House Construction
Assignment 1:
Purpose of the Project
The project focuses on analyzing the processes involved in constructing a house in terms
of project management as explained in the Microsoft step by step.
Brief Description of the Project
Apex construction is an unswerving corporation in house construction. Its operations
have been successful for the past 20 years and as involved in many construction sites. The
primary objectives of the organization center on meeting the demands of consumers by offering
the best possible outcome. The company offers luxurious opportunities and options for
consumers at affordable prices. In the recent past, the company has been engaged in the contract
of construction of a house at the Central Park.
The process involves an assortment of resources including labor to ensure that the house
is completed in time using the avail resources. The estimated period of completion from the
basement to the first floor may be between one and two years. The cost of the project will be
$25000. Additionally, the description regarding the house and the construction requirements are
chronicled in the contracts signed by both parties.
Initiation of the Project
The process includes those activities achieved in defining a fresh project or an existing
project by reducing an agreement and identifying the starting point of everything. The first score
focuses on the definition of the financial dynamics and degree of commitment from the owner.
External and internal stakeholders who interrelate and affect the outcome are identified at this
phase. In other words, one can conclude that the first involves the project charter and
identification of the investors.
Develop project Charter
It involves the process of coming up with a document that gives a formal authorization to
a face of a project or an entire project. It documents the initial requirements that meet the
threshold of the stakeholders and all the people involved.
Project Charter
The charter contains a summary of every aspect of the project. Diverse inputs are
employed in establishing project charter and they include:
a. Contract
A contract is a legal document pointing out the agreement between parties involved. In
this case, the contract will be signed between the company and the owner of the house. It is anna
binding document outlining the roles and responsibilities each party will play in ensuring the
success of the project is successful. Additionally, it outlines the project duration the procurement
planned and the cost of the entire construction.
b. Enterprise Environmental Factors
This includes all contributing factors that may influence the project in one way or another.
Some of the factors are external while others are internal and they include public strike against
an event, inflation, political factors, labor strikes, and availability of manpower, and a shortage
of materials among other factors.
c. Organizational Process Assets
The organizational process offers a guideline indicating the procedures of how to proceed
with a construction project. These procedures assist in eliminating unnecessary expenses and
keeping the team focused on the objective. Considering the company’s history, the success story
has been attributed to their single most strength remaining focused on their goal.
Planning for the Project
Project planning involves all activities foods in place to establish the total scope, describe
objects, and develop the course of action needed to achieve the identified objectives.
Additionally, the process includes all the organization plans and necessary forms needed to
accomplish the plan. It is important to have a consistent plan to keep every member aware of
their role and responsibilities in the project. While the approach of delivering the project maybe
collective, every member must have their clearly outline the roles and responsibilities.
Planning Process Group
The project planning process group will consist of 20 sub-processes initial from the
formation of the management of land and all events including procurement.
Project Plan
Project plan management is the process of documenting the activities needed in
coordinating defining integrating and preparing all subsidiary plans. Additionally, the plan
identifies how the project is controlled, closed, monitored, and executed. All the inputs for the
development of the plan should be clearly stated out 2 assists inserting out different roles that
will avoid conflict of interest during the project.
The Collaborative believes there are existing resources to support quality after-school
resources but which may not be accessed by service providers due to lack of knowledge of their
existence and/or that they may need refinement to deal with the specific population the agency
serves. The intent is to start the resource adaptation and piloting process by first finding out what
is out there. Guiding this search should be the preliminary results from the literature review
and/or consultation process Objectives 1 A and 1 B.
The first step involves receiving approval on Project Charter and internalize project
(assign Project Leader, brief additional team members on project deliverables, timelines, and
budget) Timeline: Week 1. Submit an invoice for services to Parks and Recreation Ontario
(March 25/2011) Timeline: Week 1. Provide collaborative members/external partners with
funding in a timely manner to support the implementation of project deliverables.
Assignment 2:
Work Breakdown Structure
A work breakdown structure assists in organizing the activities that need to be done
during the project in small packages of activities. The WBS is a hierarchical system that outlines
in a summarized form the construction project in different levels and details. Additionally, it
displays and organizes the project work in manageable and measurable components. The work
breakdown structure can be classified into five main categories. These categories include project,
subproject, sub-network, activity, and other associated activity.
The WBS in this project will define activities and outline the relationships in line with the
project duration. Managing project through the structures outlined by WBS will assist in
eliminating the unnecessary conflict of interest by outlining specific responsibilities to be
undertaken during the project. It is important to understand the key steps involved in establishing
the WBS in this project. The first concept that is on the level of detail. On the level of detail, the
WBS will include the owner requirements, they need to manage the project, sequencing and
experience, and the type of work to being engaged during every phase of the project.
Additionally, WBS will assist in identifying the nature of work to be accomplished in
every face. Productivity should increase as experience is going for a protective task. Therefore,
the company stands a better chance of delivering quality work based on the previous experiences.
Depending on the work, difficulties associated with the test results should not be grouped
together in the WBS.
During the development of the proposed framework, the goal will be to develop a
standardized review template and identify important criteria to ensure report provides consistent,
complete and useful information for Collaborative members. Previous work that has been
completed to support this project will be considered when identifying resources to be included in
the review process. To ensure impartiality during resource review process, all Ophea resources
will be reviewed by an external partner.
The continued help accorded to the social misfits makes it difficult to survive as a hard-
working person. Most of the problems can be attributed to laziness and complacency in
conducting daily responsibilities. The consistent pattern makes it difficult for their progenies to
develop a different life pattern. The continues style of living creates a culture that is complex and
dynamic. Ideally, such individuals should be denied the right to marry and give birth. It should
be illogical to have a population of people without the capacity to feed and support themselves.
Based on the project’s WBS, the operation will be divided into 5 sections. The sections
will include project management, foundation, building structure, interiors, and landscaping. The
project management outline the plan of construction and the cost that will be required to ensure
that the project is successful. Additionally, it will outline the scope of work and specify activities
by assigning them to specific individuals. The project management department also will plan for
resources and materials that will be used through the project.
The foundation segment will be responsible for growing the blueprint to be used in laying
down the foundation and all other structures needed in the project. Additionally, it will never lie
the ground by digging the earth and ensuring that the foundation of the building is stable. The
building structure segment with insures that all electrical cables finishing plumbing and
construction walls are installed properly. It will also oversee the construction of pillars and big as
well as a collection of materials.
Chatfield, C. S., & Johnson, T. D. (2010). Microsoft Project 2010 step by step. Pearson

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