Group Communication Paper

Group Communication Paper
Group experiences have significant impact on our lives and not only helps in problem solving
but also acts as an effective tool for interaction. When we communicate effectively in our
groups, we are likely to avoid conflict and reach a consensus when we experience challenges.
Apart from social interaction, groups such as family makes us to feel a sense of belonging and
love. However, there are also challenges associated with group experiences such as slow
decision making process and conflicts especially when the group is made up of many people and
every member wants their opinion to carry the day. Communication competence the foundation
of creating a collaborative group that encourages support and teamwork.
Our group is a learning group that enables us to share knowledge and take part in different
academic projects. Our group members not only interact with each other but we are also
interdependent. When we are working on academic project, every member needs to be present
for the work to be completed on time. Evidently, if one member is absent, he or she
inconveniences the other members of the group because one of our group rules is that every
member must participate during the group discussions. In some instances, when we are forced to
work with less members, the other members who were not present often drag us behind during
the next meeting as we try to explain to them what we achieved. This case cannot be avoided
because sometimes they have a valid reason for missing the group meeting and their opinion
must also be considered before we make the final conclusion.
The ripple effect also affects our group because one member is lazy and always proposes
that we postpone the work and look for a more interesting thing to do. This affects the
performance of all group members because we may end up submitting the work after the
deadline. Our group has been in existence for a long period of time because we work together
every semester. Therefore, we understand the needs and behavior of every member of the group.
Our group is made up of five people, three men and two ladies. The size of our group is
relatively small, making it easier for us to communicate effectively and understand each other.
Additionally, we can allocate roles based on our group member’s abilities and goals that we have
been able to identify after working together on several projects. This creates a sense of
cooperation and makes it easier to accomplish tasks when we combine and discuss our ideas to
come up with the final conclusion.
The individual goal is to acquire knowledge through sharing information and accomplish
various academic tasks. Another individual goal is social interaction because of the sense of
belonging and unity achieved through group experience. The group not only focus on
accomplishing academic tasks but also helps members to overcome daily challenges. Therefore,
one of the group goals is to create unity and a senses of belonging while helping each other to do
various tasks. The long term goal of the group is the acquisition of critical thinking and decision
making skills that are also applicable in dealing with everyday life challenges. The rules of the
include attending meeting every Wednesday and Friday afternoons to discuss the tasks assigned
for the week, conducting research before the meeting and asking questions at the end of the
discussion to avoid interrupting others.
The norms are understanding the effective use of turn taking to avoid conflict of interests,
participating actively during the group discussions and avoiding jokes that are not related to the
topic of discussion. Additionally, members who are unable to attend the meetings should state
the reason for their absence in advance. In terms of task norms, the group members usually
choose the topic that they are more conversant with and work on it then later we combine the
effort to come up with the final project. The member roles are based on the task that each
member is supposed to undertake. We have the group leader who is also the contributor. He
proposes new ideas and new methods of approaching an issue especially if the group is in a crisis
to help with the decision making process. The functional roles of two members is seeking and
giving information. The information giver conducts general research about the topic while other
members research on specific aspects of the discussion. The other two members are the
coordinator and opinion seeker. The coordinator analyzes the relationship between the
information presented by other members of the group in order to reach a consensus. Opinion
seeker allows every member of the group to air their opinions to ensure that everyone is
contented before we compile the final copy.
The patterns of interaction used in our group is the all-channed network. The group
members always meet in one location and share all the available information with each other in
an organized manner. We value face to face communication of ideas because it allows members
to effectively state their opinion and ask for clarification of points that they do not understand.
The problem experienced by our group is a role-related problem. Evidently, there is a problem of
unfilled roles because the group leader is unable to perform the task set aside for him effectively.
As a result, most group members do not receive vital information on time making it difficult to
coordinate and accomplish the task on time. The person who is supposed to organize and
communicate about the meeting point, tasks assigned to each member and expected results often
fails to do it on time.
This problem is caused by slow decision making process and lack of full commitment
towards the success of the group. Despite being busy handling other responsibilities, the group
leader has not accepted to allow one of the members to assist with the process of passing cross
information on time. Therefore, this problem always leads to a disagreement among members
especially if one person has not delivered the expected research on time only to realize later that
he or she was not aware of the time and venue of meeting. We have tried to resolve the problem
by forming a social media group where members can get firsthand information but there is some
vital information that needs face to face explanation to avoid confusion. The group leader also
feels like since he is the founder of the group, he has every right to occupy the leadership
position and organize every group activity. Consequently, this has led to the buildup of negative
energy in the group especially when we fail to accomplish tasks on time, members tend to blame
each other.
The strategy that I used to improve the groups dynamics is effective communication. When
the problem first began, most members were not willing to talk about it due to fear of criticism or
opposition even though it was affecting the performance of all group members. I used this
strategy because it enabled us to formulate solutions for the problem by analyzing its cause and
the possible cause of action. It was implemented through a meeting and discussion where all
members were allowed to state their opinion and possible solution for the problem. This strategy
improved the group dynamics and interaction among members who all agreed to cooperate in
passing information to other members of the group. The next strategy I used is minority control.
This helped a lot when the stakes are high and members of the group are frustrated by the turn of
events or a prevalent problem. Two members of the group discussed the matter with the group
leader in depth and they were able to formulate a solution. I used the strategy because it is easier
for few people to reach a consensus as compared to many people with different opinions. After
the implementation, there was unity and satisfaction among group members. Another strategy
that I used is looking for unfilled roles and decided to fill them myself. Evidently, I volunteered
to help the group leader to pass across information whenever he was busy to avoid
inconveniences. I used this method to avoid involving other members of the group in the conflict
and the result was positive response from members who put more effort in their work.

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