Human Resources Assignment FINAL

Human Resources Assignment
Competent employees are imperative to any organization, sure. Following this fact,
selection of workers in an organization should be efficient and able to produce the best match for
a particular task. Considering straightforward and reliable processes in selection have to be
credited for their ability to identify the most appropriate personnel to be assigned duties. It is
important to note that there are diverse methods for selection yet preliminary reception of
applicants, application screening, and administration of employment tests. Employment
interviews, realistic job previews. Verification of references, contingent assessments and hiring
decision methodology have been backed up by most successful human resource managers. The
steps should follow hierarchical with adherence to ethics, integrity, and professionalism to avoid
selecting workers who will be providing an organization with lip services rather than productivity
in their assignments.
Preliminary Reception of Application
This is the dawn of the selection process where an applicant should visit the HRM
department to inquire whether they should apply for a post. Alternatively, an applicant can send
an email to the HRM office and expect a letter of acknowledgment signifying the politeness in the
HR department concerning commitment to apply for the listed post. Individuals who physical avail
themselves during this stage can be involved in an impromptu preliminary interview to grant the
courtesy of their effort where the manager investigates their public relations. This step can be
critical to an organization in understanding an individual’s suitability. For instance, a person who
will not avail himself in this stage may not be appropriate for a medical advisor task who should
always be available in offering their services. Applicants are after that requested to complete a
formal application form should the manager acknowledge applicants promising potential in their
letters or courtesy interviews. The official application gives the applicants a chance to exhibit their
knowledge of a given company and response to preliminary inquiries.
It is, therefore, important to note that this stage can influence the success of the rest part
of the selection based on determining the best applicant to absorb in an organization.
Unfortunately, this step has been taken for granted by most organizations especially large one
which can be the basis of their failure in identifying the most appropriate permanent medical
advisor among paramedic services applications. An organization should use this step to get insight
about the public relations of all the applicants and favor those who score high in the next step.
Application screening
Analysis of job application form takes place at this stage. Ideally, the organization at this
level has several completed application forms or resumes. The intent of this stage is to ensure that
the applications, are relevant useful and meet legal requirements. Indeed, applications that do not
meet the required requirements are eliminated based on educational or experience for the required
job. The recruiter affirms that the applications meet specific requirements to confirm completeness
of an application form with intentions to pool down forms that meet the minimum score in
It is the responsibility of the HRM to ensure that application forms seek to obtain the
qualification of applicants, their experience, and training, avoid illegal practices, adhere to
professional ethics, and assess applicant leadership qualities and their interests. For instance,
Toronto paramedics should use this step effectively in their process of getting the best medical
advisor considering that medical field is so wanting of expertise and know-how. This process,
therefore, ensures that all applicants are relevant and qualify.
Administration of Employment Tests
Employment test is utilized to the obtainment of objective information about the applicants.
The information is often compared with other applications as well as the workers to identify
applicant’s usefulness. Ideally, it is a test that focuses in illustrating the congruence or match
between applicants and vacant position. Among then test involve paper and pencil tests,
mathematics test, a manual dexterity test and exercises that stimulate task conditions so that people
who can perform better in a given assignment can be distinguished from the rest.
An organization should thus ensure that the test adopted is valid and reliable. A reliable
test should be in a position to yield consistent result following an examination of different people.
As valid test must meet the needs of a given organization. The test should also ensure that they
examine an individual’s personality and ability to working team for a given goal. Capacity to
perform a task must also be put into a test to avoid employing half-baked professionals. The tests
can be made more suitable by indulging performance and know how tests about a job’s
requirements without taking integrity test for granted as it is they only measure to identify an
employee’s honesty, dedication, and other essential values. This level of selection is also
fundamental as the other levels and should be considered critical to apply to ensure that Medicare
applicants are qualified and deserve the position applied.
Employment Interview(s)
At this level, the HRM submits the best applications to the supervisors who is given the
mandate to participate in the final hiring process. The supervisor is considered the most significant
person to evaluate the applicant’s technical competence as compared to other personnel in the
human resource department, (Arthur, 2012). . As soon as the supervisor gets the few applications
at this level, he is then trusted to identify the most appropriate person to hire with the help of the
human resource department to avoid discriminations and biases.
