Five-Year Career Plan
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
The process of career development is sequential and takes a long period of time to
stabilize. It involves proactive handling of the various changes in work and life to make it easier
to attain goals and improve the future prospects. In the process, we learn new skills and gain
sufficient knowledge to help us move up the career ladder within the organization. A career
development plan seeks to guide the process of setting up new goals and analyzing the
techniques that can be used to reach the goals. A five-year career plan is the ideal starting point
for career development. In five years, it’s possible to achieve greater success while working to
fulfill the objectives of smaller goals. This is my five-year career plan as a student nurse.
My name is Cate, I’m 21 years old. I was born in the city of New York, where I began
my academic journey. From the time I was young, I had dreams of being a nurse, drawing
inspiration from my mother who is a passionate and professional nurse. I worked hard through
my elementary education levels and attained good grades to qualify for a Bachelor of Nursing at
John Hopkins University in Baltimore. As a student, I have worked hard to develop both
personal and professional skills to enable me deliver the best of service to the members of my
community. Therefore, as I wait upon my graduation, I look upon working with successful
healthcare organizations that will give me an opportunity to serve and develop my career. I will
be graduating from the John Hopkins School of Nursing later this year in October 2018. This
five-year career development plan will act as my guide to attaining excellence and success in my
career and personal life
Target Employers
New York Presbyterian hospital
Montefiore Hospital
Self-care Intentions
Self-care is critical to personal health especially for nurses. Proper self-care provides a
nurse with the sustenance required to take care of other people as well as providing a conducive
environment for professional growth. Therefore, being cognizant of the effects of poor self-care
intentions, I plan to adopt the best skills to ensure that I am able to rationally serve the
community and my organization passionately and professionally ("Self-Care for Nurses: 5 Musts
to Avoid Burnout - Sanford Brown", 2014). Poor self-care intentions would result in emotional
detachment that is detrimental to personal life and career growth. I will adopt the following self-
care strategies to prevent secondary traumatic stress (STS).
1. Maintaining work and life balance This self-care intentions will play a significant
role in helping me to avoid the compassion fatigue that ultimately results in the loss of the
boundary that differentiates professional practice and personal life. I plan on effectively
compartmentalizing all my issues and classifying them as either personal or professional. During
the workday, I will dedicate all my energy and concentration to serving my community by
fulfilling my professional duties (CA, 2014). Consequently, I will fully focus on my family and
other important personal issues at the times when am not working.
2. Being open to assistance As a nurse, plan to be open with issues relating to burnout
and other forms of work stress. When I realize issues that may end up affecting the quality of my
work, I choose to discuss such issues with coworkers and supervisors to seek solution. Moreover,
I will be regularly attending counselling sessions to help me rediscover my compassion in
nursing and gain fresh insights into make the best out of my career.
Personal Wellness
In the practice of nursing, personal wellness is very important to maintain the quality of
service to the community. Enhancing and maintaining personal wellness involves being able to
assess the personal fatigue level such that I only report to work when I feel that I am in the best
position to deliver impartial service (CZiraki et al., 2018). This is attained on the basis of
applying health and wellness guidelines that provide for a wide range of methods of dealing with
burnouts and work stress. As a commitment to my personal wellness, I plan to actively
participate in the various programs that promote physical fitness and exercise within my
organization. Moreover, I will take into consideration the personal preferences with regard to
shifts and work schedule to ensure that I have sufficient time for rest and recovery between the
subsequent work shifts (Thompson, 2017). I will ensure that I have adequate sleep to avoid the
consequences of sleep deprivation such as the disruption of the circadian rhythm to the personal
health and professional practice. Additionally, I will take breaks and vacations and also utilize
the resources provided by the employers to aid my balance between the work pressures and
home stressors.
Objectives of my 5 Year Career Plan
Within the next five years, I plan to grow and develop as a nurse by acquiring
professional experience through voluntary work and training. Within the first 2 years, I plan to
gain maximum clinical experience drawn from attending various observation and virtual lessons
at my workplace (Hinds et al., 2017). My career goals will act as the guidance towards attaining
my objectives for the next five years. However, these goals are subject to change as my career
Goal #1
Acquiring nursing jobs for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) in November 2018
To get this job, one must have a Bachelor of Nursing as well as diverse professional
experience with women and children. This is because maternity unit is my preferred area of
interest. I tried to apply for this job a few months ago but failed due to lack of the required
academic qualifications. I am set to graduate with my BSN in October 2018 when I will be
legible to meet the required qualifications for this job. Additionally, I have researched for an
institution that offers the Women, Infants, and Children nursing certification that I can pursue on
a part-time basis. The required prerequisite qualification for this course is to be working for an
institution that practices Women, Infants, and Children nursing ("American College of Nurse-
Midwives", 2018). However, I have requested the institution to allow me to begin the classes
immediately after my graduation. This is because, having my BSN, I am qualified to work as the
WIC nurse in most healthcare facilities.
