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Adolf Hitler Rise to Power
Adolf Hitler is the world most renowned dictator and ruthless leader of all time. He was
born in 1889 in a small town in upper Austrian. His father, Alois died in 1903, and later on his
mother, Klara passed in 1908 (“Adolf Hitler” 1). Adolf did not do well in school and pursued a
career as an artist. He moved to Vienna following the death of his mother where he sold
paintings. It is at these early years on Vienna when he got interested in politics. Full of
ideologies on how to improve Nazi together with attributes of persuasiveness and opportunistic,
Hitler was able to forge his way to be the chancellor and ultimately the sole leader of Germany.
This essay will discuss the circumstances and events that led to Adolf Hitler becoming the leader
of Germany and the formation of the Axis of power.
Adolf Hitler took part in the WW1 and received two decorations for bravery. However,
he acted with resentment and blamed the governing party of Germany at that time, the Weimar
Republic, for accepting defeat and signing the Versailles treaty. This treaty contained the
punishment that Germany received for propelling the Great War that included deprived military
power, part of their land taken and a large fine that halted its economy. Germany was humiliated
and felt unfairly dealt with, and it is for this reason why Adolf joined the Nazi party. At Nazi,
Hitler rose in ranks following his charismatic and persuasiveness and also their vow to change
the terms of the treaty made the party famous. They even attracted dissatisfied army soldiers
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from war to form a squad called Sturmabteilung (SA), which come in handy in protecting their
meeting and also attacking their opponents. Hitler established himself as a national figure when
they matched to the center of Munich and declared the beginning of a national revolution. Adolf
due to his action of treason was arrested. While in prison, he wrote a book that outlined his plans
for Germany once he gains power. His book sold nearly 6 million copies that added to his
Another aspect that led to Adolf rise to power was the great depression in 1929. The
collapse of Wall Street made most of the banks to go down, and America called in most of its
foreign loans to save the situation. Consequently, Germany likewise received immediate hit and
unemployment rose to 6 million and hyperinflation followed. In 1930, Chancellor Bruning
reduced government expenditure, salaries, and social security funds (Schwabe 869). As a result,
most people lost faith in the Weimer Republic, and full of bitterness opted for change. Hitler
used this against them to gain more popularity. Additionally, many workers joined communism
that led to wealthy class to fund Hitler's campaigns. Most middle-class opted for an autocratic
government following the imminent fall of democracy. By 1932, the Nazi had increased its seats
in the Reichstag to 230 from 12 in 1928 and hence the largest party (“Adolf Hitler” 1).
Moreover, Nazi was effectively on their campaign and targeted a specific group with different
slogans to gain their support. The other political parties, although they had more support than
Nazi could not work together and hence Nazi became the leading party. The government was in
chaos by 1932, and all the three chancellors elected so far had failed to maintain control of the
situation. President Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as the new chancellor with a thought that
they could control him. Following the fire at the Germany parliament building, the Reichstag
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passed an Enacting Act giving Hitler full power on March 23, 1932. By July, Nazi was declared
the only legitimate political party, and all other henceforth ceased to exist.
The Axis of powers consisted of all the countries that joined arms to fight against the
Allied forces in World War II. They primarily included Italy, Germany, and Japan. All the
nations had their specific needs that justified signing the Tripartite Pack. For instance, Germany,
under the rule of Hitler, wanted to expand its territory to accommodate the growing population
and additional resources to cater for its economic needs and that included taking back part of
their land taken as dictated by the Versailles Treaty and colonizing Poland (Tindall and David
1152). Additionally, Hitler wanted Germany to be the leading state in the world and make it the
capital of all nations. In like manner, Italy joined the pack with the aim of expanding its territory
and also in retaliation to the western nations (Britain and France) that had hindered their
progress, especially the sanction following the Second Italo-Ethiopian War. Japan, on the other
hand, had ambitions to unite East Asia, rescue it from Western domination and influence, in
particular, the United States. Previously, the US had opposed the war of Japan to China by
imposing an embargo that resulted in the economic and military crisis since it dependent 80% on
its petroleum trade (Tindall and David 1155). Consequently, the alternative was to secure
southern Asia as the primary source of petroleum. Later on, other nations joined the pack such as
Hungary, Romania, and Yugoslavia. The reasons why the other countries joined was due to
circumstances that resulted from the war.
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