Well, it is important to note that the supervisors are very critical in influencing the final
hiring process. However, they should be monitored the human resource department to avoid any
erroneous practices. For instance, Toronto Medicare should include employment interviews in
ensuring that their choice among the applicants is not in vain.
Realistic Job Previews
Realistic job previews are often integrated with supervisory interviews. This process
enables the successful employee to understand the settings of the job before employment. The
successful applicant is shown the equipment’s, type of work and the conditions where they will be
working should they be employed. Insight to the job is primarily important in preventing job
dissatisfactions and solve future psychological, physical and cognitive discord.
Positive, negative and neutral aspects of the job are elaborated at this level of selection.
This level allows the applicant to decline a given job if in case the especial job in cases when the
working conditions may not be appealing. Realistic job previews are important in most
organizations in general but particularly medicine as this is the best method to know an applicant’s
experience and relations the management.
Verification of References
The organization needs to know the type of worker they have employed. This makes the
verification of references a crucial procedure to understand the person they want to hire based on
reliability, to be good and competence by inquiring from friends and relatives. However, the
organization should be aware that most references concentrate on the positive sides only yet every
person may have some tolerable weaknesses. Employment references discuss the historical
background of an applicant which confirm prior employment conduct, (Grosse, 2002).
Based on the fact that some references can be exaggerated, some organizations have gone
forward to know their empires to buy through the social media. The social media websites can be
useful in understanding the interest of people and their behavior. It is important to verify
references to credit the appropriateness of an applicant and hence no organization should take
advantage of this selection stage.
Contingent Assessment
Passing the contingent assessment occurs when a candidate has been identified and
guaranteed a position in an organization of choice. Most legal requirements need organizations to
assess their new employee’s medical evaluation and drug testing. The assessment ensures that
workers are adherent to the legal procedure so that the organization escapes being a warehouse for
criminality should an applicant have legal cases to respond to.
For instance, an organization intending to employ permanent medical advisor should
ensure that their applicants are medically fit for those positions and that their advice will be of
value to the success of such organization based on the organizations virtues, goals, missions and
Hiring Decision
Certainly, the hiring decision marks the end of the selection process in an organization.
The decision may be simple for smaller organizations but complex for big organizations that
involve tests, interviews and checks references especially when the applicants are many in
numbers, (Aswathappa, 2005). The hiring decision should be navigated by several approaches.
Among them is the subjective approach which ensures that the decision makers decide concerning
scores received by applicant across the previous stages. If a multiple cutoff approach is used,
applicants are evaluated on the use of pass fail basis where those who score low are rejected. The
compensation approach predictors are often assumed to be summative and to compensate a low
score on another.
The hiring decision selection stage is also critical, no doubt about that. Organizations
should thus ensure that their choice in the hiring is the best among all the applicants registered
during the preliminary reception of application selection stage.
Before assigning an individual a job in an organization, recruitment and selection processes
are vital in getting people who are appropriate and competent to handle given position with the
merit of their qualifications, experience and skills. The selection process can vary in complexity
depending on the size of an organization, no doubt about that. The main aim of the selection
process is to ensure that a person who’s in a position to perform a job satisfactorily is given
privilege as opposed to the less competent applicants, (Burt, 2015). However, an organization has
the obligation to ensure that the selection process is done in a professional, ethical and reliable
manner considering that the selection process has effects on employees as exhibited in their
behavioral conduct and attitude towards the organization.
Arthur, D. (2012). Recruiting, interviewing, selecting & orienting new employees. New York:
American Management Association.
Aswathappa, K. (2005). Human resource and personnel management: Text and cases. New Delhi:
Tata McGraw-Hill.
Burt, C. D. B. (2015). New employee safety: Risk factors and management strategies
Grosse, E. F., & American Society for Training and Development. (2002). Interview skills for
managers. Alexandria, VA: ASTD.

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