Impact of Firearms on the USA

Impact of Firearms on the USA
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Impact of Firearms on the USA
The United States tops the developed world, with a vast stock of over 200 million
firearms in private hands. Certainly, this enormous stock has a huge impact on the lives of most
citizens of the American societies in various ways, which range from positive to negative
accordingly. The colossal presence of this stock supposedly to create a sense of safety amongst
the owners, has albeit, a fatalistic contribution to America's criminal violence. Baring of arms as
a constitutional rightarguably representing a cardinal safeguard against any form of tyranny
has created a monster that has morphed into a public epidemic (Cook & Ludwig, 2015). Firearms
aid some homicides that elated it to a public concern imprinted on the public consciousness of
America. Instead of creating a sense of security, firearms have instead escalated homicides,
highway and bank robberies, terrorism tendencies, criminal violence, and domestic violence
leading to a high mortality rates, injuries and destruction of property.
Impact of Firearms on the USA
Escalated Firearm Homicides
The presence of firearms has mostly accounted for, and also escalated the problem of
gun-related homicides in the USA. Guns account for a considerably substantial portion of deaths
that range from suicides, homicides and outright murders across the globe. These high numbers
of firearm homicides particularly in the American societies are primarily attributed to the vast
stock of weapons, with a substantial portion in the private hands of citizens. This has mainly
affected the communities, through igniting the likeliness of people contemplating the idea of
suicide, or worse yet a murder. The presence of firearms makes these acts of suicide and murder
more effective by their very lethal nature as was captured "handguns accounted from the
majority of both homicides and nonfatal firearms violence” (Planty, Truman, 2013). As a result,
firearms have negatively impacted the American societies by escalating firearms homicides.
Escalated Robberies
The prevalent overflow of firearms has substantially escalated armed robberies in the
American societies. Robbery as violent crime that is mostly aided and aggravated by firearms
mostly handguns involve the use these weapons to take the victims' valuable property. They
usually enhance the effectiveness of these robberies, but also raise the risk and possibility of
homicides and unnecessary injuries during the commission of these acts. This is mainly because
the presence of these firearms, their availability, and the smooth accessibility by all the eligible
citizens under their constitutionally granted right. Boasters the carriage of the ill-minded
characters within the community, thus emancipating them to effectively counter any possible
blockage by the securities forces in their way (Planty & Truman, 2013). Ultimately, the criminal
act of robbery has since increased due to the presence of firearms; hence enhancing the loss of
property and life.
Terrorism Practices
Firearms have particularly magnified practices of terrorism. In this day and age, the most
prominent terror threat the world faces is largely posed by the recent advancement and large
presence of these firearms. Though guns have not always been used in terror attacks, they have
had an immensely lethal contribution to the huge death of victims of these attacks than any other
weapon, despite all being horrible. Firearms generally, and the little handguns, in particular,
grant a great deal in the inflicting economic, psychological and physical damage with the least
expenses possible. And this has been evident in the mass shootings that have often been done by
the radicalized American citizens since it is overly easy to evade all possible suspicion with a
gun than any other weaponry (Gartenstein, 2011). Ultimately, firearms have negatively affected
the American communities through the advancement of terrorism tendencies leading to immense
loss of lives.
Domestic Violence
Firearms are used and intensify domestic violence. Usually, they are used to terrorize and
intimidate all the domestic violence victims raising the number of prospective victims, to 11
women every day. Since it is hardly possible and often challenging to prohibit the access to
firearms by any American citizen, it has proved to be a more deadly venture that has claimed
many innocent souls. Most of the victims of the domestic violence acts have mostly been
women, according to research, and eventually fermenting to domestic violence homicides. The
overwhelming death rate resulting from domestic violence is stubbornly failing to go down,
which essentially poses a significant threat to the smallest unity of society and the American
public at large (Wintemute, 2015). Accordingly, thus, domestic violence has negatively
impacted on the American societies by overly intensifying the overflow of firearms everywhere,
hence leading to loss of many lives and injuries.
Increasing Criminal Violence
Firearms have immensely enhanced criminal violence in the American societies.
Criminal violence includes among others homicides, aggravated assault and domestic violence
whose prevalence in some of the American societies is majorly attributable to the presence of
firearms. Because it is extremely difficult to prevent an American citizen from possessing
firearms, this has facilitated the rise of gangs orchestrating the most heinous criminal violence
there is. Moreover, the effect of the exposure of these actions to youngsters ripples down to the
youngest generations but also the elderly. The young ones exposed to these criminal violence
acts experience remarkable spats of depression (Wintemute, 2015). This affects a great of their
lives and spills over into their future lives for a long time thus creating a cycle of the same
actions they were exposed to at an earlier stage. It consequently affects their ability to possibly
identify and control their emotionsaccordingly committing more criminal violence with the aid
of the firearms. Hence, the destruction of almost the whole young generation.
Escalates Accidents
Firearms immensely contribute to the many accidents in America. There have been many
deaths that can only be attributed the presence of guns all over; this has natively contributed to
the loss of innocent souls out of the avoidable accidents. Most of these accidents spike the young
people below the age of 15, but also a few adults in their homes which they legally possessed.
More so, the injuries and disabilities caused by these accidents substantially increase healthcare
costs, insurance premium and the federal criminal justice expenses in the bid to weed out all
negligent acts (Planty & Truman, 2013). These deaths and the injuries can positively be
controlled and mitigated through the restrictions of who can buy or possess firearms in the
country. Since data indicates that even those who are reasonably sober have often succumbed to
the foreseeable mishaps that have led to the loss of innocent lives. Thus, firearms cause accidents
that eventually lead to deaths and cause disabilities.
It follows from the above discussion thus, that those firearms, despite their positive
impact that cannot possibly be sidestepped they also have a negative contribution to these
communities. The adverse effects brought by the presence of a vast stock of firearms; with a
considerable portion in the private hands of American citizens is exhibited in the horrid
consequences that flow from it. Moreover, despite the humanitarian motives that may often
inform the cause of this phenomenon, to supposedly establish a particular atmosphere of security
or a semblance thereofas they sometimes deter any possible counterforce. They have
ultimately turned into a monster once they land in the hands of bad characters, and that has
created a dire threat to the public welfare and safety, leading to loss of lives and property.
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