Finance Venturing Planning

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Finance Venturing Planning
Costs Analysis for the Two Film Cases
Starting a business needs ressources to be amassed for effective initiation and subsequent
successful venture. In this task, two business enterprises will be using their entreprenueral film
which specify start up costs they incurred. A film entitled “Float-Cash Flow Forecasting” (2017)
presents analysis of start up costs and guves an overview of the future planning of the business.
In the film, the expenses needed for a business includefees made on office space and fees that
the licessing board require. For instance rent amount may amounted to $3000 per month.
Service inventories add to the initial costs of starting up a business venture. This may be suitable
for the retail, manufacturing or the intermediaries. A firm may set $50000 budget to advertising
in an effort to gain recognition in the market. This may be one time cost but it informs the budget
needed in the start up cost. A firm must incur cost on website where hosting of the company
information is available. In the entrepreneurial ventutre of the author, we observe more than
$5000 spent in pursuit of a website for the company. However, other utilities such as electricity
bills, airtime, water bills and internet formed a key entreprenueral start up cost for a technology
based site (Consultants). All firms would need a insurance cover against the potential acccidents
and other uncertainities.
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The second film entitled ‘Food Truck Start Up Costs’ gives a light on the Company’s Start
Up Costs (2018) where start up cost analysis is an insight to the upcoming entrepreneurs. The
film analyses the liabilities and compare them with the assets that comprise of the start up costs.
This is a breakdowm where a balance sheet appears to give a precise description of the start up
costs. The idea behind that food stir uses high-quality ingredients which sells at a high mass
market price that it possible for the company to thrive at a faster rate. The assets that the
business had include the building, equipment, and vehicles. The liabilities included the
adsvertisement costs, salaries, legal obligations, taxes and creditors. In this view entrepreneurs
are encouraged to categorize the expanses needed in these two major parameters (Mahoney).
They should know the amount to be used to pay its workers as well as the money used to
maintain the equipment. This would enable faster and rapid growth of the company.
Food Truck business started with a smaller budget as the ingredients did not require much
money. This is due to the fact; the new customers were not easily predictable. The seed money
needed to start the business was based on the estimation of the cost needed to do the business
during the first days. A small amount was used to buy the start-up costs. The first product to be
baked was gingerbread then, eggnog, and cakes flavoured with vodka, which the kids consumed
before retiring to bed. The business just started with small capital from the pockets of the co-
founders. The products served the locally available customers and later on the business picked.
MooBella case study
MooBella ice cream vending business presents a viable business idea which entail an
entrepreneurial venture into the ice scream industry with minimal start up costs. The CEO and
the founder of this ice cream vending started this business from low grounds. The founder Bruce
Ginsberg started as a small-scale ice cream vendor and ended up to own a very big company.
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The start-up costs to start and operate MooBella ice cream vending machine were very low with
few customers. For the idea of MooBella to market well, it took nearly 20 years. This showed a
very long time in the development and start-up duration (MooBella 51). The MooBella concept
at the early stages seemed to be very simple but later on, was considered to be technically
complex. Bruce, the founder of the MooBella concept, faced many challenges during the start-
up processes. The machines used to run the company were very expensive posing a financial
Comparison of the Cases
The firms exhibit some differences especially where Food Truck core operating costs at
the start differ. This is because the exact value of the costs is depends on the type and
requirements of the business venture. For the start-up funding exercise, MooBella sources of
funding included the following; $25 million in equity from Saturn asset, $1 million from Bruce,
a debt amounting to $17.5 million, funds from inventing ages and $9 million from WHO
(MooBella 52). The sources mentioned above of funds were used by MooBella to start and
operate the machine. MooBella case required a lot of funding for it to be operational. Bruce had
to rely on various sources of money to finance the start-up operations and processes. This is a
different case for Food Truck film analysis. The cash flow prediction film asserts that even the
profits vary and the projections depend on the nature of the business.
In conclusion, all the above cases present start up costs that are almost common. similar
strategies are employed for business activity to be successful. If we contrast and compare the
mentioned stories, it is clear that for a business to operate, various start-up procedures are
followed. These include the legal procedures and payment for the licenses, taxation, asset
sourcing, equipement availability, raw matrerials and payroll costs. In the mentioned cases, it is
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quite clear that before a start-up process start a budget for the operations is usually outlined.
Capital is a major factor in any business start-up activity.
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Consultants, SBA. Float-Cash Flow Forecasting. Edinburgh Film Company, 2017.
Mahoney, Brian. Food Truck Start Up Costs. Youtube, 2018.
MooBella, Inc.from Mariotti, S., & Glackin, C. (2013). Entrepreneurship: Starting and
Operating a Small Business (3rd ed., pp. 51-52).

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