get your evidence and where you get them from.
To: Cor Reiners
You seem to have a rough idea about them as you were reporting about. You were able to
tell us about the fraud in the company. You give us investigation and the procedures you use
to get your findings and the background checks. You were able to give us how the fraud was
committed and the people they committed. You also give the recommendations on how to
improve the control of access of inventory control.
The board wants to know how and where you get a conclusion about inventory
discrepancies. They also want to know why you decided to interview the people you also
mentioned they also want to know the procedure you use in approaching them for the
Final Peer Review 4
interview. Also, your introduction is too long please try to make it short to the point and try to
paraphrase you paragraph they are too long.
To: Juan Matam
The introduction of your report can give us the findings of why there was short in
inventory records compared to records as well as the people who committed the fraud; you
give us how the fraud was committed. In your introduction, you just concluded your findings,
and it can drive us to where you get your conclusions from and procedure you use to get
Your recommendations on the fraud problem only give a solution to one problem, and
you did not give us how to eliminate others that bring about the inventory control.
The board management wants to know where the findings come from. Also, they need
to know the procedure you use to select the members you interviewed with. They also need to
get more recommendation from you on how to improve the company. I suggest you improve
on your format of giving out a report, as you did not use the formal way. Try to make your
report as short as possible to be more understandable where one can depict information with
Due to the occurrence of fraud in companies, the companies should be registered as a
limited company, where an individual is given a limited fixed of the sum that must be able to
invest in the company. When the company is a limited liability, it will be responsible for any
loss and will be sued if it does not meet the specifications standards required rather than an
individual. This will able to protect the innocent members of the company from being
vacated. Also, members have legal rights to create their management according to their
flexibility if it meets states law.
Final Peer Review 5
The final report helps company management to identify the problems in the in the company
and find the necessary solution to garb up with them in the future to enable the company to
runs smoothly. Final reports identify those involved in mismanagement process and being
removed from the management progress.

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