Surname 1
1 (a). The major defining characteristic of the Somali community is their linguistic affiliation
that involves speaking a common language among all Somalis in different parts of the word.
Somalis also share similar cultural characteristic concerning religion since they are all Muslims.
The Somali Cultural group originate from Somalia that is located in East Africa. The Muslim
nation borders Indian Ocean to the East, Kenya to the Southwest, Djibouti, and Ethiopia to the
Northwest and Gulf of Aden to the North. The Somalis are members of East African Community
that unites several countries to achieve common economic and development goals.
(b). The Somali have changed overtime concerning their practice of Female Genital Mutilation
(FGM). Initially, Somalis practiced FGM as a culture that determine rite of passage among girls
aged 10 to 14 years old. However, the community has changed by abandoning the cultural
practice following its health effects on young girls.
(c) The change was externally influenced due to global outcry on the dangers of FGM among
girls and women. The specific factors that propelled the change include scientific revelation that
female cutting interferes with their fertility, abuse of human rights due to forceful cutting, deaths
among victims and psychological challenges.
2 (a) The word Clunker refers to an outdated vehicle or machine and can also be used to mean
inelegant example of something.
Surname 2
(b) Clunker came into common use in 2014 among North Americans.
(c) The societal events leading to the development of Clunker include work among North
American Engineers who invented the word to describe machines they handle. The word did not
exist before due to a rich vocabularies that Engineers to invent words to communicate with each
other concerning things of common interest. The word Clunker had a prior meaning that
described aged individuals.
(d) That Clunker owned by Uncle Dave moves faster than some brand new cars I have driven.
The word Clunker is relevant in scenario such as describing outdated automobiles in the streets
or machines in the company.
(e) Clunker is mostly used by automobile operators and millennial
3 (a) the Culture of Halloween. Halloween refers to a Celtic culture where the living
commemorates the deaths of their loved ones by dressing in scary masks to indicate their
presence. The culture is practiced by the living in America who believe they can feel the
presence of their departed mates by dressing in scary outfits to meet them in the streets and
(d) The characters in Halloween include children and adults who put on scary outfits to attend
Halloween Festival.
(c) The Halloween is relevant culture because it reminds the living about their departed loved
ones and make them feel their presence by seeing horrible things that represent death.
(d) Halloween present death as an enemy because it robs people’s loved ones without consent.
4 (a) What is Geography.
Surname 3
(b) I selected the article because it had a precise title that addressed my concern. The article was
interesting because it traced the history of geography, described its branches, and defined various
terms that are common in the discipline.
(c) The main topics of the article include History of Geography that traces the discipline from
ancient Greeks who discovered it by their attempts to draw maps for direction. The topic also
encompass Branches of Geography that describe physical Geography such as Geomorphology,
Glaciology, and Climatology (World Atlas 1).
(e) Geography is easily identifiable in the article concerning its identification of important topics
and terms.
Surname 4
Work Cited
World Atlas. What Is Geography? Environment. (2018).

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