Fundamentals of computing

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Fundamentals of Computing: Computer Application Software
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Fundamentals of Computing: Computer Application Software
A computer is made up of hardware and software as its major components. The
hardware comprises of the physical and tangible parts of a computer while the software
includes a set of instruction given to a computer to perform tasks. The software is further
categorized into two major groups: System software and Application software. System
software is normally called the Operating system because it carries out a number of functions
such as controlling overall functions of the computer, interfaces the hardware and the user,
and manages software interaction with the Central Processing Unit (CPU) among other
Application software or what many users refer as applications are software designed
to perform a particular task. They are considered productive programs because they help the
user to become more efficient and effective in his work.In addition, they are end-user
programs because they are very useful to users when completing their tasks such as writing a
letter, communication, editing of graphics, creating of videos, interacting with friends
through video, finding answers to questions among other tasks. Therefore, there are different
types of application software that are used in our day to day activities to make work easier
(Shelly & Vermaat, 2008).
In the past, it was tiresome and time consuming to write a letter, create a book or even
manuals. With the current applications, it is easy to type a letter and send to the required
destination within a couple of minutes. A word processor is a common application used to
help the end user type, format, edit and manipulate a document to produce a presentable
output containing text and graphics. The common device used by typists was the typewriter
which had very few capabilities to produce a presentable document. Since the 1970s, word
processors have been used and the providers keep upgrading them depending on the
technology available. The most common word processor is Microsoft Word, a product of
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Microsoft office. Research by Windows Word Processor (2010) indicates that since the
1990s, Microsoft word has been the leading word processor with a usage of more than 500
million people in 2009 alone. The other competitors of word processors include; OpenOffice
writer which is a product of Apache, WordPerfect by Corel, Google docs an online
application among other unpopular word processors.
Microsoft Word is the market leader with the latest version word 2016.The word
processor is usable in devices like computers, laptops, iPhones, and tablets among other
devices. Microsoft office has upgraded its capability to include the reading mode which helps
the reader of the content to resume back after a break at a certain point. Other additional
features are inclusive in the menu bar to help perform additional formatting to a document.
However, its counterpart Google Docs word processor has more advantages in that the typed
content is accessible in cloud storage where there is an internet connection. This is a useful
word processor where the collaboration of users is required. Word processors are known to
produce a consistent document with the same font formatting for example when writing a
letter, you don't need to struggle with the handwriting.In addition, one letter may be sent to
various recipients through a feature called mail merge in word.
Nowadays, people are communicating in real time using video conferencing
programs.The world has become a small village where a person can see each other from
different parts of the world.A good example is the use of Skype to communicate with friends
who reside in other countries. You only need to be connected to the internet and have a video
conferencing application on your device (Carter, 2013). The application is downloadable in
devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and iPhones among others. Video conferencing is
very useful in offices where workers in different locations can hold a meeting online and
meet their objectives. In addition, most companies have adopted using video conferencing to
conduct interviews. This method has reduced the cost of moving from one place to another,
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minimised the time required for people to meet, improved teleworking and enhanced the
overall performance of companies located in different parts of the word.
Use of pictures and graphics has become common especially when advertising
products.A picture is believed to be worth a thousand words. Therefore, under end-user
applications, there is application software used in desktop publishing, image editing,
Computer Aided Design (CAD) and graphic design. The popular packages used are:
Autodesk AutoCAD and Microsoft Visio Technical a software used in Computer Aided
Design used by engineers and scientists to create their designs; Adobe InDesign, Adobe
PageMaker, Corel VENTURA, QuarkXPress are used in Desktop publishing to produce a
classy documents with coloured texts and graphics; Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,
CorelDraw and Macromedia FreeHand are very useful in creating and editing graphical
images and paint. They are sometimes called illustration software. These packages are very
important in the business world because they help create the brochure, business cards,
posters, wedding cards and architectural designs which are a good visual presentation
(Grossman, 2010).
A video is a combination of sound and visual aspect. Movies, TV production, Films
and video clips are made using video editing software (Dancyger, 2011). This software
allows the user to modify each segment of the video at a time to come up with a complete
video clip. This software is used to create video games both 2 Dimension and 3 Dimension.
The most common for 3-D video games software are DarkBASIC and DarkBASIC pro. Other
applications are used to edit games for example Game Editor which is very friendly to users.
The most advantage of this software is that they easy to use and can be downloaded for free
on the internet. However, for more advanced business use, organizations have to purchase
powerful software for their work.Currently, there are a variety of packages to choose from
depending on the quality of the video required and purchasing power for the software. Some
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of the examples include; CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultra( Best for Windows OS),Adobe
Premiere Pro CC(Best for both Windows and Mac OS),Final Cut Pro( used for Mac OS
only), Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10 ( for windows only ) to name but a few (Shaner &
Jones, 2004).
Some decades back, people used to walk long distances in order to deliver a message.
The solution came when people started typing letters and sending them via an email
application. These are the fruits of advanced technology worldwide. An email can be sent at
any time, it is cost-effective, does not require moving from one location to another,
information can be stored for future reference unlike papers and an email can be sent to many
people at the same time. The most popular email applications are; Gmail, Yahoo mail, and
Outlook (Godbole & Kahate, 2003). They enable the user to compose, edit and send emails
either to one person or a group of people. The user needs to have an email address, the
receivers address and the internet connection to be able to communicate online.
There are some applications which important when doing research on some questions.
They help the user get answers without hassle just by typing the key words in the search area.
Most of these applications provide online help, for example, Google search and Yahoo
search. Google is widely known and is used to such different types of topic. In case you need
to search a particular topic for example fundamentals of computing, you first need to be
connected to the internet then open a browser Google. In the search area, type “fundamentals
of computing”. Several suggestions will be provided; select the link that you think will
provide adequate information. Search application is very important in a researcher's life
though at some point people over depend on search applications and they don’t think for their
own. This is especially common to students in colleges and universities who are lazy to do
their homework.
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It is clear that different application software are designed to perform different
activities. A word processor may not perform the same tasks as an email application.
Therefore, every application is important, and when used appropriately it makes work easy
and very presentable. In addition, collaboration has been enhanced in organizations and
operation costs reduced. It is also important to note that the application software are easy to
use hence require little or no training, for example, email, word processors, search
applications, Skype, graphic programs among others.
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