Goal #2
Apply to join the midwifery unit after 2 years of experience in med surge 2020
Upon joining one of my preferred organizations as a graduate nurse, I plan to work in the
medsurge unit during my first two years of practice. I am passionate at working with women and
children so I will apply to join the maternity unit to assist mothers and infants after two years.
This will add me invaluable professional experience and personal skills as I look forward to
raising my own family.
Goal #3
Complete a Master’s Degree in Nursing by the year 2022
I plan to pursue my Master’s degree in midwifery at Stony Brook University. This will
open me up to opportunities such as increased salary and teach the nursing students. Moreover,
this degree will enable me to attain a higher rank in the practice of nursing. After attaining my
Master’s degree, I plan to move back to Orlando Florida where I will apply for a job at Orland
Regional Hospital and buy a house thereafter.
Goal #4
Start a travel nurse facility
This is the most coveted dream in my career as a nurse. Being fully cognizant of the
shortage of nurses in the United States, I am willing to help as much as I can. As a travel nurse, I
will be ready to transfer to any floor and work as effectively as someone who has been there for
a long period of time. I have a plan of opening up a local travel nursing facility that will be able
to cover most hospitals within that area. Once that plan rolls out successfully, I will expand my
travel nursing to give more attention to the areas that may help will be needed most. This will
require me to acquire and maintain certifications in a wide range of specialties to effectively
address issues related to emergency medicine, telemetry, Intensive Care Unit, pediatrics, and
Goal #6
Take humanitarian nursing assignment and join Women’s Club by the year 2021
Being an experienced nurse, I feel that I have sufficient capacity for handling a
humanitarian assignment. I have reviewed various programs that involve humanitarianism in
nursing and discovered various groups of nurses that travel to Africa annually for basic clinical
nursing. I feel that by the year 2021, I will be ready to go on such assignments in all sense.
However, this is subject to a clear analysis of my ability to make quick decisions regarding
patient care. Once I feel ready to go for a humanitarian assignment with regard to clinical skills, I
will seek knowledge of the African languages spoken in the places that I will visit to aid
communication. I will consider taking a course in the primary language used in the country I will
be visiting.
Professional organizations that I intend to join
1. American Nurses Association
The American Nurses Association is a model professional organization that brings
together and that engages all nurses to adopt special EBP models as the most effective problem-
solving approaches for making clinical decisions. This organization trains its members and helps
them to apply the best approaches in handling various issues arising in the course of professional
practice. This organization provides good professional frameworks and models that nurses can
utilize for effective patient care in diverse organizations. There good human resource
management mechanisms and support programs to assist nurses to handle both personal life
issues and the work pressures (Day, 2018). The EBP Center is custom designed to meet the
professional needs of a practicing nurse to address both clinical and administrative issues. This
medical organization advocates for competitive salaries and regular vacations to its members to
allow them to attend to personal issues such as education.
2. Association of midwifery educators
This organization is committed to promoting professionalism in the midwifery services
through training and equipping its members with the most relevant knowledge and skills to carry
out professional and ethical midwifery. As a member of this organization, I will be able to meet
more nurses who are more experienced and passionate with the maternity unit to give me more
insight regarding the service to mothers and infants. I would like to work with this organization
to offer my services to the community in a more improved environment that allows for voluntary
service. Basically, I would like to work for this organization since it will provide me with an
opportunity to serve my country in a more productive way. This organization offers its member's
leadership opportunities and benefits that allow for a healthy work/life balance and opportunities
to further studies.
Job Seeking Strategy
Job searching can prove to be a tedious experience if an effective strategy is not applied.
To secure a job, it takes more than just applications on the job sites and dropping application
letters to the organizations of interest. First of all, it’s important to ensure that you explore a wide
range of job options available and make the best choices. As a nurse, I would;
Assess my clinical skills and qualifications
Assessing my clinical and non-clinical skills and qualifications would significantly help
me to market myself in a way that I can relevantly match the appropriate qualifications. It also
involves listing my certification and academic qualifications as well as personal traits that
qualify me for a nursing job
(Blais, 2015). These attributes are very crucial components of a resume and cover letter
to attract the attention of a potential employer.
With regard to self-assessment, I would conduct a SWOT assessment of myself with
regard to the job am applying to help me discover my competitive advantage against other
professionals in the field. The next step would involve determining the kind of employment that I
am seeking and the nature of the environment that I want to work in ("The Nurse's Guide to
Finding A Job", 2016). This is important in laying specific strategies to the job search. Having
gathered and organized all the necessary personal information, the next step would be to research
on the job openings within the field of nursing to understand the prevailing job market. This will
also allow me to understand what exactly the employers seek to include it in my resume. Having
done my research, the next step would be to fill in the application, attach my testimonials, and
wait for the interview.
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