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Gun Control Policies

Gun Control Policies
In the United States, guns are seen as a divine symbol which made it gain independence
from Great Britain. However, continued gun violence leading to mass shootings has led to
reigniting the gun control debate. Gun violence is the act of using firearms to cause terror
resulting in harm or death of a group of people or an individual. There has been an issuance of
unlicensed guns to individuals which has led to many deaths through gun violence. Due to this,
the government has decided to implement gun control policies to prevent people from easily
acquiring unlicensed guns and using them to commit crimes. This is to ensure that the country is
safer and citizens are taught about the gun safety before acquiring them thus reducing homicide
rates and destruction of property.
Gun control policies involve a set of rules put in place to regulate transfer, modification,
sale, possession, and manufacture or firearms and ammunition usage by civilians (Haynes,
2016). The law restricts firearm and ammunition owners from using them irresponsibly. The
Second Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to own and keep firearms
and ammunition thus making every individual first to abide by the rules and regulations set aside
to control the use of guns before he/she owns one. The policy states that legal residents and
citizens can only own a gun if they are 18 years of age and above. Among many crime categories
in the United States, gun violence is viewed as the common kind of crime witnessed almost
every day (Haynes, 2016). This is due to how guns are easily accessible in the United States. The
policies set have been able to regulate how guns and other ammunition are used in the United
States thus reducing most criminal activities which lead to loss of lives and destruction of
property, therefore, gun control policies are effective.
Although there have been more than 2000 gun rules and regulations which have failed
over time in the United States, the current gun control policies are proving effective (Pederson et
al, 2015). Research shows that most crimes in the United States are committed using guns and
other firearms (Kwon, 2016). Control of these guns has led to few crimes being committed. It is
now difficult for any person to own a gun because of the set laws governing the ownership of
guns and how to use them. Manufacturers have to get a license from the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) before making any gun (Haynes, 2016). The only challenge
United States has faced in the control of guns is lack of enough special agents who can deal with
Alcohol and Tobacco and at the same time dealing with illegal ownership of guns. Also, the laws
brought to act by some Republicans which were not related to guns undermines ATF’s duty to
control guns but this has not stopped it from doing its job. There are consequences if any citizen,
resident or an alien is found doing contrary to the set policies. To make the move effective, the
policies have been implemented by the government to ensure that they reduce the number of
deaths witnessed every year due to gun violence. This has yielded good results as last year’s
number of people murdered using firearms had reduced to 9369 compared to other years where
the number has been high (Pederson et al, 2015).
The gun control policies are clear on the steps to be followed for one to own, sale,
transfer, use or manufacture any firearm. For one to own and keep a gun, he/she must go through
training on how to use a gun and to know how to protect the society using the gun. Also one has
to learn the rules and regulations governing the keeping and bearing of firearms. An individual is
required to sign a contract showing the time he/she will be keeping the gun and how long should
one renew it (Vizzard, 2015). Through this, United States has been able to reduce several cases
of gun violence like frequent shootings and robbery using dangerous firearms to scare the
victims. During the training, citizens are taught how to carry guns in public and when to use
them. They also learn how to keep the firearms safe to avoid lawbreakers from accessing them
and stealing hence destroying lives and property in the area. Every bullet used is accounted for.
Gun owners have to explain how bullets were used if any is missing. Keeping a close watch over
the guns sold, transferred, manufactured and being used by the owners proves gun control
policies effective (Singh, 1998).
In addition, gun control policies have led to a drastic decrease in homicide rates. This
shows that gun control can work well if it is wisely designed and effectively put in place.
Countries which have not been able to keep gun control policies working is because of their poor
implementation and adoption strategies of the policies. The ban on guns which blocked more
than 2.4 million illegal buyers, has reduced homicide rates. It is true that not all the people who
own guns commit crimes. Some use their guns for the intended purpose but there are still bad
people with guns and use them in the wrong way. It is easy to use a gun to commit a crime than
using the other weapons and that is why it is prudent to ban the use of guns. This does not deny
people their right and freedom but contributes to gaining freedom. Through background checks
needed to buy a gun, the officers are able to know those people eligible to own guns and those
who are bad guys and cannot be trusted with guns because they can cause damage to the other
people. The enactment of laws to allow for gun control policies has reduced crime rates in the
country (Vizzard, 2015).
Contrarily to many who have praised gun control policies, some people still feel it is not
as effective as it is presumed. This is because criminals will never abide by laws and they will
use the opportunity to harass the innocent citizens. Removing the guns from the citizens is like
withdrawing security from them (Singh, 1998). They will be attacked and they will have nothing
to protect themselves from the criminals. Some people feel this is a move by the government to
put the innocent citizens into difficulty situations hence opposing the move. Before the gun
control policies were implemented and adopted in the United States, there were fewer cases of
women being raped, killed and sexually assaulted. Gun is not the only weapon which can be used
by the outlaws to commit crimes, they can also use knives and other dangerous weapons. The
law abiding citizens are being deprived the right to protect themselves and exposed to face
lawbreakers who do not care on following the policies put in place to control use and ownership
of guns, thus, no need of disarming law abiding citizens (Pederson et al, 2015).
Gun control policies can work to the benefit of the nation, but they need to be effectively
designed and prudently implanted. Measures should be put in place on how to deal with the
criminals who are likely to acquire guns illegally and use them to extort the innocent citizens.
Though it is easy to use guns and commit homicide crimes, measures should also be put in place
to control other types of weapons from being used by outlaws to endanger citizens’ lives.
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