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In this historical biography, I am weaving the actions of the individual in civil rights
movement, urbanization, immigration, and globalization. Besides, I choose to estimate the dates
of the photograph based on the color and the layout, as well as the professionalism in the
capturing of the picture. I also find the dates on the mood of the person in the photo. About the
age, I will estimate it using the anatomical features such as the color of hair and wrinkling of the
skin, the mode of dressing as well as the posture. Another useful detail is the background of the
photo. Based on the details of the picture, an estimate of the time it was taken is in the early
1870s. The formal dressing and the presence of a magazine as well as an explicit, photograph
support this. Also, based on the features of the person in the photograph, he is in his mid-50s.
Therefore, an estimate of his birthday is about 1820 or slightly earlier.
Birth history
He was born in 1820 during the struggle for freedom from slavery. Being a black, he
was born in difficult times because the period was faced with racial profiling as well as slavery.
He was a result of abuse of a black slave, the mother, by a white master, the father. His mother
did not have a decent salary and had to do her best to offer the daily meals. At a tender age, and
fatherless, he already knew what real struggle was, and he had to get used to it. His birth came at
a time where political differences were the order of the day, and the voting system was biased.
Besides, He was born at a time when the blacks had a rough time accessing healthcare facilities
as well as formal education, leave alone having a decent meal.
He struggled to get a formal education because the racial profiling could not allow
him to share the best schools with the white children of his age. However, determination kept
him going. Four years after his birth, he already knew how to read vowels. By the time he got to
the third grade, he had mastered the trend in the black history, and he was sure that he would be
the change that he wanted to see. Being fatherless, he wanted to study hard to make ends meet
for him and the mother, and reach the standards of command in the society. He finished his
primary education and had a difficult time being enrolled into a university. Therefore, he was
forced to work odd jobs to raise enough money to sustain him in his higher education. He later
joined college after years of toil and amazingly topped his classes and was an avid reader and
active debater. In his first year in university, he was already in the leadership position. All this
while, he still worked to sustain his life in the university.
By the third year in university, slavery was slowly ending, and this gave him more hope.
He was awarded a scholarship to attend his last years in university in a community-university
that had all the students living better lives than what he lived earlier. In his late twenties, he was
still active in the campus politics and spoke against the vices that profiled the black race.
Having successfully graduated with a degree in development studies and strategic
planning, he was allowed to work in the university as a lecturer. During this time, he developed
the spirit of advocacy. He formed small groups that could talk about the issues that the blacks
were facing. He was determined to bring to an end the racial bias as well as equal access to
education. By the age of thirty, he became a steady activist against the civil disadvantages that
the blacks faced. He believed that there was more that the blacks could offer given a chance.
Therefore, he began a political stand that formed the basis of putting to an end the biases and the
inadequate representation of the blacks in different roles. His position saw him become a key
leader in the reforms and early political change in the predominantly white-dominated society.
Urbanization was another sector that he actively promoted. While still working in the
university, he came up with proposals on the development of better schools with better facilities
that did not exist in the US. Through his persistence, he believed that if only the blacks could get
a good education and develop proper structures, then their standards of living would also change.
In many forums, he promoted the need for building better structures nationally as well as
improving the culture of self-reliance among the blacks. In most of his lectures that he gave in
different forums, he focused on an optimism of better living standards for the black population
who for a long time had been stuck to living in substandard buildings. He spearheaded the
formation of the black’s business community who promoted self-reliance and better living
Regarding immigration, he was also a key player in fighting for the rights of the
immigrants. In his late thirties, he was already defending the rights of the immigrants who were
only seeking refuge in the US. He was among the blacks who was nominated to steer head the
constitutional review committee on the legal implementation. As much as he also promoted
moderation, he mounted legal challenges against the abuse of the rights of the immigrants. This
raised his national profile and support from the immigrants who had suffered in the hands of
unrealistic laws and slavery instead of peaceful deportation or better legal aid. Being an educator,
he was able to attract the wealthy whites to see sense in what he believed. Some even supported
his quest for the freedom and rights of the immigrants.
In his early forties, he was already a national figure because his zeal finally paid off. He
was invited to form part of the presidential advisory in which he was later appointed the chief.
With his educational background and the skills of leadership he had acquired in his college life,
he was able to fit in so comfortably. He played a key role in advocating for the global education
as well as free trade. His concepts paid off when finally the US opened up its market for
investments, which did away with the trading of humans and focused on the economic growth
beyond the borders. His input to the president was so influential and made him attract
international relationships as well as national tenders from international investments.
Dreams are only achievable if a driving force is kept focused on a particular course. An
educationist with a vision made it from a humble background and changed the lives of many.
Even though death is inevitable, in whichever state he died, he left a landmark to many. He
pointed out that slavery is not and should never hinder anyone from making a change in the
world. Through his courage, the blacks got a voice and were able to live in harmony with the
whites. Such a balance is the basis of life.

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