God Working Signs Today

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God Working Signs Today
As early as human history, Gods has always worked signs for those who believe and trust Him.
In the instance of the Israelites, there were a lot of happenings, and God would reveal Himself to
them and help them through troubles. Similarly, in the days of the apostles, Jesus gave signs to
make them believe his divine being and power. In most cases, people believe signs depending on
their background, but everyone has a level of acceptance that they exist to date. In 1 Corinthians
13: 8-12, the Bible emphasizes the fact that signs and wonders will continue till Jesus returns
(Stayne 22). I have a strong feeling that God works signs in the present world following the fruit
of the spirit, human talents and faith deeds that people depict.
Fruit of the Spirit
Christians believe that God has a spirit meant to transform their lives to reveal his nature and
holiness. Notably, there is the fruit of the Spirit, which is visible in the life of a believer in God
making them different from the rest. Ekstrand asserts that the Holy Spirit produces fruit that
makes it possible for an individual to resemble Jesus since it teaches His ways (19). The people's
character and behavior conforming to what the Bible teaches makes me feel that God's mighty
hand in working signs, even today. Honestly, these are God's works because those who do not
trust in Him never depict the fruit of the Spirit. Therefore, it is evident through Christian
character that God still works signs of the Spirit.
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Human Talents
When someone allows God to use their talent or gifts to serve other people, it is a revelation of
God working signs in their lives. The way signs happen today very different from what
transpired during the times of Moses. In other words, it is through human activity that God works
miracles for the rest (Stayne 22). I absolutely agree with this statement because people's talent
does a lot in making people come to God and change their ways. For instance, music and
professional education is one way in which God has helped many to overcome the numerous
troubles of this world. Thus, God works his signs through the talented people to reveal what he
wishes the world to understand.
Faith Deeds
One of the characteristics of the end times is the lack of faith where people abandon God for
other things that they think work better. Today, God is still working signs through the faith deeds
that those who trust in Him. For instance, people pray and read the bible daily to understand
what God requires of them and spread it to others to bless them (Ekstrand 18). Through their
faith works, many get healing by God, some regain a peace of mind, and such other things
happen. Indeed, it through these faith deeds that God works miracles in the world today.
Therefore, it is true that God is working signs today through those who have faith and do as God
desires, which acts bring God closer to the man.
The God of yesterday is the same one today’ is one saying from the Bible that Christians enjoy,
and it is true. Since the exodus through the Apostolic time, signs, wonders and miracles were the
most efficient way for God to reveal Himself to the universe. Today, the context of signs is quite
different such that after Jesus, signs happen to individuals depending on their connection to God.
These signs reveal through the spiritual fruit growing and revealing in people’s lives. Also, the
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signs show in people’s talent use and working faith deeds like prayer, charitable activities and
much more. Ultimately, I strongly feel the presence of God working signs through what
transpires around me as well as in the present day occurrences and human character.
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Stayne, Damian. Lord, Renew Your Wonders: Spiritual gifts for today. Word Among Us
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