Health Information Patient Handout

Health Information Patient Handout
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Health Information Patient Handout
In the modern society, people have habit of eating unhealthy foods and being less active.
Considering the use of computer for work, most Americans are not active physically exposing
them to health risks. Because of this reasons, the statistics of overweight person has been
increasing. (n.d) records that 1/3 of the American adults are considered to be
obese and another 1/3 of the American adults is recorded to be overweight. Persons who are
either obese or overweight face significant health challenges and risks. The eating habits of
Americans should be changed significantly to improve healthy living. The management of the
body weight is appropriate to reduce risky healthy situation. Apart from the adults, most
American children are also obese. NIDDKD (n.d) records that around 17% of children in the US
is obese. Therefore, the paper analyzes the effects of obesity and documents the potential
credible websites.
Description of the Excess Body Weight
The health issue of excess body weight can be defined as the condition of a person having
excess body fat that increases health risks. Having excess body weight can be examined through
the Body Mass Index that considers a person’s weight and height. In the U.S, an average adult
male is expected to have a BMI of 26.6 and an adult female is expected to have a BMI of 26.5.
Excess body weight is caused by various factor including inherited genes, socioeconomic
impacts, cultural, metabolic, and environmental problems (The American Cancer Society, n.d).
Such factors should be managed well to prevent exposure to other health risks. Based on the U. S
CDC, persons with excess body weight have high risk of getting other health conditions
including high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease among others. Obese persons do not
have high life expectancy due to the inability to control potential health problems.
Figure 1:
BMI of Adults Age 20 years and above.
Source: (NIDDKD., n.d).
Moreover, it is clear that being overweight and obese exposes a person to numerous
health risks such as strokes, diabetes, depression, and cancer among others. However, the cutting
of weight would help to minimize the risks of these health problems. According to a study
recorded by NIDDKD (n.d), obesity usually increases the risks of persons getting diabetes 20
times and also enhances the risks of having high blood pressure. Among the persons diagnosed
with obesity, there is a direct correlation between the risks of obesity and the BMI. A higher
level of BMI exposes persons to getting more disease.
In determining the impact of obesity on depression, it is clear that overweight person
have high risks of developing depression with time unlike the normal weight persons. Obesity
increases the likelihood of a person getting depression because both health conditions emerge
from the changing of the brain processes in responding to stress. Psychological aspects also push
for the increased depression developing among the overweight persons. Other factor of obesity
that could lead to depression is the odd eating patterns. (n.d) determined that
depressed persons have 60% risk of becoming overweight. It is appropriate to manage the level
of depression to avoid severe obesity problems.
Depression is a major cause of obesity because some medications for treating depression
causes significant weight gain. Persons who are depressed are concerned about eating properly
and engaging regular exercises and thus make them prone to excessive weight gains. Increased
levels of stress hormone cortisol also alter the fact cells leading to fat accumulation (Gonzalez-
Campoy, 2016). Thus, obesity has a direct correlation with depression and mental illness and
proper action should be taken to deal with the health risks of obesity and being overweight.
Overweight problem is also strongly related with the health risks of diabetes. According
to the American Cancer Society (n.d), close to 90 % of the persons diagnosed with type-2
diabetes are observed to be obese. For year now, the risks of diabetes have been rising.
Increased level of blood sugar is a critical aspect of metabolic syndrome. When poorly managed,
diabetes exposes people to severe health problems and risks such as blindness and amputations.
Diabetes is recorded as one of the major leading causes of deaths in the U.S. Thus, diabetes
management is critical to reduce the body weight significantly.
Figure 1:
Percent of healthy, overweight, and obese adults for persons aged 20years and above in the US
from 2001-2007.
Source: (The American Cancer Society, n.d)
The prevalence of obesity can be shown from the above figure 1 by sex and the racial-
ethnic affiliation. The estimates provided from The American Cancer Society (n.d) information
from three main race-ethnic entities in the United States including the non-Hispanic whites, non-
Hispanic blacks and the Mexican Americans. The risks of obesity remains higher in women
compared to the men in the society. However, among each ethnic group, the outcome was only
observable among the non-Hispanic white women. The risks of being overweight was relatively
higher for the men compared to the women, but the prevalence of obesity relatively lower for the
men compared to the women.
Obesity has significant problems including economic challenges. Within the
organizations, reduced productivity and increasing the rate of absenteeism because of the
economic burdens. Persons suffering from obesity have a higher likelihood to suffer from obesity
and reducing productivity (Paliy, et al., 2014). The employees suffering from higher workers’
compensation claims would increase the overall costs in the workplace. Apart from financial
problems, obesity could also lead to increased mortality rates as well as the susceptibility to other
health condition.
It is possible to take clear steps and measures in reducing the prevalence of obesity and
excess body weight in the United States. Successful strategies that have been implemented
include having a food diary, eating food products with high fibre content, removing tempting
products from the fridge, and avoiding eating food products with high carbohydrate content
(Gonzalez-Campoy, 2016). In the process of checking weight, stress management approach
would be critical. In spite of all, diet remains the only effective way of reducing weight.
Credible Websites
The following websites are credible and providing quality information on the nature of
obesity and being overweight in the United States. For example, the American cancer society
website offers information on the impact of the excess body weight on the overall health in the
society. offer information and statistics about obesity among the women in
the United States. All the credible websites also recommends for the affected persons to take
progressive actions in reducing the obesity condition because it has significant health
complications and problems. Based on these websites, it is clear that proper investment and
medical efforts should be put in reducing the menace of excess body weight. However, creating
awareness about excess body weight is at the core of managing body weight.
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