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The Ghost's Influence on Hamlet's decisions
Among William Shakespeare's famous works is "Hamlet Prince of Denmark." The play
falls under Shakespeare's most read works in English. It is believed that the process of writing
the play took place between the years 1599 and 1602. Since then, it has remained to be a popular
and influential work of art. This paper gives an insight into “Hamlet Prince of Denmarkby
looking at how the ghost influenced the decisions of Hamlet.
The narration begins with a ghost appearing to Marcellus and Bernardo. The ghost was
that of the late Denmark King. Horatio confirmed that it was Denmark King's ghost by seeing the
armor it wore (Shakespeare 1130). Horatia, Barnado, and Marcellus suggested that there must
have been a critical message that the ghost intended to pass to the community regarding the war
against Norway. (Bevington )Horatio makes a decision to inform Prince Hamlet about the case
since he believes the only way to get the ghost's message could be via his son. The next scene is
a speech by Denmark's king Claudia about his brother's death and his union with Gertrude the
Queen (Shakespeare 1197). King Claudia sends Voltimand and Cornelius to Norway for peace
maintenance. Claudia praises Hamlet for taking an extended time regretting the death of his
father. He, however, challenges him to be a man and be strong as much he lost his father
(Jamieson). Claudia together with his family requests Hamlet to go back to school for his
education in Wittenberg and fortunately he buys the idea. A month after the death of Hamlet's
father, Hamlet's mother marries the uncle to Hamlet; a behavior that disgusted Hamlet. Barnado,
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Horatio and Marcellus later visited Hamlet to give him the information on the appearance of a
ghost of his father some time back. He could not believe the news.
Hamlet fell in love with Laertes, but Ophelia warns Laertes that the relationship shall not
prosper. Ophelia who is also Laertes` brother bases his statement on the fact that Hamlet is likely
to focus on Denmark citizens` interests since he would be the next king. According to Ophelia,
there are high chances of Hamlet heartbreaking Laertes. Other persons who are opposing the
relationship between Laertes and Ophelia encompass Polonius. This person was the father of
Laertes and Ophelia. His hate for the relationship led her to discourage his daughter to avoid
Hamlet (Shakespeare 1135). Laertes followed her father's words. During one of the midnights
when Horatia and Hamlet met on the castle battlement, they overheard the sounds of people
singing and dancing (Prosser 41). These people were drunk, and because Hamlet disliked this
habit, he vehemently rebuked them. Hamlet hated drinking habits because it is the major reason
why nations lag in development. Excessive drinking according to Hamlet promotes corruption.
As Horatio and Hamlet were addressing the men in the castle battlement, Horatio sees the ghost
that they spotted earlier. Hamlet makes a move and calls the ghost. The ghost responds to Hamlet
and calls him to follow it. The friends of Hamlet are afraid of Hamlet's life. Hamlet follows the
ghost and they vanish together (Khan, Shahrukh Rafi, and Jens Christiansen 65). The ghost
confesses to Hamlet that he was killed by Claudia. Hearing this message, Hamlet vows to
revenge and warns every person in the castle battlement to keep silent about the events that took
place during that night.
Having looked at the plot of the play in relations to the Ghost and Hamlet, it is important
to discuss the major themes captured in the context. The themes include reality versus
appearance, revenge, guilt, and death. The reader or viewer of the play would wonder if the ghost
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is in a true sense, the father of Hamlet who died and if indeed Claudius was lying (Charnes 201).
Hamlet has no option other than doubting every event he encounters. The situation keeps him in
an inaction state. Death` s mystery keeps Hamlet frequently worried. The play is generally on
revenge although the main character Hamlet delays the execution.
Another important theme that the play highlights majorly on the part of Hamlet's
decisions that are affected by the ghost is madness. The main character Hamlet tricks people that
he is mad, but in reality, he aims to revenge against the death of his father (Oakes 53). A perfect
scene showing these themes is when Hamlet answered Polonius's call in a childish manner to
trick Polonius that he is insane (Safaei, Mohammad, and Ruzy 27). His use of madness was a
way of buying time as he decides whether to revenge against the death of his father or not.
According to Polonius, Hamlet was becoming insane due to the love he had for his daughter.
Since the first performance of "Hamlet Prince of Denmark," It has had great literary
importance. Some of the writers that this work has influenced include John Milton, George Eliot,
David Wallace, and Wilhelm Von Goethe. Shakespeare does not consider Aristotle's idea for
plays to majorly emphasize action. According to Shakespeare, the most important aspect of plays
is the characters.
In conclusion, the ghost presented Hamlet to a situation whereby making decisions was
difficult. Hamlet could not tell whether the ghost was real or it was just a dream. This situation
rendered him inactive and mad. He should not trust the ghost because it made him depict his
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could not only be about leadership but also as an ordinary person.
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