IF the Gunner in Las Vegas attack was an African American

IF the Gunner in Las Vegas attack was an African American
The recent gun attack in Las Vegas is described as one of the worst massacre in
American modern history. Particularly, the attack happened in October 1, 2017 when a lone
gunman unleashed a rain of bullets on revelers who were attending a country music concert in
Route 91 music festival grounds killing 58 people and leaving 456 with multiple bullet injuries.
The perpetrator was identified as a 64-year-old Whiteman named Stephen Paddock from
Mesquite, Nevada. Paddock had booked a hotel room a week to the music concert where he
planned the attack from 32
floor of the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. While leaders across the
world and individuals have condemned the act by terming it pure evil, controversies arise
concerning the state of events if the gunman was an African American. Particularly, the Las
Vegas shooting raises concerns on the position and rights of African Americans concerning such
acts since most of them have been prejudiced to engage in dangerous practices leading to their
high population in American prisons.
While the Las Vegas shooting has left the world mourning and wondering concerning the
extent of evil in the current society, the event has provided opportunity to reflect on the position
of African Americans if an American of color perpetrated the attack. Notably, African
Americans have suffered the wraths of federal police and prejudice from their white counterparts
concerning various acts of evil in the society. Particularly, American of African descent are
associated with acts of evil such as robbery, murder, various forms of abuses and laziness. While
there is no proof to ascertain that African Americans are evil by nature, the prejudice continue to
prevail in most American societies hence inculcating hatred among American citizens. Notably,
the prejudice has resulted in racial profiling where African Americans are associated with evil
deeds in various settings that exist. The racial profiling has led to lack of unity and understanding
between White Americans and their African American counterparts who retaliate by avoiding
association to prevent to avoid further prejudice.
Consequently, the racial profiling has extended to America’s justice system where
African Americans are tried and sentenced according to their color. While both white and
African American can commit a similar crime that calls for equal application of the law, most
Americans of color are rotting in prisons while their counterparts with similar charges are given
lighter sentence or even acquitted of their crimes because they are deemed superior and holy than
their black counterparts. While the Las Vegas gun shooting is characterized by amazement
because a White American who is deemed holy and responsible perpetrated it, the scenario
would have been different if it involved an African American. Particularly, many leaders and
individuals would have taken the opportunity to portray blacks as bad people by referring to past
experiences to inform the public that they are not surprised about the attack since blacks are
known to be dangerous and irresponsible.
Further, the Las Vegas gun attack would have led to restrictions concerning places to
visit, duration to spend there and what to purchase if the perpetrator were an African Americana.
Notably, American history is associated with events when Americans of color are racially
profiled due to a crime committed by an individual. Despite the dangers of racially profiling
individuals, the practice continues because many African Americans are forced to suffer the
since of other whom they do not even know. For instance, many youths of color have been
convicted with hazardous crimes for being found closer to a crime scene despite lack of
information concerning the crime. Similar to Paddocks case, many African Americans found in
Manalay Bay Hotel would have been exposed to questioning and scientific investigations to
ascertain whether they were aware of the perpetrator’s presence and activities in the hotel before
the attack. The scenario leads to a sense of hate because the victims do not feel valued or
respected despite being legitimate citizens of the country.
Consequently, the events after the attack would have been different concerning how the
family of the perpetrator if the was an African American. Contrary to Paddock’s brother and
girlfriend who were treated to media and police pampering to reveal various information
concerning the victim, the family of African American would have been exposed to harassment,
detailed investigations and locked up in a police cell to prevent them from fleeing as is the
prejudice with most offenders of color. Further, the police would have conducted a raid on the
victim’s friends with an aim of arresting more suspects and getting to the root of the matter.
In conclusion, the recent Las Vegas gun attack has left the world wondering concerning
the extent of evil in the society. However, concerns emerge regarding the situation of the case if
the perpetrator was an African American. Particularly, all Americans of color would have been
racially profiled to find excuses for jailing them for the since of a person they do not even know.
Further, paddock’s family and friends would have undergone thorough investigations with an
aim of getting more culprits and restricting them to specific areas to avoid similar attacks.

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